Gundam 00 S2 EP8 “Cross-dressing Tieria O.O”


Yes, it’s really Tieria

Great episode really, but female Tieria was way to weird. Which reminds me of something funny, when I saw for the first the 1st Gundam 00 op, I was almost sure that Tieria was a girl, you should have seen my surprise face when I discovered he wasn’t xD.


Guess who is back

But cross-dressing Tieria was not the only major event of the episode, Gundam’s own Orange-kun is back, all Hail Patrick. He is one of my favorite chars.In the beginning i thought of him as an annoying character but slowly I grew found of him. He is a great replacement for the now dead Soma (Yes, she is dead for me. Marie is just an invader occupying her body)

Photobucket Yes, there is no comment for this image

One of the things that interested me the most on this episode was the revelation of Aeolia’s plan and the sentence of the image above. It seems that Aeolia’s great plan is just taking humans to space which i find rather unimaginative, that is something that would happen eventually without the CB’s help BUT it’s really just that? I dunno if it is just something that the subbers translated wrong or it is jut me but the sentence of the image strongly hints that there is something out there

Hot female body + male voice= VERY disturbing

Regene Regetta tries to lure Tieria to the Innovator’s side and actually managed to make Tieria doubting his beliefs. But later when Tieria confronted Ribbons Almark and refused his betraying the CB in one of the most awkward scenes ever.


Beauty and the Beast ? Now guess who is who xD

We also found out that Louise is the A-Laws main investor and that she is still in love with Saji, I wonder what would be her reaction if she found out that in the previous ep they were about to kill each other


It’s good to be insane

I have totally no clue of what happening on the next ep besides a gundam fight. Cya later guys


I can see his panties


Drug addict


Are you a pointless character?


Is she even human ? Just look at her face..really it’s just weird


He his scared because he has just seen a ghost


She is training child suicide bombers


She joined the dark side 😦

Photobucket His chin is way to big


And I sincerly hope that you remaing that for many more years


2 Responses to “Gundam 00 S2 EP8 “Cross-dressing Tieria O.O””

  1. Brilliant I have been waiting for this episode all week. There is truly nothing better than a good trap. Next season has a Yuri Trap anyone call for heaven.

  2. I love Tieria so much~XD
    He is so pretty in that dress~<3

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