Gundam 00 S2 EP7 “How Soma lost her virginity”



Sorry for the delay, subs were awfully late for this episode. Although it was a good episode, the only thought that crossed my mind was “Oh crap, fuck, fuck I just hate this pairing”


Somehow I am not surprised

In this episode Saji proves that he is still an emo coward and wasn’t able to shoot his ex-girfriend but in the other hand it’s actually a good thing because I don’t know if I could handle all the emoness that would come after.

That kind of thought will get you killed one day

After defeating Gundam 00, Mr Bushido in all his wisdom decided to spare Setsuna, which is an incredibly stupid decision that will probably bite his ass later.


Is that actually a bad thing?


I hope that Ali Al-Saachez is the president

It seems that after nuking Azadistan the federation occupied the country, which is in my point of view an improvement. I mean, Sunrise makes it all seem sad but the country was crap i think that being occupied by the feds will only bring some improvement.


Mecha love


She regained her memories…how convenient


Do all mechas come with a tent?

The image speaks for itself

During the battle Allelujah and Soma crash together and after a confrontation between the two Soma regains her memories of being Marie. I must say I just hate this pairing, one of the hottest best characters of the show ends together with the lamest Meister. It’s sad that the Meister who seems closer to get laid is Allelujah, shame on you Setsuna.

Badass pose

Sergei then appears and ruins the lovebirds moment and after an Melodramatic scene Sergei says goodbye to Soma/Marie and leaves. I really pity Sergei He is probably one of the most awesome chars on the show maybe even the best, it broke my hearth seeing him leave is would be daughter 😦 Well he still has is gay son




I knew he wouldn’t shoot, Sergei is just a too damn honorable guy

Touching scene….was Sergei always so big?

I wonder what will happen to Soma/Marie now. Will she join the CB, maybe even pilot a gundam later in the show, or will she wait for Allelujah to return from his mission and then make sweet love with him. I hope not it would be a sad end for an awesome char.

I also wonder if she will tell Saji that Louise joined the A-Laws, that would be interesting to see.


Poor Sergei, I actually feel sad for him.


…Awfully disturbing

Next week it seems that we will finally discover the truth behind the Innovators (at least some of it). Female Tieria seriously creeps me out.


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