Gundam 00 S2 EP 4 “The Hunt for Red October”

Red october

It’s the Red October


Yay my first review. It’s your chance to be the first ones to see me screw up.

So this week episode was pretty nice, although there wasn’t any real plot development

“Please run away with me to our semi-destroyed homeland so we can get captured together by the A-laws”

During the first part of the episode the only things we see are discussions about the character reasons to fight and some relationship development (Setsuna and Marina just should stop discussing and hit the bed).There was an almost rape scene between Lockon and Feldt but Sunrise cowardly canceled it at the last moment

You are dumped?! Who the hell programed this robots

He is totally a CB member now

According to Marina, Azadistan is in a worse state which is something that i didn’t thought was possible

Flies are the main source of food in Azadistan

On the A-laws sideĀ  we get the introduction of a new guy, Lyndt an overconfident idiot who has 95% chances of dieing until the end of the series. Finally Graham is back and apparently changed is name to Mr Bushido probably because he thought it would make him look more GAR.

Somehow I find his new name hilarious

In the second part of the episode we can see another A-LAW’s failed tempt to defeat the gundams. I really enjoyed the underwater fight and the Lynd’s plan was rather clever but obviously failed because the show can’t end at the fourth episode.

I really have to congratulate sunrise about this fight, we can really see now the federation mecha evolution. Now gundams aren’t the one man armies that they used to be and have a really tough time dealing with the A-LAW mechas. If the Kataron hadn’t appeared the Gundams would have been in trouble.

Wearing horned helmets gives you 5+ piloting skill

“… i missed having lesbian sex with you”

Now that the CB and Kataron have encountered each other I wonder if they are going to ally themselves against the federation.

You don’t see no one complaining

I look forward to see Azadistan burning on the next episode

I would apreciate some feedback, so i could know what I should improve


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