Gundam 00 S2 EP9 “Ali pwns all”



And again I am full of work so this post will be VERY small, sry.

So what happened on this ep:

-The meisters were a bunch of loser that couldn’t take a single mobile suit piloted by Ali.

-But still gundams are way overpowered, c’mon taking a whole A-laws squad AND a cruiser.

-I have no clue about what Wang Liu Mei is planing.

-I loved to see a classic Patrick getting owned moment.

-Younger versions of Katie and Summeragi are hot.


When did he changed is cloths?


Team Rocket is blasting off again


What’s the tactical advantage of wearing a purple helmet?


Do NOT head towards the light


For a moment she seemed Tieria


Soma how could you fall so low, at same level as Saji and piloting Ptolemaios


I just hope that the cockpit isn’t for Saji

Soul Eater post is late because this week’s subs arrived awfully late, also our winter season preview is almost done waiting for Lanheses to add is part


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