Soul Eater EP 38 and 39 – “too much title too put here, so this will replace it”


“Butadaki Joe, a guy who really loves his  coffee”

Due to some circumstances in my life (I’m a lazy bastard, and I was kidnapped by aliens but the only new thing I got was a t-shirt), the reviews of Soul Eater are a “little” late (I’m being positive xD). But here they are…

Like always I begin the review with the resume of the episode. But this time we have a new thing!!!!!! YEAH, we have not one but two resumes of eps.

Ep 38 – “Asura’s Temptation: The Big Man’s Uncontrollable Irritation?”
Once he arrives at Shibusen, Joe Buttataki begins his project by using the demon tools that are in Shinigami’s possession. Meanwhile, Black Star’s confidence begins to waver due to his recent defeats. When Tsubaki tells that Nygus asked her to stop using the dark blade mode, Black Star decides to challenge Kid in a duel, and during which loses control. Kid finally wins the battle and shortly after Black Star starts training again. Arachne finds the hideout of Asura. (source – wiki)

Ep 39 – “Crona’s Escape: Show Me Your Smile, Please?”
Crona is visited by Eruka again, telling Crona to return to Medusa. Meanwhile, Arachne visits Asura alone in the mountains to ask for an alliance against Shibusen. Death Scythe brings Soul and Maka to Crona’s room, showing them that Crona is gone, which causes Maka to look everywhere for Crona. Crona is outside of Shibusen walking in the desert sand and falls into a hole and sits there. Back at Arachnophobia, Asurahas allied with Arachne. Maka and Soul find Crona in the hole and Crona cries, confessing about putting Medusa’s snake in Marie’s tea. Shinigami discusses with Death Scythe and Maka about Crona’s betrayal when Sid suddenly announces that Medusa has come to Shibusen to surrender. (source – wiki)


Let’s than talk about this episodes. About episode 38 there isn’t much to say. This ep is focused on Black Star. It was great to see a character full of life and with  an ultimate optimism fall down to his knees due the  sheer number of lost battles in a row, It made Black Star look more human.And those defeats also made him turn against his friends just because of frustration. I think this can be a good addition to the story having Black Star with a dark side. I want to know if the Dark Blade is just another weapon mode or if it can actually manipulate the user after long time of use. (there are several hints that support the last one). Well, we will see how this situation with Black Star will develop but I would love to see two different personalities.


“If they find that I’m gay I’m screwed”

Now, about episode 39… FINALLY story development. All the factions are preparing for war. Arachne found the Kishin (Asura), and got her ass kicked. To see a character like Arachne being toyed like that was great :D. A powerful woman being shacked like a rag doll only for the sake of getting Asura joining her side is worth seeing. And I must say, she has balls xD.


“Jesus Christ in the cross – new version starring Arachne”

One of the most interesting events that happened was the “surrender”/”cooperation” of Medusa with Shibusen. It’s interesting because it also happened in the manga (if you remember the story now has diverged from the manga). So, will they follow the manga in this aspect? Or are they just getting ideas? I don’t know but of course I want to see what happens. In my opinion Medusa is just trying to manipulate Shibusen in this war, and weaken both enemies. We will see if she succeeds (I always liked her xD). Apart from that, Crona is again with a personal crisis, and this time she actually runs away,but of course Maka saves her again. We had the chance to see more aspects about the two characters and the relationship between them got stonger at the end. Now, what I really want to see is what will happen between Crona and Medusa since the two of them are now at Shibusen. Will Medusa manipulate Crona again? And what plans she has? I think the story is getting great now, I’m on fire to see what will come this way…

And by the way, sorry for this shitty review xD (my health problem is killing me).
P.S.: the first impressions of Asu no Yoichi! will come tomorrow if all goes well


“Shinigami-sama, Egyptian version”


“Maka’s mom is a fearsome one”


“Medusa, the loli witch”


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  1. reagan-jon Says:

    qich epidode is it when crona puts that snake in that ladys coffee

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