Winter 2009 first impressions- Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo


I think this image is enough to see that this isn’t your typical show

My brain is still trying to process this show. When I finished the first episode I was like ” Holy shit what the fuck was that?”


So, Lelouch survived

Well, first the plot was completely ridiculous, a girl who was trying to run from a sudden arranged marriage (REALLY sudden) ends up in a huge sentient colony ship who talks like Lelouch and saves that ship from crashing into the Earth, oh did I mentioned that the ship was actually trying to make a suicide attempt?

But I am not saying that it’s a bad kind of ridiculous,  it’s actually the good kind of ridiculous that makes you laugh and wanting more .  The trick to enjoy this show is not to take it seriously, you should turn off your brains, sit back and enjoy the crazy ride.


No. Just….no

The characters are as insane as the show, we have a fanservice provider cop, a vehicle fangirl critter/alien, a main lead lead who’s the only way to describe her is downright crazy and the best of all  Leopard, the snob AI who controls the rogue colony ship, Jun Fukuyama(the seiyu) is perfect for this kind of characters.

The only character that I disliked was the small critter who accompanied the lead, I never had patience for this kind of cute animal sidekicks I just find them plain stupid  -_-


Evil sister?

Sunrise animation is amazing as usual and I must say I really like the mecha designs, they are a nice change from the usual bipedal gundam styled mechas

I am not really looking forward for the OP, I don’t think ALI PROJECT songs are OP material and the ending in my opinion sucked.



So, how would I rate this show?  Something between a total failure and one of the greatest anime’s ever.

If you don’t like senseless plots you shouldn’t watch this show, if you just want to have a good time feel free to check it.

P.S:Gundam is back this week 😀 review post should be ready tomorrow or Wednesday.


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