Gundam 00 S2 EP 13 “Star Wars Gundam”


Death Star weak spot

Another week another Gundam, although next week there isn’t going to be any ep 😦

While watching this episode i couldn’t help of remembering Star Wars, there were so many similarities that George Lucas could almost sue them.

Thank god Setsuna didn’t brought Saji I am sick of that guy

Warning:If you haven’t seen Star wars(shame on you) there is a chance of not understanding a shit of this review


The rebel fleet attacking

Kataron lunches a massive attack against the Ion canon, that could be impressive if they managed to hit anything.  I mean, did they really hit any suit or ship? I just saw them getting completely owned. Then of course, Gundam 00 appears and completely owns the A-Law fleet.

This is one of my main complains with this kind of shows. The battles are really one sided, when is Kataron vs A-Laws, Kataron doesn’t manage to destroy anything, when it’s Gundam 00 vs A-Laws, the Gundam barely gets a scratch. I know that one group is supposed to be superior to the other but at least I would like to see more struggling from the weaker side. Like for example in the earlier episodes of Gundam Seed the ZAFT suits completely owned the Earth Forces but at least sometimes we could see a mobile armor or cruiser  destroying one of the ZAFT’s suits. I know that I am being a bit picky but it would be something that I would like to see.


I just noticed, is Lindt an albino? He has red eyes and white air lol

Shortly after, Ptolemaios arrives. It seems that the Ion canon has  a weak spot that could destroy all the canon if it’s hit. His is awfully similar with the Star wars plan to destroy the Death Star. Why the hell engineers always put an weak spot?


Death’s Star is blowing up

Luke Skyw….. Lockon Stratos with the help of the I mean Haro, manages to destroy the Canon at the last possible moment in another moment scene with  Star Wars


Bye Lindt, I never really cared about you

Lindt is caught in the canons explosion and dies (as i predicted since he first appeared), although in a Sunrise show none is really dead until you see is corpse


She didn’t even blink


I look forward to see Louise crushing you

It seems Nena is not so loyal to Wang, I never liked Nena the only good thing she did was nuking Louise’s family wedding making Louise the awesome character that she is now. Well she also saved Setsuna this episode so that maybe count as a good thing


What if one of those crushed the Kataron HQ


Unless your main objective was losing half of your fleet that sentence is awfully wrong


Fear the might of Hercules

I wonder who this Hercules fellow is.

Of course next week there isn’t going to be any Gundam post but you can count on the first impressions of this winter series

PS: It seems that this was the battle to destroy the canon and not to capture it. Blame Gss subs


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