Soul Eater EP 32 “Holy Legendary Sword 3: Shibusen’s Gang Leader Tale?”


“A new hero was born… or not”

Once again I must apologize for this late review, but I was it by a bus and that isn’t easy to take. Now seriously, lack of time, but next week I will try to be on time with my duty. So, one more ep about Excalibur, good or bad??? Will see…

So as always here is a little resume(made by others, because this guy here is to lazy to move a finger):

Hiro, an ordinary Shibusen student who is always being ordered by his classmates, learns about the legend of Excalibur and decides to retrieve it in order to become a true hero. The students of Shibusen are surprised when they learn that Hiro indeed managed to make Excalibur his weapon, but Black Star, Kid and Kilik decide to challenge him together, and are defeated with a single blow. To continue being Excalibur’s master, Hiro manages to successfully complete the 1000 requests ordered by him, but decides to discard him and return to his former life, as he could not tolerate his annoying sneeze, of all things. (source – Wikipédia)

And for the review

As I said earlier, this week ep is another “filler” (not much of a filler since it appears on the manga) about Excalibur. This was a very good ep when compared with the others about this guy. In this episode we can  see  Excalibur, with Hiro as is master, in action when a fight between BlackStar, Kid and Kilik takes place. The fight was short but funny. Now, Hiro turned out to be a hero for me because I must say, I don’t understand how he managed to hold Excalibur character for so long xD. AND OF ALL REASONS, he dumped Excalibur due to his sneezing (poor little fairies from the cavern, their peace was over…). It was a nice stop in the main story, but I’m eager to get back to it next week.




“Ox is in fact an angel… or it’s only his head that shines as hell”


“The most fearsome attack know to man”


“So? Life without Excalibur really is great”


2 Responses to “Soul Eater EP 32 “Holy Legendary Sword 3: Shibusen’s Gang Leader Tale?””

  1. lol…excalibur…probably the most anoying character in soul eater …
    yes, the ep related to him i consider them as fillers, since the are completely away from the true storyline.

    nice work with the review… 😉

  2. thanks

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