Weekly amv and previews

Besides the usual amv we will also post some previews from this winter shows.

This is my favorite amv of them all

Typical shonen:

WTF is this:

We forgot to preview this show on our winter season post, sorry. Anyway another sunrise show with mechas, I may watch


2 Responses to “Weekly amv and previews”

  1. Lol what you just WTF was Queen’s Blade the thing after it was a pretty standard Moefy the voice actresses so the Otaku go crazy over them. The angel Girl looks like she will be my favorite… so far.

  2. soulstrider Says:

    I know it was queen’s blade, I was just WTF because of the voice actress moments 😛
    My fav queen’s blade char that i have seen so far is an egyptian style girl that doesn’t appear on the preview

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