Gundam S2 EP15 “Beware of Neil’s ghost”


“Muahahah I have returned to hunt you, blargh

Another week another Gundam ep. Lately the show is getting more interesting if things continue this way I may forgive Sunrise for all these magical singing


Trough the power of LOVE my friend

There is not much to say about this episode. Basically it was just this: the A-laws attacked CB and where almost winning but at the last moment they are recalled because of the Coup d’etat. In parallel with this Setsuna goes to Kataron base where they take care of his injuries. There he has some development and  Sunrise tries to develop his relationship with Marina. When the new of the coup d’etat reach his hears he travels to the African orbital elevator and meets Mr Bushido who has a new suit that can use Trans-am.


Innovator love?

Anyone who is inside Gundam’s news knows  (spoilers) it was hinted that the orbital elevator will collapse. So, There is no need to be a genius to figure out that the rebellion will fail, after all the main reason why they chose the orbital elevator was because they thought the A- Laws wouldn’t touch hit. Ohh, well at least is nice to see that the Orbital elevators, one of the characteristics of this Gundam, are getting some spotlight


Such a big room for a couch?

I must say, Marina and Setsuna are a failure as a couple, the only thing they do is having ideological debates.

Also,  will  Sunrise always bring back old Lockon when some character is thinking about his reason to fight ?


Lol, Trans- GrahAm, love you gSS

I was expecting that the Mr Bushide new mecha had some some special power similar with Trans-am but I was not expecting actually having Trans-am itself.  I am really looking forward for the battle between him and Setsuna, it should be awesome


We have seen feminine Louise before and we don’t want her back

I suppose this review should be bigger but I am with a writer’s block today, why the hell  do you think the title is lamer than usual?


She actually looks really cute with here hair like that


Saji raped her


WTF, Tieria x Mileina


Louise got upgraded to an Innovator?

End anlyses:

Although I prefer the previous END this one is pretty good.  I really like the music and the demaged Gundam artwork is just awesome, I am thinking of making one of those images my wallpaper wallpaper.


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