Gundam 00 S2 EP12 “Louise is pure win”



Well I am a bit tired so expect more grammar mistakes than the usual

I have to say that this episode battles were awesome, there should be more of them. The only thing that really sucked was too much Saji, plz Sunrise I beg you kill him that would be your best decision so far.


WTF?? Did he just  dematerialized ?

As I said before the battle was awesome, although now Gundam 00 is the exact definition of overpowered. Really, how the hell the innovator will counter it? That shit can dematerialize and materialize, it’s impossible to hit.

Patrick also proved himself that he is not the useless idiot that many people claim that he is (really just go check the forums).The only thing that stopped him from owning Lockon was the 00 haxs.


If the battle is in space why the hell they are monitoring the Earth?


It’s pretty stupid to make a refugee camp near a potential hit zone.


Domestic violence


Definitely up to something

It seems that Ribbon’s didn’t knew everything about the Gundam which proves that is claim of  the Innovator being the inheritors of Aeolia’s will is just bullshit.

On the other hand Regene Regetta  seems to know something about what’s going on or at least  seeing Ribbons losing is composure makes him happy, which means that not everything is fine on the innovators side.

It was not a smart decision Ribbon hitting Wang she will definitely make him pay


Celestial Being brain washing


For some reason I lol’d

Saji proves again to be full of lose and fail. I am sick of his emoness,  each second that he gets of screentime makes me sick. And what makes me angrier is that he may end up together with Louise, she is doing so fine lately. Anyway I still try to be a bit tolerant with him, maybe he will end up doing something interesting.


I wonder how many rapes began with the same sentence


Her new arm gave her super strength

On the other hand Louise is just awesome this season. Last season she was the most annoying character of the show even worse that Saji, this season she rocks. From, a stubborn, spoiled crybaby to a awesome mecha pilot bent on achieving her revenge no matter the cost. Hell, I have to thank Nena for nuking that marriage one of the best decisions of the show

I just hope that she ends with Andrei or another guy, I would hate to see her together again with Saji, that would be a waste of character almost as big as the waste  of  Soma, how I miss her 😦


Louise, my hopes are on you

After destroying a military base of ” a country not important enough to make me remember is name” the Ion canon also wiped out Kathoron’s space fleet , I was actually not expecting that it could fire into space.

Next week we will see the battle for the capture of the canon, I was expecting they would destroy it but capturing it made me interested about how they are planning to use it. If they are smart enough they will try to locate the Innovator base and wipe them up.


3 Responses to “Gundam 00 S2 EP12 “Louise is pure win””

  1. My god it’s so hard to decide to read this blog or not. on one hand I like to be surprised when I watch Gundam but on the other hand, I love reading this blog, damn it sub faster I say SUB FASTER.

  2. Which subs you watch? I usually choose Gss they are fast and pretty decent you should try them

  3. Wow once again the episode went too fast proof that Gundam 00 is very captivating, exciting, well paced and holds a good solid plot.

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