Soul Eater EP 30 “Red Hot`s Wildly Run Special Express! The Demon Tool Left Behind by the Great Demon Guru?”

If you think this is an anime about three blood-unrelated sisters having hot and wild sex, please turn around, you won’t find it here… but in the other hand, if you are looking for a poor review about Soul Eater with lot of grammar mistakes, bad English and poor jokes you are lucky :D:D:D, because you will find a bit of each if you dare to enter. MUAHAHAHAHA.


After arriving at the Sahara desert Death, Patty and Liz start looking for the train where the demon weapon is supposed to be. After finding it, they have to face two enemies, Mizune and a guy (or whatever he his) named Fisher. After the confront with Fisher (the fight with Mizune was kind of indirect) they finally get the demon weapon, but before dieing Fisher tells Kid to see the interior of the weapon, where for is surprise he finds not only the signature of Eibon but the signature of his father (Shinigami) has well. The episode finishes with Kid looking for information related with Eibon and the involvement that he might had with is father

Well, let’s then start my first review.

This episode focus around Death the Kid and it’s search for another one of the demon weapons. I really liked this episode, I think the action was great, the jokes simple and funny, and the animation with the same quality that Bones has given us since ep 1. The fight with Fisher (stupid guy but with a nice suit by the way) was great , with lots of jokes in the middle AND MAN, I just want to do tricks with the skate like Kid does xD. The ending was also very good with a tense atmosphere, that has given light to new questions, in short, a very good episode. And to finish, WHERE THE HELL IS THE NEW OPENING??????


“Marvelous engineer Patty”


“New suit for the lovers of bondage! And see, for those who really want something different, you can sniff your wang”


“One day I would really like to try this shit out”


“… We never really know what to say in this moments”


“I always ask myself, how can they take the smell from Sid since he his dead???”


4 Responses to “Soul Eater EP 30 “Red Hot`s Wildly Run Special Express! The Demon Tool Left Behind by the Great Demon Guru?””

  1. nice review…infelizmente nao consigo ver as imagens …

  2. lanheses Says:

    Houve um pequeno acidente no qual o Soulstrider apagou as imagens do photobucket dele, mas elas voltam ainda esta noite xD

  3. lanheses Says:

    And thanks by the way 😉

  4. soulstrider Says:

    The images are back, sorry everybody

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