Gundam 00 S2 EP10 “Ion Canon rulez”


I want  one of those canons

Great ep this week, really one of my favorites so far. Seeing a Ion canon destroying a city made my heart smile.



First of all this episode had a small small teaser of FMA 2, I am a huge fan of the old anime and the manga, I can’t wait to see the new chapters animated, but back to Gundam…


OMFG great idea I wonder why didn’t anyone thought of this before

It seems that there was a middle east country called Seel that wasn’t  total crap, and it actually posed a small threat to the Federation, but the problem was quickly solved by the feddies brand new ion canon “Memento Mori” which is latin for “remember that you are mortal”  just in case if someone doesn’t know latin xD

I loved to see the WTF faces from the King of Seel and the Kataron messenger when they saw the beam  hitting( by the way Kataron tried to negotiate with Seel but they got nuked before they got a chance)


Enjoy this model as much as you like, you probably won’t see it again


Most of the people in this room won’t survive until the end of the show, mark my words


Why do we need radars when we have super soldiers ?

The CB tried to run away to their asteroid but the A-laws fallowed them and their new suit piloted by a (another) new innovator totally kicked Gundam OO ass. When they finally managed to get inside their asteroid we get to know 2 new CB member, Pointless mother that is married to our already known pointless father (ok he is kind of cool) and his mother of pointless yellow daughter, what a pointless family of pointless characters (I just used to many pointless didn’t I ? xD ). The other new CB character is an undercover new ( and yet another)  innovator who although seemed nice, She/He (i just can’t distinguish his/her gender) is most likely 100% pure evil.


Why innovator’s must be so androgynous?


If you think about it, this image is highly suggestive


The Celestial Beings have a rule that say that they must always stand from the smallest to the tallest


Hey bitch, remember me ?

I am still totally clueless about Wangs and the Innovator’s plan, the Innovator seem to think that they are destined to rule mankind and Wang seems to be supporting them although knowing Wang, she probably has her own agenda.




Great monologue,  It’s a pity that you are completely alone and none is hearing you

The CB test their new upgraded gundam and besides producing enough light to replace the sun it also makes some people evil alter-egos surface again.


“We shall blind all our enemies to death”


He his back and he is going to murder all the crew


If he dies I will be seriously annoyed

It’s good to see that there was a lot of buildup in this episode and the last few minutes were really exciting.Probably the next few ep we will see the CB and Kataron trying to take out the Ion canon unless of course evil Hallelujah kills everyone.

My tests we will be finnaly over this week so expect a lot more of activity from us, I will have to hit lanheses to make him start writing xD

Well I am off to Azeroth.


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