Soul Eater EP 31 “Drying Happiness: To Whom do you Shed Tears in the Moonlight Shine?”

Before I start I must apologize for this late review. I had much to do this week so I couldn’t write this sooner, but don’t worry you didn’t lose too much. Well, let’s then start this short review ’cause there isn’t much to tell and I’m still with a lots of work (this last one is a stupid excuse)

So for the start here stays a little resume of the episode:

Crona’s is experiencing a new life at Shibusen, and ends up going to a party with Soul, Maka, Kid and all the others. After the party, Crona encounters the newly revived Medusa, and she tells Crona that she must search around Shibusen for the secret vault. Crona ,unstable because of Medusa, accepts. Crona follows Medusa’s orders but is quickly found by Marie who thinks that Crona is lost. Marie leads Crona to Crona’s room, and Crona shortly meets with Eruka. Medusa, broadcasting through Eruka, tells Crona to drop a liquid (a little snake) in Marie’s drink, and when doing so, they are able to hear Marie and Stein (the little snake, raises the insanity in Stein when near Marie). Crona goes to Stein’s house to talk with Marie, and adds the liquid to Marie’s drink. (source – wikipédia, change only a few things)

NEW OPENING This is the thing I was most waiting for in this episode, and honestly? I loved it, the music is great and the choice of images is very good I think. The episode itself was good, focused around Crona and the new life that she has in Shibusen and “her new friends”. But all that crumbles when Medusa reappears in front of her. The plan of Medusa taking advantage of Crona was a very good thing for the history because it opens the way for new development, and I think that it will be interesting to see how the madness affects Stein now and how Crona will manage with this double life…


“Crona, learn with me, this is the best position that you can find in the Kamasutra”


“Patty…….. not only she is good in engineering, but she knows about fashion too”


“Why? Because we want to do a big orgy and we are short in one person”


“Why the hell did I eat that shit?????????”


“Man, Ragnarok really likes strong drinks… and that reminds me,  I should never go to a cafe with him”


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  1. interesting review 😉

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