Gundam 00 S2 ep 6 “Saji’s emoness”



This week episode was pretty good.  Seeing Saji’s crying like a little girl made my day. So let’s start the review:

The A-laws slaughtered most of Kataron base but somehow every single child and important character managed to survive. Summeragi faints after seeing the massacre apparently it reminded of some tragic event of the past, which is a bit stupid, she ordered dozens of CB attacks and was ok with them but a single battle with her allies on the losing side and she faints like a little girl.


That’s what you get when you lend your car keys to an idiot

Saji’s also goes emo after seeing what he had done. I hope this makes him man up and join the CB, he his the only remaining annoying character on the show.


Hmmm nice doujin material

Setsuna and Marina return from Azadistan bringing the news about the countries fate. I really regret that Ali didn’t got more air time, I miss his insanity


CB are such nice friends they even help Kataron with the moving

The CB plan showing themselves to A-laws, to avoid Kataron’s move from being noticed, it seems they have regrets from letting Saji’s roam free.


I wonder if he his some kind of Obama tribute

Meanwhile on the A-laws side, Katie begins to notice that Sumeragi is the CB commander, it seems they worked together in the past and were involved in the same incident.


Actually I like it, at least is not as ridiculous as Mr Bushido or Revive Revival

Soma also goes all emo because she is a super soldier, I just hope she doens’t refuse Wild Bear’s propose.


He is thinking of all the naughty things he can do to her

Genin’s and Louise’s squad join the A-laws forces at the desert and after an awkward momment where Andrei couldn’t stop imaging Louise naked, they fall in the CB plan and sortie against them.


I don’t know what is all the commotion about obviously none of them will die on the 6th episode

The battle was an ok battle but I really enjoyed the Saji vs Louise moment if they kill each other it would be hilarious xD



Incest ftw

Next week we will have a Soma and Allelujah episode, I just hope they don’t fall in love with each other.


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