Weekly amv’s

In honor of the upcoming 5th Hellsing Ultimate OVA:


5 Responses to “Weekly amv’s”

  1. Once again a wonderful AMV has been ruined by Youtube. Do the people who create these not know about http://www.animemusicvideos.org, or is it a fact that they put it where ever it will get the most attention?

  2. soulstrider Says:

    Shame on me I never heard of that site xD
    But i agree with you youtube quality is awful, there was an bleach amv with this same music way better than this one but the quality ruined it

  3. yeah, really bad quality from that one of bleach

  4. hum hellsing ova….great…i still have to watch it…
    but as first impression, i think the series must be great indeed

    about the amv, i agree, is a great one.
    it´s a shame indeed that most of these only appear on youtube, where most of the times the quality is bad!


  5. I kind of wish that people who make AMV would upload them to Nico Video, which is where all the japanese MAD get upload it’s similar to youtube, but the quality is higher and you need an account to view anything. Pixiv is also awesome it’s like Deviant Art but without the faggotry that Diveiant art seams to create. There is one thing both websites, you need an account to view and you need to turn off the censor settings which isn’t easy if you don’t know Japanese, which these sites just so happen to be in. Not to mention you need to type Japanese into the search bars to browser them, no better reason to learn.

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