Soul Eater EP 37 “A Great Detective’s First Case: Shibusen’s Secret Exposed by Kid?”


“This guy would succeed has carpenter”

Hello again. Had a good Christmas? I hope so.

I apologizes for these weeks without  Soul Eater  reviews(a good or bad thing? It’s your choice xD).

So, what happened on this week episode? Let’s see…

Now, to maintain tradition here is the resume of the episode:

Arachne is convinced that “Brew” is defunct, when it is actually functional and in Medusa’s hands. Meanwhile at Shibusen, everyone assigned on the “Brew” mission is depressed about their defeat against Arachnophobia, except Kid, who ponders about Eibon and Shinigami’s association with him. He even confronts Stein and interrogates him about what “Brew” is and why Shinigami sought to possess it. Maka questions her ability of using ‘Demon Hunter’ while fighting Mosquito and talks to Shinigami about it. Determined to use ‘Demon Hunter’ again, Maka and Soul make an attempt, but they fail to do so. At the end of the day, a man named Joe Buttataki arrives at Death City at Shinigami’s request. (Source – Wikipédia).

And now, let’s start the review. First thing we must notice, Soul Eater doesn’t follow the story of the manga anymore (apart for a few things). Like what  happened with Full Metal Alchemist (same Producer – Bones) they stopped following the manga around ep 28/29 I think. Not that it was a bad thing, I started to like more of FMA after that, so I hope the result is as good with Soul Eater, since I really like this show I don’t want it to lose quality. So good luck with the work Bones.


“Maybe we will find a true love story between Eibon and Shinigami”

Second thing I must say. I really was thinking this ep was focused on Kid, but I was wrong (not really important but ok, let’s go on xD). I was hopping this ep will show us something new about the story ,  in my opinion it was kind of boring since in the end we don’t discover anything important. Shinigami continues with his the secrets, Kid tries to discover something but Professor Stein isn’t much of a help, Maka doesn’t succeed in doing the Demon Hunter a second time and Krona is depressed because Steins condition is her fault… no  real development. I was hopping to see the arrival of Joe Buttataki soon in the ep, but it looks like we will only know what he will do in the next ep.


“Shinigami-sama, always with secrets…”

I want to see what kind of truth is Shinigami hiding and why (I think it’s the will of most people that follow the series), and how will the insanity progress in Stein, will he resist or join the dark side? And what kind of plan as Medusa? MUHAHAHAHAHA, we’ll see… Hope the next ep show us interesting things, since this one wasn’t really a revealing ep in my opinion. ‘ Till there have fun with the last days of this year.


“Sex really puts the people on fire!!!”


“Medusa’s house is really depressing”




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