Gundam 00 S2 EP 5 “Revive Revival strikes”


Revive Revival: Because Mr Bushido wasn’t stupid enough

I am over-loaded with work this week so I will make this review short. In the overall this week episode was a decent but nothing really important happened (ok ok Azadistan and Kataron got PWNED)

Here is the list of the most important events of this episode:

-Revive Revival a new Innovator got introduced, really what stupid name maybe next episode a new Inonovator called “Kill Killing” -.-

-CB decides to make a visit to a Kataron base and because of that the base gets nuked by A-laws

-Wang Liu Mei is still hot and Saji is still an idiot

-Everyone’s favorite russian commander, Sergei, is back

-Soma has an existential crisis (because a super soldier isn’t supposed to kill )

– Setsuna and Marina go back to Azadistan and see Azadistan getting nuked by Ali Al-Saachez.

Random screencaps


So that why A-Laws arrested her, she is a pedo


“I am to damn good to take orders….
Photobucket… come back when  you have a cool mask like mine”


Finally she accepted Sergei’s marriage proposal




Nice idea Saji, run away and cross the desert without a clue where you are


Sergei you are a cool guy and everything but even an 5 year old child could notice that (note: 5 year old children are smarter than most federation members)


Greatest character development…ever

I just can’t recognize Louise now, she has nothing to do with the bossy and childish girl from the first season.


Azadistan, Azadistan, Azadistan is on fire!

I hope that next week we get to see more Ali.


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