Winter 2009 first impressions “Maria Holic”


So, the hottest chick is a dude O.o

Welcome to the first of  Animight winter 2008/2009 anime impressions

The first anime we will talk about is Maria Holic and believe  it’s worth of  it.

The premise is very simple. A lesbian girl entering a all girls scho0l and falling in love with a a hot girl who turns out to be a guy. It’s an extremely enjoyable show that made me laugh so much that I almost wasn’t able to breath. This show remembers me of Sayonara Zentsubo Sensei, probably because it’s the same director, it as a similar pacing and comedy style and has almost the same voice actors.


The animation is unusual and pretty good but probably the best  thing about this show are the characters. They range from the perverted main lead, the cat eared loli god (aka: room mistress) to the awfully rude maid. It makes me wonder what dark secrets the would be Kanako roommate holds.

I also enjoyed the randomness and insanity in the comedy moments that once again were very similar with Sayonara Zenstubo Sensei comedy.

The voice acting is very good I recognized may of the voice actor from SZS. Extra points for the girl who voices Mariya, it must be hard to change from a female to a male voice all the time.


Nosebleed never gets old


As you can see this how is unique in very aspects

What things you may don’t like in this anime ? As I said before  the animation is unusual and it may turn off some people,the constants references to Holy Mary may also feel awkward. Although Kanako’s thoughts are extremely funny, there are some many of them that sometimes are annoying.

Also If you are one of those guy who can’t stand lesbianism or random insane comedy I don’t advise this show to you.

In conclusion it’s a must watch anime, probably one of the strongest candidates to the best anime of the year. I will  be honest wit you I was expecting a echii comedy anime, it turned out to be even better.


2 Responses to “Winter 2009 first impressions “Maria Holic””

  1. lambecrikas Says:

    Preverted lesbians? I’m so gonna see it xD

  2. I liked the episode xD

    I like the way it’s animated..

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