Winter 2009 – White Album first impressions


“And I was supposed to be at work at 8… well no do now… let’s sleep a little more”

So, one more melodramatic show is here.

Same as always? We will see…

I like this kind of show. Yes, it may be  cliché etc., but in the end, I enjoy seeing them.

White Album will probably be one of those. I must say, I think this first episode was decent but it could be better. Yes it’s a first episode, but it should have presented the history/situation  better or in other words, a slow start i. Not that it was a bad ep since it successfully showed us the connections between the characters, and some interesting points like how Haruka is still affected by the loss of her brother and because of it doesn’t play tennis anymore or the conflict’s between Yuki and some other girls in the show business. But a little more “life” was needed to see if the history is interesting enough.


“She is his girlfriend, but for some reason he doesn’t kiss her… looking to the horizon is much more fun”

One of the main problems is that for now, the characters seem a bit similar. Touya may not be the typical male character, that goes trough all the girls and finally pic one of them, since he already has a girlfriend (Yuki), but honestly I think he lacks spirit and is a pussy, (same happens with  the other guy, Akira). But the most important thing in a show like this is: girls. Each one should have a certain appeal that make a guy hold interest in them. Clumsy, cute, funny… you chose, but in this ep one of the things that I noticed is that no one has a particular characteristic that make you care for one her. Different looks and some other things, but in all  the rest they were  pretty much the same . And since in this kind of show the girls are normally what matters (at least for me xD I always have my favorite), it’s bad that for now, nothing particularly interesting emerged from them.


“Haruka Kawashima looks like a boy”

With this said I honestly hope the next ep’s will have more character development and focus  more on showing different personalities (and make Touya and Akira grow some balls).


“There is no spirit in this guys (pussies)”

I didn’t dislike the ep and I think it can be a good show, but the characters should be worked on since they are the essence of any anime/show/movie etc. To finish I liked little details like for instance, the toughs that Touya showed on-screen text making it more emphasized than  when a character “says” them. The animation is average. The girls should be more appealing since they are (one more time) the essence of the show, but their looks are rather normal for now. About the OP and the ED I liked the music’s but I didn’t really enjoyed the OP  animation.

It’s a much watch? No

It’s worth taking a look?  Yes, why not…

Will it be a good show? only time will tell (with more work I think it can succeed)


“Girls can really be bitches sometimes”


“Rita Ogata isn’t afraid to stop singing to kick some one’s ass”


4 Responses to “Winter 2009 – White Album first impressions”

  1. This show should be names, “The story of Hirano Aya: A look at the life of Hirano Aya before she was Hirano Aya.” with the subtext ‘Guest star Hirano Aya.

  2. lanheses Says:

    Haha, why not xD?

  3. Nah actually this show is perfect for me it is a Harem centered around Hirano Aya. Now I just have to plant my self into the generic main characters shoes and pretend i’m him.

  4. lanheses Says:

    Good luck with that xD

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