Winter anime season 2008/2009

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It’s just me or this season has TOO many sequels?

What we will give a shot:

Maria Holic

Soulstrider:A lesbian girl enrolling in a all girl’s school and falling in love with a cross dressing pervert boy ?! Count me In

Lanheses: So, we have, traps, lesbians, maids, SHAFT animation, and some other things in the middle. I WILL DEFINITELY WATCH THIS.

Viper’s creed

Soulstrider:I love military themed anime and I really like the art on this one. The premise also seems cool but nothing out of the ordinary. I will give it a shot.

Kemono no Souja Erin

Lanheses: I always liked fantasy themes in anime, mainly due the fact that I am an huge fantasy fan xD. I will take a look on this one (even if it is a 50 episodes anime and the story will be slow to develop) and since I liked Serei no Moribito, if the quality remains the same I’m sure to watch it all the way.

Genji Monogatari Sennenki

Lanheses: I’m kinda of interested in this one, Japanese romance classic, set in Japanese antiquity. I really like history so I will watch it, maybe I will learn some new things.

Black god (Kurokami)

Soulstrider:This one seems to be the most promising show of the season. I usually enjoy seinen anime and from what I have heard the manga was really really good. For some reason I really get good vibes from this anime. I will definitely watch it.

Lanheses: I will watch it since from what I have read many people liked the manga and it also seems pretty good to me. I like the style of it. Yup, I will watch it.


Soulstrider:Sounds interesting I wonder how they will represent each country and they will probably totaly mess the countries histories. Just 5 min per ep so even if it sucks I will not be a big waste of time.

Lanheses: History of lots off country probably all messed up? Sound good to me xD, just taking a look, maybe it will have funny moments.

Minami-ke Okaeri

Lanheses: Watched the first season and loved it, watched the second and it was kind of boring and I didn’t liked much of the art but  the ending was good. I hope this season will be better but I will definitely watch it. HURRAY FOR KANA

Chrome Shelled Regios

Soulstrider:I really like the setting and the art is pretty nice I will wait for the first impressions from other people to see if it’s worth watching.

Lanheses: Same thing has Soulstrider (I really wanted to write this since whenever I write “Same as him” I  piss him off and shit). Will take a look, maybe I like it.


Soulstrider:Despite of the crappy plot of Slayers Revolution, the funny moments were pretty good and  I am a bit curious to see how the story ends, so I will try to watch it.

Lanheses: Saw all the other seasons (Slayers Revolution was bad in comparison to the other seasons) so I will watch this one.

Queen’s blade

(Although it is on the chart it seems that there is no real confirmation that is going to air this season)

Soulstrider: Initially I had no clue about what this show was about so I began researching the show…..well Check it yourself, This anime was based one a series of visual combat books pretty popular in japan. My first impression about this show it’s that is going to be mainly a echii fan service show, but I have to admit that the voice cast is really great. I will check it for the lulz

And how about you, What are you going to watch?


6 Responses to “Winter anime season 2008/2009”

  1. wow! maria holic sounds absolutley cool 😀

  2. I can’t believe you guy I’m sorry to say but you are missing out on some good shows.

    First of Druaga was the show that pulled Gonzo out for going under. Just before Druaga, Gonzo was about to fail as a business but the they started to make a few good show starting with Druaga, I know that Gonzo in the past has been Iffy at best and has created some pure crap along with crap adaptations that were bettered by Kyoto animation, but Gonzo is an old studio that is being reborn next year (as in next season and 3 more) they are only creating 4 show which is strange because in Gonzo’s past they have had a knack for putting out 8-12 shows a year which is crazy their staff is over worked it doesn’t help that they are also over staffed. But anyway the other show they are creating is Saki Which I have been following in manga form and trying to translate (more info on Saki here and it is speculated that they will make a second season of strike witches after how surprisingly fresh and popular it is.

    I’m questioning Queens Blade as far as I know it is also a line of Erotic Figures that sell for a very high price, I’m not at all surprised that an anime is getting made of it because KoiHime Musou was an eroge and it got made into well not a decent show but was defiantly good enough to warrant a first episode viewing, this show is basically going to be Ikki tousen with a bit more style which isn’t much. ( this is a model from the series) as you can see it is just truly playing to Otaku fetishes and will be nothing but mindless fighting with mindless sexual puns and bouncing boobs, but most poeple like that kind of thing so you can get away with it without looking like a pervert.

    Which brings me to the next show KnJ, or to the non-fans Kodomo No Jikan ( translated as ‘A Childs Time’ was going to be released as Nymphet in the American market before the licensing company got cold feet and pulled out for good reason), I will assume that you already know the premise of the show and spare you that much, but I personally respect it for taking a leap into the unknown and coming out with a strong story with an amazing plot that really test the grounds of what is right and wrong with morality, most of the time it goes over board and scares the crap out of you but when it does it make you question the correct moral choice, and that is seldom seen in a manga these day most shounen manga are happy to go with Fighting or Harem and most Shoujo sticks to the same story over and over again, and never really does anything new and that is refreshing to see, I know this show is NOT for everyone and is most defiantly not a show that should be considered normal, so watching take a person who is either sick and deranged or someone how has a real sense of what is going on and can look past the Lolicon.

    Maria Holic has been on my radar for quiet a while and I’m glad that you are going to watch it hope you blog about it.

    Vipers Creed defiantly looks interesting I hope that it turns out like Tytania did, a show that is not normal by any right but has a great intriguing plot alongside an epic space opera; I know that vipers’ creed won’t have the space opera but I’m looking forward to something down to earth.

    Kemono no Souja Erin sound like it could be too wrapped up in it’s self to be a good show much like Amatsuki, even though the premise was great and the plot was strong it spent too long creating it’s own world, I don’t think that it helped having a lot of Japanese references that a western audience knew nothing about without a degree in it, but you can’t really complain about a show being too deep because most show these days are far to shallow, so this show could be great but most likely won’t be unless you already have a good understanding of ancient Japanese culture.

    Genji Monogatari Sennenki is a show I have truly nothing to say, I might pick it up if it has a bit of a fan base around it but otherwise it will be a lost treasure to me.

    Kurokami sound really good but I’m wondering if it can hold up to your praise I’ll read the manga before it comes out just to check.

    Hetalia Axis Power look like it will be the unsung hero of this season, most Japanese show depicting the second world war are designed to show how much they hate the Germans and how truly sorry they are for attacking America so it will be nice to see a comedy portal of it even if it is biased.

    Minami-ke once again will draw me in, I’m sorry to say but it looks like the animation will be crap the first season was great then the killed the eyes for the second season, if anyone has seen chobits you will know what I mean when I say dead eyes, but at least chobits had a plot related reason, Minami-Ke has no reason it look like they are going to cut of the characters legs this season and just save money buy animating them half a foot shorter.

    Chrome Shelled Regioswhile I hated the look and idea to start with it has kind of grown on me as a potential show I’ll watch it but by no means will it be a priority.

    Slayers Revolution Season 2 I missed out on the first season so I’ll just end up buying it on DVD when it is finally released in Australia after I watch everything else Slayers so it will be a while as in 2-3 years good luck with it.

    Ok now for what I’m watching

    !. Druaga just because I loved the first season and I’ll be damned if I’m not there when Gonzo resurrects it’s self.

    2. Hajima no Ippo (Ippo’s beginning [best translation I can make for this show but Ippo’s start would work too]) is one of those show that everybody should watch, it’s just plain amazing so drop whatever you are doing now and watch it, no stop watching Rosario 2 vampire, stop watching Kanag,i just watch it now no excuses.

    3. Z Mazinger because Mazinger Z was Gurren Lagann before Gainax even thought up the show.

    4. Ride Back I was going to watch it last season and well it juts never showed up for reasons I don’t know but damn it I’m going to miss it this time around.

    5. Vipers’ Creed military for the WIN. *Fingers Crossed*

    6. White Album because if I’m’ not mistaken it will be Shoujo Yuri which means it’s going to have a plot other than 2 girls make out (Fuck I just remembered the Cup give me a second while I go vomit……… ok I’m better now).

    7. Maria Holic need more be said than ‘ It’s a Trap’

    8. Akikan! Just because every season I need a show that I’m watching for no reason.

    9. Hetalia Axis Powers WW2 Axis comedy so they mention the Bomb (what too soon?).

    Hope I didn’t sound too critical of you guy I really love the work you do even above Random Curiosity and he does a great job. Also sorry for the long comment I’m probably going to use it as a blog post later thanks for the inspiration.

  3. lanheses Says:

    Sorry for What???
    What we want is a good feedback and share opinions with others, at least it’s what we like to do. We appreciated your comment, you gave your honest opinion without shame, and it was a good and constructive opinion xD. Thanks. Write as much as you want xD

  4. soulstrider Says:

    @Sibnova: Wow Huge comment my eyes almost popped out when I saw it, xD
    Druaga seems a cool anime and during some time I planned to watch but there were other anime’s with bigger priorities and lately I have barely any time time to watch anime, maybe I will give it a shot later if it’s so good as you say ;).
    About Kodomo No Jikan well let’s just say that I am not a big fan of Lolicon. I know that Hajima no Ippo is pretty popular but I am also not a big fan of sports anime (blame captain tsubasa).
    Maybe I will blog one of the show’s of this new season but as I said lately I am really busy, school+Lich King= less free time xD
    And finally I must say that I am really flattered by saying that we are better than random curiosity .

  5. I can understand about the whole time thing, video games tend to be a whole seperate hobby that requires 4-12 hours a day dedicated to it, tho I’m not a fan of WoW I loved WarCraft 3 and most other Blizzard games. KnJ isn’t for everybody hell it isn’t even for pedo’s. Druaga just so you know started life as an arcade game in the early 80’s it has spawned many sequles and is referenced in quiet a few other games including Soul Caliber 2. Ippo is very good but if you don’t like sports anime there is no way to help it is about Boxing, and unlike Macross or Eva where it is a sepeate show under the very thin Veil of a Mecha show Ippo is 99% boxing 1% phallis jokes.

    Any way thanks guys for posting the up to date Picture of next season I have an Uncompleted copy so this really help.

  6. no time at the moment, i will pass here later to comment on this upcoming season. 😉

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