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After some discussion we decided to quit the blog as it was pretty much pointless to continue writing as none reads this and we just don’t have enough time this days.

Thanks to everyone who regullary checked us, specially to Fr0z and Sibnova

Cya around.


Eden of the East 03 – “Boy+Girl+Empty Mall=Watch a Movie With a Dog”

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“OMG the puppie!”

Hi again. Due to my exams I’ll just do a smaller summary but still the usual thoughts. By the way, to all the readers of our blog, be more active.

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AMV Contest results

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The reason why we did this contest was actually to see how many active/regular reader we had, well we were disappointed there was only 1 entry for such a easy contest. It makes  us wonder if there is still a point continuing this blog but for now we will continue writing.

So the winner is…SIBNOVA.

Also check his podcast, it’s really great

Valkyria Chronicles EP3 ” Darcsens are like the new jewish”

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None likes the Jew…. Darcsen.

Ok so I decided to review Valkyria Chronicles, it’s turning even better than I thought and if it begins to suck I will just blog something else next season but I doubt that will  happen. Oh, I hope none gets offended by the Jewish jokes,  I just said that because the way the Darcsens reminds me the way the Jewish were treated in WW2.

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AMV Contest

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It’s really just a simple contest, you just need to send the link of your favorite amv and your name to The winner will have it posted here so that everyone else can see it.

It can be any amv as long we haven’t posted it here before, don’t worry you don’t need to check  all our old amv’s to see if it’s there, just send it and we will tell you if it was already posted.

You have a week to send your entries.

Eden of the East 02 – “Japan is full of holes…”

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“He doesn’t have memories but he remembers the movies he has seen..”

Hi again! Have you seen this episode? I think it’s pretty amazing. The story of Eden of the East (Higashi no Eden) is now building up, making the anime more and more addictive. When I finished the episode I felt like I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Continue reading

More Pasta goodness

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No, not this kind of pasta

What I mean is that Axis Powers Hetalia is going to get a 2nd season, fuck yeah. I am pretty excited with this news, Hetalia is so damn hilarious that you can almost ignore all  the yaoi vibes in it. I know some of you may think that this anime is childish, well you are wrong, would a kids show say that Germany is into bondage and furry and make fun of the size of Japan’s penis,  I think not.

Anyway this is great news, I hope they add Korea just to annoy the anti-hetalia Korean bastards.