Gundam S2 EP16 “Insert hostage massacre joke here”


They were all taken hostages, but the guy looking at his watch just looks bored

Wow Sunrise, definitely one of the best episodes so far. There was not much fighting but all the hostage situation was really cool, I am surprised that the logic behind the coup d’etat actually makes sense and can be applied in RL (Not the been taken hostage part, the people need to awake and do not let the government do whatever they want part )


I blame Photoshop

Although I was expecting an epic fight between Setsuna and Mr Bushido, most of this episode was about the coup d’etat business and Sergei past, only in the final part of the show we manage to see a bit of fighting. I found the fight very disappointing I was expecting an all out battle, but due Setsuna’s wound and the rest of CB’s interruption it turned out to be very short. Ohh well at least there is always a next time, if there is a thing that Sunrise manages to do right is mecha battles

Young Sergei looks weird


Sergei misses having Manage a trois

We also learned a bit more about Sergei’s past. It seems he, Hercules and Holy( Sergei’s dead wife) worked all together in the military and it also seems that Holy died in a combat operation. It was nice to learn about Sergei past but I am afraid that this means he is going to die soon, everything points that way.


Let’s play “Guess the gender”.

The most interesting part was  definitely the coup d’etat.First of all the logic behind the coup d’etat makes sense, It actually makes taking hostages almost forgivable. As I said before, I agree with the logic, sometimes we need a real shock to awake to the world, there are several governments that are corrupt and do whatever they like, people need to be to be less conformists and begin to understand what’s happening around them.

Well let’s leave politics behind, It is pretty obvious that the A-laws are planning to gather all the opposition in one place and take them all out. Although the idea of having another canon seems a bit unoriginal it actually makes sense, why the hell they should only have one if they know how to make them?


“Why should we settle with one when we can have two?

I think most of this episode was just an warm up  for the event of next week, I hope that they won’t fire the canon immediately, I want to see an huge battle between CB, Katharon, rebel military vs A-Laws, Regular army


Gundam group hug

That’s all this week, midterms really keep me busy, school sucks -_-


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