Winter 2009 first impressions- Kurokami


I was actually expecting not being able to watch this show due being aired in America and Japan at the same time, but luckily I managed to get my hands on some crappy fastsubs. Well it’s was enough to understand.

So what Kurokami holds for us?


Big brother is watching you

A short summary:

Keita Ibuki is a typical high school student still traumatized  about his mother death. Apparently his mother died after seeing someone that looked exactly like her.  Well cutting some unimportant scenes(where he sees someone that looks exactly like his mother), our lead finds himself eating ramen at a food stand. Then a hungry girl appears and tries to buy a bowl of ramen but she finds out she hasn’t enough money. Ibuki  pities her and  treats her with a bowl and after that both have a discussion about doppelgangers and how everybody has to people who look exactly like them. If someone sees one of their doppelgangers both him and the doppelganger die leaving only the third doppelganger (the original) alive.

Suddenly someone appears from behind and hits the girl with a baseball bat then both have an epic fight in which the girls wins. Then she reveals that she is a Mototsumitama and not a human.

Next day the lead discover that one of his friends died because she saw her doppelganger and sees another friend dieing for the same reason.

Ohh,it seems that there is some evil organization peeping people 😛


One of the best fights ever


One of the aspects which may disappoint some people is that they completly distorted the manga story, Keita Ibuki is supposed to be an freelance computer programmer and not an high school student, geez why the hell the japanese always need to have their character in high school? Anyway Ibuki is also suposed to have lost his arm in that fight and I don’t know if the secret organization existed in the manga, anyway only time will tell how much they changed the plot.

The animation, I must say, is pretty good and very fluid especially in the fighting scene which I must say is one of the best I’ve seen.

This episode story itself was somewhat average, but that doesn’t mean that the show isn’t going to be  good, on the contrary there was so few development  besides the doppelganger concept(which I must say was pretty interesting), the secret organization, and the existence of Mototsumitama that this show still can  take a lot of directions.

The characters are what we are used to see in very other anime, the high school lead, the big breasted clumsy girl ,the evil sinister guy, nothing out of ordinary. But it is only the first episode so we don’t know what will come out.


The loli just got smashed

One of the most positive aspects (or negative, it depends on you) is the total absence of censorship when it comes to blood. There as a lot of blood on the figh and hell in how many animes you can see a little girl getting ran over by a truck and see her blood all over the street.

The review may seen a bit negative but I think that this show has a lot of potential and it is worth checking it may turn how to be a suprise. I at least really enjoyed this episode.

There wasn’t any op in the ep but i found it in youtube, dunno why it was there


4 Responses to “Winter 2009 first impressions- Kurokami”

  1. They usually don’t show the OP and ED in the first episode, so they have more time in the first episode (a whole 6 min) to animate more and have a longer story to give the show a better feel and show of more of a plot.

  2. hum, maybe i will give it a look, not sure if i´m going to follow

  3. Hmm in the HD-Version (with sub)
    There was an OP..

  4. soulstrider Says:

    Ya it seems the version I got my hands on was the pre-airing, sorry about that >.<

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