Gundam 00 S2 ep14 “Gundam meets Macross”

Sheryl on stage

Gundam his finally back this week, good news for those who are sick of first impression posts. Also we got a new op, I will talk about it later in this post

Just look at his expression, Setsuna is clearly gay

After CB victory against the A-laws, CB’s suffers a surprise attack form the Innovator and are forced to make a forced landing on earth, leaving poor Setsuna behind.

Gundam definitely needs to have more light hearted moments like this one

Meanwhile, Hercules invites Sergei to take part on a coup d’ etat against the A-Laws. According to the son of Zeus the Federation government and military are just puppets of the A-laws. Which turns out to be funny because the A-laws are also just puppets of the Innovators. Kataron also got an invitation to the party, I predict that all this coup d’ etat business will end in slaughter ( If you don’t know which side is going to get slaughtered, you are an idiot)

“No Klaus, I am not cheating on you”

“Why am I the only one to getting laid?”

Also we have less two Innovator’s names to remember due to a failed attack on the CB. That’s what you get when you attack without any back up , superior than humans my ass

It seems that now there are even GN powers pistols

After being harassed by Nena, Gaytsuna goes back to earth and stupidly fallows Ali Al-Saachez without even considering that it might be a trap.
Anyway, then Ali introduces Ribbons to him. It turns out that Ribbon’s was the pilot of the Gundam who saved Setsuna back when he was a kid and decided that Setsuna was chosen to join CB by him, Ribbons also states that he is actually the one who the Gundam 00 was destined to. I wonder how much of this is true, did he really choose Setsuna to join CB or was just trying to trick Setsuna, anyway I was not expecting Ribbons to turn out to be the pilot of 0 Gundam.

Setsuna  doesn’t belive in Ribbons and  instead tries to shoot him, unfortunately Ali was quicker and wounded Setsuna first. After that we see a pretty neat mecha fight between both. Setsuna of course wins because of his  pimped up Gundam, but before striking his final blow he hears Marina matting song and stops letting Ali escape.

I believe he is having some kind of seizure

At least it’s nice to see that Setsuna is getting more development, maybe after this he will turn out to be a less annoying character, but probably we will just get more ” Feel sorry for me, I was brainwashed by a terrorist and killed my parents” moments.

Also I would like you to notice this. Ali’s pistol was releasing GN particles, remember what happened to Louise? GN related wounds don’t heal easily, that will probably be important on the next episodes.

Kataron’s excuse for having so many children still doesn’t convince me

I definitely got Macross vibes in this episode. I will seriously laugh if Marina and her pedo coir are the ones who will bring peace and love to the world and please  Sunrise try to make sense, how the hell people inside mechas and airplanes can hear her miles away? She must have a hell of a voice

Once a Flag lover, always a Flag lover

Mr Bushido got a new mobile suit this week, and I must say it looks awesome. I can’t wait to see it in action.

I heard that next week the Vajra will strike 😛

A small op analyzes

The OP looks ok but I think the music just doesn’t fit this show.

There are several bits of info in this op. First we are finally sure that Anew is a girl (BOOBS) and it also seems that Louise is going back to be Saji’s bitch, another waste of  a character. Also you can notice the absence of several characters in this op, like Summeragi, Klaus, Katie, etc…  hints of future deaths?

P.S: The production of this post was  hell, when I was about to finish it the HTML went totaly crazy and I had to rewrite most of it, still dunno why that happened.


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