Gundam 00 S2 EP11 “Nudity in space”

He is actually siting on a toilet

For some weird reason it seems now that I finished my finals, I have to work more due the sheer amount of essays. -_-

Anyway, I guess this week episode was ok, but sometimes the quality  really sucked


An example of the animation quality in this episode, please  Sunrise stop letting your children animate some scenes


Talking about luck…


At least it’s environment friendly

Due the annihilation of Seel, Kataron sent their space fleet against the Ion canon  (yes they have fleet I was also surprised).  In the meantime CB tested their new upgrade on the Gundam and were completely surprised by the huge amount of power  (light) that it emitted,it will surely come handy when it comes to blind the enemies. After that Tieira reveals to the rest of CB the existence of his sexual ambiguous brethren, the innovators.


To late to go back bitch

Wang seems to have some regrets about joining forces with the innovator but still i have no clue what she is planning maybe she will be the ultimate boss of the show or turn out to be a guy, from Sunrise I anything.


Wait a minute …


… isn’t that exactly the same thing that you did in the first season?


I still don’t know in which side Anew is, she seems a nice gal but at same time it was thanks to her that the A-Laws discovered the CB hideout. One thing that I am almost sure is that she is the owner of the mysterious hands in the previous picture, there was definitely some chemistry between her and Lockon.


So many people O.o

I was actually surprised by the quantity of members that CB had, I always pictured CB has a small elite group made only of the best and brightest and that  Lagrange was only a small outpost, I had no clue  they had a frigging city full of people hidden in the asteroid.


The radars didn’t detected them BECAUSE OF THE BLANKETS?


Bye Ginin, we salute you.

So has I said A-laws managed to find the CB hideout and begin nuking it. The gundams come out in the defense but are easily overwhelmed ( I loved to see Patrick shine). But then the o-raiser arrives and joins 00 (Saji on o- raiser =epic fail ), due this hax Setsuna quickly turn the tide of battle and kill Ginin, poor guy I kind of liked him but it was obvious since the first episode that he was going to die.


It is obvious that it was Haro piloting it, Saji could never dodge like that

After seeing a new suit Setsuna  activates trans-am and then just because of the SHEER AMOUNT of awesomeness, the trans-am breaks the time-space continuum and sends everyone into a naked alternate universe.


I was secretly hoping this happening to Saji


In the real world this scene would end with sex

I wonder what excuse will Sunrise make to explain the naked alternate universe >.<

To make you smile a bit I will leave you this week with Bush


3 Responses to “Gundam 00 S2 EP11 “Nudity in space””

  1. alex santos Says:

    thats what i thought too, CB only had a few dozens of personnel. but i guess having that so many people is logical for them to operate the way they do…. although they have HAROs to do most of the work right?

    i know this is a stupid question, but when setsuna used the transam, with the o-raiser docked, how come there is G-force in space? should there be g-force in space? coz, it looked like saji was about to shit his pants… im too lazy to google it. whats your thought on it?

    off topic: Bush deserved it right? lol. however, i was disappointed with the secret service. those idiots!!!!! what it werent shoes that guy threw? poor reaction secret service agents.

  2. soulstrider Says:

    It’s Sunrise don’t try to understand xD
    Now serious, maybe inside the cockpits they have artificial gravity, that would explain it.

    A secret service agent jumping in front of Bush, screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOO” would be priceless, but it seems Obama stole them all.

  3. alex santos Says:

    hahahah right

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