Hetalia: Korea is retarded

Note: I do not intend to offend any Koreans with this post, It’s just my opinion about those who want to cancel Hetalia

I don’t know if you have heard but it seems that a lot of Koreans are making protests about Hetalia.

I don’t know if it’s  a retarded sense of patriotism or the Zerg pulling the strings behind but they claim that the show is an insult to their country and they actually managed to stop it’s broadcasting. The show is still available online for those who still want to watch it but the Koreans are also trying to stop that. I just find all this incredibly stupid bacause:

  1. It’s just a parody ,imagine if all other countries had the same reaction as Korea, probably by now Italy would be at war with  Japan.
  2. How the hell this show insults Korea if they don’t even appear on it.
  3. This is just a FRIGGIN CARTOON, for god’s sake.

Freedom of speech is one of the most basic rights of a democratic nation, if Korea is trying to stop Hetalia’s broadcast they will be just as their northern brother.

It’s not the first time Korea does something like this, for example  when  the former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi visited the Yasukuni Shrine, several young Korean’s sliced their finger in protest, what an insanity. Yes Japan occupation of Korea during WWII  was really cruel and brutal but times changed, are Koreans going to bicker with Japan for the rest of their lives whenever Japanese do something WWII related ? I think Japanese also have the right to honor their fallen  soldiers.

Well I just hope that the Koreans don’t manage to cancel Hetalia.


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  1. lol…i dont watch this anime, but it is always bad this kind of stuff

  2. To introduce myself, I am a South Korean with U.S. citizenship.
    (That means I completely look like an Asian but still I am American legally :D)

    Please excuse me a little bit for leaving you a comment like this.
    (Also, my English is not perfect, but I will try my best.)

    Actually…I was keeping on watching its progress so far.
    How the anime was cancled, and how the Hetalia fans are reacting…kind of thing.

    In order to understand the actions taken by (around ten thousands of) Koreans,
    people should understand what their real complains are.
    They simply have two major points.
    1. No more WWII glorification
    2. No more distorted Korean character
    and there are a lot of ‘detailed’ complains related to it.

    For example, many Koreans were offended when Korea in Hetalia was obsessed with Japanese flags.
    Maybe this article can help you understand how Koreans would feel if Korean in Hetalia acts like that.

    Koreans were already offended by several “anti-Korean” mangas like this.
    No Koreans signed up to protest about it at this point.
    (I saw several Koreans saying “the art style looks too much like Yu yu Hakushou!”, though.)

    In addition,
    the glorification of WWII in Anime, game, and manga is never, not the first time Koreans are experiencing.
    I can think of many examples…
    I saw a Korean character in SRWOG (a Japanese GBA game) saying “Tora tora tora”
    before the final battle operation. That quote was from Japanese soldiers in WWII.
    Most Koreans were used to ignore these kind of things and just enjoy.

    Plus, several people were worrying about its “shounen-ai” expression
    broadcasted by “kids” station in Japan.

    Actually, Korean people did not (could not) stop Hetalia Anime broadcast.
    Koreans have no such rights. They can only persuade and protest about the anime.
    The Japanese TV station decides it. They said that they had “various circumstances”.
    The real reason might be more complicated than people are thinking.

    The Japanese TV station did not broadcast the show and Koreans got cooled down a lot for now.
    So far, Koreans are OK with Hetalia’s DVD and mobile phone premise, I think.

    “The show is still available online for those who still want to watch it but the Koreans are also trying to stop that”
    ->I think you are talking about Youtube broadcast or something.
    Online broadcast is illegal. Completely illegal.
    In order to watch this anime, you should buy the DVD.
    (Japanese people can afford it through mobile phone service, too.)
    I think the Japanese anime company is stopping the online broadcast.
    They would not be able to make money if everyone watches the anime online.

    “How the hell this show insults Korea if they don’t even appear on it. ”
    ->On the official Hetalia anime website, there definitely was Korea on the list.
    You could see the official character design and profile of Korea.
    Maybe the animation did not have Korea “yet” at the beginning of the season.
    They were going to have Korea at some point.
    (Koreans stopped it, so it is hardly going to happen in the furture.)

    “…several young Korean’s sliced their finger in protest…”
    -> Please, believe me, not much Koreans go THAT far.
    That issue (led by some Korean nationalists) and this Hetalia issue (led by Koreans
    who are interested in anime a lot….I would say….Korean Otaku?) are completely different.
    They have different reasons, different point of view, different reaction, etc.

    Still, in my opinion, I also think that the way Koreans approached the anti-Hetalia movement was not the best.
    They could take time and think of more…smarter and cooler ways.

    I just hope that there will be a peaceful resolution….

  3. soulstrider Says:

    Thank you for your comment, I agree with you in most of your points, especially with “Manga Kenkanryu”, such an horrible manga (Sometimes the jerks manage to get something published) :S but so far I have watched all the episodes that aired and I think that Hetalia is completely harmless and the author had no intention of insulting Korea.

    In order to understand the actions taken by (around ten thousands of) Koreans,
    people should understand what their real complains are.
    They simply have two major points.
    1. No more WWII glorification
    2. No more distorted Korean character”

    As I said before I don’t see much WWII glorification in Hetalia, It may feel awkward the main characters being the “Axis powers” but still the show just satirizes them just like everyone and all is portrayed in a very harmless way. Also the timeline of the show isn’t just WWII it jumps from ancient history to the modern day.

    About the the distorted Korean character, well every single character of the show is distorted even japan. I don’t read the manga so I don’t know about the Korean character kissing the Japanese flags but I will say this most of the people just see the images and take it complete out of context that’s common to happen, see the Harry Potter and Resident evil 5 criticism.

    “Actually, Korean people did not (could not) stop Hetalia Anime broadcast.
    Koreans have no such rights. They can only persuade and protest about the anime.
    The Japanese TV station decides it. They said that they had “various circumstances”.

    Although that might be true I find really hard to believe that the cancellation is completely unrelated with the protests.

    “The show is still available online for those who still want to watch it but the Koreans are also trying to stop that”
    ->I think you are talking about Youtube broadcast or something.
    Online broadcast is illegal. Completely illegal.
    In order to watch this anime, you should buy the DVD.
    (Japanese people can afford it through mobile phone service, too.)
    I think the Japanese anime company is stopping the online broadcast.
    They would not be able to make money if everyone watches the anime online.”
    The real reason might be more complicated than people are thinking.”

    That’s not true, it’s a legal broadcast which you must pay if you want to see, it’s not youtube.
    I quote “…The cancellation only affected the Kids Stations broadcasts; plans to make the series available though mobile phone and INTERNET STREAMING were not affected.”

    ” “How the hell this show insults Korea if they don’t even appear on it. ”
    ->On the official Hetalia anime website, there definitely was Korea on the list.
    You could see the official character design and profile of Korea.
    Maybe the animation did not have Korea “yet” at the beginning of the season.”

    Korea appears on the manga but it was already confirmed that Korea won’t appear in the anime. Unless you are talking about a 2nd season, then dunno

    ” “…several young Korean’s sliced their finger in protest…”
    -> Please, believe me, not much Koreans go THAT far.””

    Of course I don’t think all the Koreans are like that, I was just point that some Koreans have a too extreme anti-Japanese views that sometimes is completely irrational

    “I just hope that there will be a peaceful resolution….”

    I totally agree with you ^^

  4. PleaseSmile Says:

    I think some people are missing the point of the show.
    It’s not really glorification of war, but a deterant against it. Don’t you all just love the idea of a world were all our problems were reduced to children playing? Every time I hear the closing theme I swell with pride for humanity that one day we’ll all just be a beautiful world in a painting. The show doesn’t set out to hurt people or insult their cultures, more to show us all how similar we are.

    I’m Australian, so I’m annoyed that I haven’t been seen in the show at all yet. We played a really important role in WWII, we were America’s support!

    Ja ne.

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      Hetalia can’t be a deterant against a war that’s over. the thing is Hetalia doesn’t bring to light the things Japan did to Korea during WW2 and because Japan has never apoligized for the things they did during WW2 i.e comfort women. they’re literally looking for forgiveness from Korea by mocking all their suffering, and trying to find a way around apoligizing. the idea is obsurd, Hetalia can only raise the tention as long as Japan does not apologize for their crimes against Korea.

      • LycanDark Says:

        It’s using WW2 as an example of a stupid war. It isn’t making mention of the major stuff that everyone remembers from history class (which covers most of the bad stuff anyway) because it’s meant to bring out the stuff that few do (like Austria and Germany being allies with each other and the fact that Liechtenstein exists) and making remarks on how countries make and break alliances. And, Japan isn’t the creator, a Japanese citizen is, and he satirizes Japan in it just as much as any other country.

        Also, shouldn’t we start to move on and forgive each other for the shit we’ve all done? I’m not sure where you’re from, but I’m an American from European decent (mainly France and German) and all places that have white folks have done super shitastic and horrifying things to most of the rest of the world. Does that mean until we issue a formal apology to everyone for ravaging their lands and enslaving them that we present white people are bad? You do realize there’s been a change in generation since WW2. I get that the Koreans aren’t going to be forgiving the Japanese for a while, and that’s fine. But, geez, the show is to remind people that history wasn’t all bad, and to make cynics remember that there is still hope for humanity.

      • GaGaalinG Says:

        ok then when during WW2 did Korea “steal” culture from Japan. last time I checked it was the other way around, when Japan destroyed the parts of the Korean culture they didn’t care for and then stole the parts of the Korean culture they did like. (i.e the art works in Tokyo museums claiming it originated in Japan) there’s no way around it, every aspect of Korea in Hetalia is based on a Japanese racists perspective. no the manga wasn’t made by Japan, but was made by a Japanese citizen which is precisely the point. and also, the racist perspectives he’s portaying Koreans with is shared by many Japanese racists.

        all Japan has to do is admit their crimes and apologize to the Korean victims then Korea will forgive them, so you can’t ask the question can’t we forgive and move on, because I’ll just ask the question “can’t let go of their pride and apologize?” but they don’t, and instead of apologizing they lie that Korean women are raised to be prostitutes and it’s apart of their culture. and the ones that don’t say such things claim that Korean victims are being childish for still being scarred about being raped daily by 25 different Japanese men. just like how Korea is childish in Hetalia. see, Korea had every right to ban Hetalia.

      • Natasha Says:

        ((1. Sorry for spelling mess ups, their actually typos, doing this on a phone is a pain in the asssssss
        2. This was ment for the GaGaalinG’s post on March 16th I couldn’t get it to do it right(unless it posts it in the right spot then ignore that c:)))
        Um id just like to mention that your acting like hetalia is only making ‘racist’ comments against Korea and id like to point out that its doung it to ALL THE COUNTRY’S! I mean cmon your flipping out like its soley against Korea when in reality its not against anyo. The intire show is based of different stereotypes as far as I know and korea isn’t the being singled out japans got tentical pronz in his library, America can’t stop eatibg burgers and shit long enough to breath, france strips people and trys to make britain marry him, italys a ditz, prussias a cocky ass hole, I mean cmon the list just keeps going and do you see the whole world yelling for it to be banned cuz one guy made a show that makes fun of and show how useless and untrue sterotypes are? You guys take it to heart like you think its true! I’m American and I don’t lile hamburgers to much I’m also a little german but I’m a bit of a ditz and hate cleaning with a passion. I have some english in me and I love tea but do I hage GIENT FREAKING EYEBROWS? Am I crabby? Nope.
        You need to remember that koreas not the only country being stereotyped yet its the only one acting like this. And about this whole world war two issue, cmon guys really? Really? I know it was terrible but do you hounestly expect them to appologize? the only time I’ve heard about a country appologizing aftet this lobg was when the british apologized for burning joan of arc and I just laughed cuz what is an apology gonna do. “Oh yea were sorry for doing this how ever many years ago, we know this apology does nothing and really means nothing seeibg as we most likely wernt alive when it happened anyway but we figured we were assholes so sorry” I mean cmon! What’s an apology if it means nothing? Its nothing! And so why if it is pretty much impossible to make a meaningful apology to intire nation when everyone who was there to see it is pretty much dead should they bother trying to? Will koreans hounestly care if sone japanese leaser comes on and says sorry? Are we five year olds? “THEY WERE MEAN MAKE THEM APOLOGIZE!” I know it was a shit load father then mean but still…cmon guys…
        And also just cuz one guy wrote and drew it dosent mean he means it seriously and dosnt mean that everyone thinks it, its only means that its veen written and drawn so I say we all get of big boy and girl pants on and let this shit go cuz when it comes down to it… ITS JUST A FUCKING CARTOON!

  5. RainingStars Says:

    I’m sorry if this comes off as being overly sensitive, or missing the point, but I kind of wanted to say something.

    -The title of this article really disturbed me. Calling Korea retarded due to a complaint over a cartoon is offensive and a bit of an overreaction on your part

    -Along with the ones who were offended, there were also many koreans who were not upset by Yong-Soo’s (Korea’s name in the manga/anime) character and were upset with the removal of him from the anime.
    The way you generalize calling Korea this, and that Korea is trying to do that, is inaccurate. Not all of korea feels one way. It’s a country filled with millions of different people who have their own opinions. Some koreans are not offended by the character and are surprised at how some people are. It was only a handful (maybe more, I don’t really have a lot of information on this, sorry.) of Koreans upset over the portrayal of the Korean character, not all of Korea.

    Above, may come off stronger than how I actually felt. Sorry, if it offended you in return, I was kind of unsure/worried about my wording.

    I agree with the fact that the Koreans who protested overreacted, and it’s disappointing to see that Yong-soo was taken out of the anime and that it cannot be broadcasted as was originally planned.

    I just hope that in the end this works out peacefully with no country being blamed.

  6. i’m korean and i saw the news of that anime
    i first upset,
    i could understand about usa.. but about china and japan it was excute
    (i’m not good at writing english..just read please)
    i actually don’t hate japan
    i hate the atitude of some japaness just that.
    anyway the distort of korean character was excute…
    it would be nice ‘parody’ with some forbearance with expression about korea

    i’m just 16 years old korean and i realy can’t write so good..
    i try to see the hetalia and i can’t find some episode of hetaila in korean site.. but i will see the hetalia i got today
    but.. probably korean character has been deleted ..
    i regard to this issue about everything
    the distort , exceeded anger , and deleted of korean character…

    as i said i’m not good at writing text in english
    even in korean i’m not good at it.. it would be hard to understand..
    i have to find some word in my mp3 player. and maybe i miss some word.
    in short i don’t hate that anime but i don’t like ‘some’ expression of korea

    i actually like japanees anime.^ i could understand japaness when it sound but not in text thank to the anime with subtitles i will study japaness in next year..
    so,, it has been long time this post had written but i reply to this post just i found the news of hetalia ..
    oh god i have to do my vacation homeworksssssssssssss..
    i wish relationship of korea and japan be good.. just good.

  7. Pragmatic Says:

    Hetalia is terrible these days. I used to live it and I don’t know why people still love the degenerated boring drama. It was too much of a “over-hyped novelty” to begin with -exactly like reality shows in America-.

    I don’t care but the Koreans do have a point about this series – it’s terrible-.

    • Wth Pragmatic? Says:

      The fuck? When did it become boring? It’s entertaining all the time, and sometimes unpredictable. I do see a lot of people sometimes dropping interest because of how popular it is. Are you one of them??? It’s got a wonderful sense of humor and the characters are unique and wonderful. You act like it’s changed over the years, like Spongebob or Simpsons. It hasn’t.
      There is nothing drama about it. It’s 98% comedy.

    • excuse me, my friend liked Hetalia and showed it to me few months ago. I got engaged with it SO MUCH over a day. It interested me in a DAY. Really? Terrible?

  8. I think Koreans are going a bit overboard now…every country is potrayed in a not so great light. But they have lots of cool redeeming qualities, and Korea’s awesome.

    China’s suffered just as much during WWII, but I don’t see any of us complaining. Why? B/C it really is kind of stupid.

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      in Hetalia Korea is portrayed as childish. Japanese believe Koreans are childish cuz the rape victims are still scarred from being raped over 20 times a day for years. Japan destroyed and stole Korea’s culture even their original flag was burried, and so when they have something in their culture or something actually originated in Korea, the Japanese say it’s a lie and claim that they claim they made everything. this is an obvious trait Korea has in Hetalia. the Japanese also claim Koreans are anti Japanese simply for the fact that they teach in Korean schools what Japan did during WW2 and the Japanese don’t believe any of it should be taught and some of them claim they were doing the right thing. Japan recently decided they wanted to claim Dokdo Islands for themselves, which is Korea territory, and Japan’s breasts represent Dokdo islands, claiming that Korea is claiming Dokdo for themselves. in Hetalia Korea says Japan did bad things to him and Japan always proves him wrong according to the manga. but according to true history everyone knows the have wronged Korea many times. the reason they have attacked Korea many times is because it would put them at a tactical advantage against China, so China and Japan attacked Korea many times, trying to take it over. the only problem was that Koreans were in Korea this was an obstacle and the Japanese being Shinto believed the were blood descendants of Gods, and only the Japanese people were, so killing other races was just like killing an animal for food, didn’t mean anything, they could rape and kill them see it as right. so there goal was to destroy the Koreans, destroy the culture they didn’t like and take the rest for themelves. and use the land as a military weapon. this is why only Japanese and Chinese people owned land in Korea before America liberated them. the manga never brings to attention the actions Japan has committed to Korea and has not yet apologized for not only that but even deny the actions until this day. this is why the manga was so offensive to Koreans. lots of fans say Koreans were immature but they’re too caught up in how good Japan is according to Manga and anime to know the true history between Korea and Japan and because they judge Koreans they are the ones who are truly immature and need to grow up. (not referring to you if you don’t think Korea was overreacting or immature to not broadcast it.) P.S it wasn’t banned that’s just the fans over exaduration of the situation. also you know when Korea calls China or Japan Aniki? you know that’s not a way for a brother to call his older siblings right? it’s the equivilant of a black slave calling their owner master. also it’s not to big of a deal but in Hetalia Japan is older than Korea… but in real life, Japan comes from Korea. the Japanese don’t like to acknowlege such things. in the manga Japan isn’t a direct relative of China’s though, he simply found Japan (not when he was really young) but took care of him at an age where he needed to be sheltered but not necessarily raised.

      • A LOT of characters are portrayed that way. And you don’t see their countries bitching. Italy’s not even bitching! And look at their character! Though, their character is from the WW’s and I’m sure if we had a super current Italy he’d be strong as hell and “FUCK YEAH”.
        I’ve never had a problem with Korea, and though this whole deal upsets me, I still don’t. I accept every country. And I accept almost every humor, Hetalia being one of the best out there. I think it’s characters are wonderful. I’m American and I absolutely adore America, even though he makes American’s look like over eating, loud, obnoxious, narcissistic bastards. It doesn’t matter, it’s funny! And yeah, there are a lot of those here…
        Just because the Japanese fucked with Korean’s in a horrible way doesn’t mean Himaruya feels that way about them. There are characters depicted just as horribly as Korea.
        I suggest you not lump him in with the other Japanese citizens that treated Koreans badly IN THE PAST, and don’t just focus on Korea’s disturbingly hilarious and fun depiction when, as said before, there are many just as bad.
        I’ve seen worse media with harsh parodies of things I absolutely love or my culture, but I don’t get offended, I laugh because I know it’s a joke. They say laughter is a wonderful medicine, and I agree.
        And are you ragging on Korea for calling China and Japan aniki? Where did you get that definition? It’s an informal way of saying “big brother”, which is like saying “bro!” and “broseph!”, yeah it was used in Yakuza’s and stuff, but it’s used differently nowadays in the way I just said.

  9. Who the f*** r u to say these things?!? Do u f***in know y koreans r like tat to f***in japanese? Do u even know anything about korean? U f***in retard! Do u f***in know wat japanese did o korean?!? If u dont, STFU!

    • Mayora13 Says:

      Do you know what the Germans did to the Jews? People need to stop living in the past…

      • I think that some Koreans are still upset at Japan because Japan did not pay the reparations for their war crimes, unlike the Germans whose leaders during the war were tried and convicted. German textbooks clearly stat their crimes during WWII but Japan’s makes no mention to their crimes against Korean, Philippines, China ext… and when it does come up it is usually glossed over. Though that’s coming from my good “FOB” Korean and Japanese friends when I talked to them about WWII.

        Though I absolutely agree that people should not live in the past, learn from it but not live it.

        WTF?- Swearing and going f*** makes you sound unintelligent and people will disregard your point.

      • Human Says:

        stop living in the past.
        that’s nice.

        like you would forget everything if your grandmas and mom got raped by force just to entertain the japs?

        and watabout all the guys in ur family just got drafted into the war to be a friggin bullet shield for that f–kin japs?

        better think again.

      • Justyourfriendlypasserby Says:

        You can’t just forget History, no matter what terrible event has happened otherwise we’re all doomed to repeat it again.

      • ainerain Says:

        The whole point of learning history is so that humanities mistakes don’t happen again. People need to remind themselves of the past in order to not cause a GENOCIDE on people. How insensitive.

    • *I* am a korean, and you people in Korea need to get your heads out of the past, fools.

      • Person123 Says:

        If you really are a Korean, than I think you need to learn the history again. Get the heads out of the past? It happened, and you can’t just forget it. And I’m actually half Japaness but I think it’s wrong what the Japaness people did to Koreans, and I was actually quite disapointed in the people that called Koreans a retard just because a anime got cancled.

  10. Anyone tried drawing anime/manga characters? Its not easy, but once you get the hang of it it’s great fun, so many poses and positions!

  11. Korea is portrayed to be a bastard in APH.(who grabs Japan’s nippel, saying all things are from him and etc…)

    And Korea was Japan’s colony at WW2.
    In the period, Japan exploitated and killed lots of korean,
    Before the colony, Japan prohibited Korea modernizing.
    But unlike Germany and Italy, Japan even has not made clear absolution nor liquidation.
    But Korea is bothering Japan in APH holding rising sun flag. As like Japan is bothered by Korea at that time..

    And just think. Before claiming the free of speech, it has not to violate other.
    And the one who doesn’t know about Korea would believe the APH when he/she see it.

    Why Europians don’t claim is that it is japanese cartoon.
    If APH was Germany comic, Lots of jews and frenches and others which are from suffered country by German would do same.

    If APH portrayes your country a bastard and distorts your historic facts(especially tragedic ones like massacre.), drawing your country loving the country people generally hates for historic reason
    You will do similar as koreans.

    • Yeah, Rauto is right.

      Freedom of speech is not absolute. You can’t slander people in America, despite the first amendment, for example.

      And Japan did do a lot of shameful, horrible things to Korea. Koreans have a right to be angry.

      You have a right to your opinion as well but maybe you should think before you speak.

      • Katherine Says:

        I’m not really participating in the argument, but I have to comment that slandering people in America is very much allowed, in fact, it seems to be the fashionable thing to do. I hear people do it all the time saying how corrupt we’ve become, how evil we are, etc (this is Americans on tv and radio). Just felt the need to make that correction, since it’s rare that I meet a fellow American who does not seem to preach that America should be wiped from the face of the earth.

  12. Lets take a look at some of these characters shall we?

    Italy: Portrayed as always wanting to surrender, constantly dependent on Germany, Loves only Pasta, weak, and easily pushed around, someone no one wants as a comrade.

    England: Loves to curse people, cast spells, foul mouth, terrible at cooking

    Greece: Lazy bums who never do anything

    Spain: Talkative never does their jobs

    This is only a few of the characters as there are many more. There are historical events that are skewed a bit but seriously…. its just a cartoon, just a show. I am surprised Italy isnt up in arms about it. Im surprised other countries arent. But the reason why is because they all consider it to be a cartoon no harm in it.

    So Korea if you are gonna protest your character’s “flaws” something that all the characters have then tell me why only you? Why not point out the other injustices? Its just a cartoon dont you have anything else better to protest?

    • Yunseung Says:

      That is because it is a JAPANESE cartoon. Let me remind you how close Japan and Korea are… So close that they’re in the same time zone. A flight from Korea to Japan (or vice versa) does not take longer than 2 hours.

      The western countries don’t give a damn because they don’t know nor do they care. They’re European. The people over there don’t really care about what Japan does except what they do in cars or technological toys. Hetalia is one of the last things that they’ll care about. Also… Don’t you find it weird that Hetalia is about WWII? I mean I saw a few episodes and I just found it distasteful. Everyone is borderline homosexual and the characters are just huge oversimplifications decided by who? The Japanese. This isn’t about History or making WWII seem trivial, but it is about a Japanese interpretation about what these countries are like. Once you view it that way, I’m sure you’ll think twice about criticizing the protest.

      • OMG Koreans way over reacting. The series is mostly comedy. Its not suppose to be some serious adaptation of WW1 and 2. I don’t know why u Koreans from reading the comments keep talking about the Japanese in general who created this series. It was a small group of artists with an idea. They are not war experts and they don’t portray the entire Japanese society. God…your all too serious. Go watch Russel peters or something.

      • screwthisseries Says:

        Right and very true, Yunseung.

        At least Russel Peters doesn’t directly offend other groups of people as he lived in a multicultural society. You sir, zomg, shouldn’t insult Russel Peters that way.

      • The show is not about criticizing, its about history, and the actual show is about peace, the motto is “Make pasta not war”. it’s just saying were all people, we have our flaws, blah blah blah. When I see the show I always wish that the world could be at peace. Even Japan has his stereotypes.

  13. Why Hetalia is wrong is it makes fun of WWII and other histories of other countries. We should takes care of the animation has morality, and that stupid Hetalia doesn’t have. Also…


  14. hey! you moron! and you ! Eina?you said, “what only you??
    I hope the author portrayed Korea like lazy, talkative,, whatever,,,but,
    It wasn’t..! It is related to History,, stupid b*tch!
    I think you guys are from westerns, so you guys don’t know about Asian history, especially Korea and Japan.

    As someone expains, Japan invaded Korea and, Japan Killed lots of Korean like Nazzi killed Jewish.( most people in the world don’t know how cruely and brutaly, cuz it is still unknown to them unfortunately)

    but, Japan never apologize to Korea in sincerely.
    It makes Korean feel more upset. You moron says,, what???
    “Yasukuni Shrine, several young Korean’s sliced their finger in protest,,,and I think Japanese also have the right to honor their fallen soldiers. “,, It isnt honor to just soldiers but also, 14 class A war CRIMINALS,, and what else,?? making a fake history??! Huh…!

    None of Asian like this ‘STUPID HONOR THINGS!”
    I’m too tired to explain the whole histories to you like dumb Europeans, or whatever., that makes me sick!!!
    If German honor to their Nazi soilders or Hitler, I just wonder, how western people act about that??!!
    I really want to see the animation or comic books about Nazi party and distorting Jewish as ‘Retarded’…

    I know, most countries LIKE Japan rather than Korea, other aisan nations cuz Japan is more famous in the world.
    I’m pretty scared those dumb people, who are indoctrinated by the rightwing Japanese are increasing in the world.

    I won’t ask read about Korean history(I know you guys won’t interest in) I just want you guys to understand them why they have to protest…

  15. First off, I am aware of the atrocities the Japanese inflicted on both Korea and China (yes China was also attacked and massacred by the Japanese). Please do not assume that I do not. Also I would appreciate it if you didn’t curse at me.

    My point was this: All the countries are portrayed in different lights. And they are all made fun of for their flaws. I was amused at how my country was depicted did I like it all the time. Not really. But it was based on history and my country has done really stupid things. Hetailia is a cartoon that makes its plots around stereotypes. Even the China character has a Japanese stereotype ending all his sentences with -aru. A Japanese Stereotype of how the Chinese speak.

    I just believe that this is a cartoon. Just that. People can get up in all the arms about it but what good will it do?

    What the Japanese did was not right. I am sure they are aware of this. In fact this past summer (or a couple of summers back) the Air Force Chief Of Command for Japan was fired for making claims that the damages done in Korea were not serious in any way shape or form. They made sure he was no longer in command and that he was removed from his position.

    There also comes a time when the people who have done the atrocities pass away. All that is left is the new generation who has done nothing and had no part in the conflict in the past. At that time I believe we should all move on and work together to make sure it never happens again and let history teach its lessons. If we really wanted to, we could revive all the conflicts between two groups of people where one was oppressed and killed in horrific ways. We could force people to apologize and atone. But really what would it take? When would the line be drawn?

    • I have many multi ethnic friends who do not mind discussing their countries culture and history with me. My *ahem* “fob” Korean friends don’t hate Japan but are upset about WWII, an anger that is passed from generation to generation, especially since one girl recounted a tale of her great grandpa and grandfather who were killed because they didn’t want to take up a Japanese name and surname, a supposedly common incident the others involved in the conversation echoed. The thing that seemed to upset them the most was that they felt the Japanese government never truly owned up to their crimes.

      I love Hetalia beyond belief, but knowing Korean history I couldn’t really grasp the character’s concept…The Nation’s personalities are usually based on their history but I didn’t really “get” the whole breast grabbing obsessive thing. His character design is funny though. 🙂

      Agree that we shouldn’t live in the past, learn from it but move forward.

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      but those people have not passed away not even the victims. let’s think about this. what if someone owe thousands and thousands of dollars and the pass away? who has to pay those thousands of dollars? their children do. it’s the same concept with Japan’s warcrimes, if the ones who commit those crimes don’t apoligize their children do. otherwise I can do all the bad things I want because in the end it’s only my children who have to pay. but Japan is too immature to do something as easy as apoligize. at least Korea isn’t asking for Trillions of dollars. they don’t want money, just a simple apology, but according to Japan even this is too much to ask for cause they claim they did nothing wrong.

  16. Hetalia really sucks. Why? It’s because it has become a cult religion for crazy fangirls who don’t have stable boyfriends. The quality of fan stories are deteriorating and this series is indeed based on TMC (Too many characters) effect with low quality depth of character dynamics.

    This time, the Koreans are extremely right on this one just because they openly hate Hetalia. Hetalia is indeed terrible.

    (ex-Hetalia fangirl)

    • Agreed, totally agreed.
      Hetalia fans are !@#$%

    • screwthisseries Says:

      I really wonder why I used to like Hetalia. It is an annoying series with annoying cosplay materials. Hetalia fangirls shouldn’t parade themselves. He-crap-lia is bad. Period.

      • Withallduerespect Says:

        *completely aware of the fact that this post is old*
        I in fact am a hetalia “fangirl”
        And I understand and feel for your post 100% (due to my disputes with Twilight), but Hetalia shouldn’t be always seen in a negative view all the time.
        In truth I became more worldly aware of what’s happening because Hetalia simply gave me a more interesting way to view history.
        Im only 14 living in America (lived in Korea long enough) so the whole “anti-Japanese” hasn’t rubbed off on me . My friends, on the other hand, who have been living in Korea for practically all their lives, thinks Hetalia as a simple joke.
        So what Im trying to say is, give second thoughts to what you’re saying because like what other posts say, Hetalia is just an anime, but to “mature” audiences the general idea of people from all over the place is just what it is, an idea.

      • ElectraMinos Says:

        I’m a Hetalia fan and proud. I know this is an old post but it annoyed me seeing I’m being slated off.

        First this, I’m English, never ever lived anwhere else in my life and Hetalia has changed me. Not is a weird over the top fan way, but because of it I’m working on become a more well rounded human being because of it. I love history but before this I couldn’t name and place half the countries I can now. If this debate wasn’t happeneing I would never of even noticed Korea existed. I may of know of it but that would be it. That may of been because I did’t take intrest in the world. I don’t know. But now I love the show and am learning about other countries, not just France, not Germany but I’m learning about the world. Hetalia has made me aware of World affairs I’d never heard of. Reading this debate, I first thought Korea was over reacting. But looking into it, they did have perfectly good grounds to stand on. If someone had done that to my country and didn’t appologise. I would be fumeing!

        Off topic but I found the America Independance really hard to watch. Knowing what the British/English did, the slave trade especially. Hetalia confronts us with wars and fights we may want to forget, but we know what was done. I’ve reflected on my past views towards other countries because of it. Seeing the world in a diffrerent light. I feel guilty for my countries past.

        Overall, Hetalia is a show ment to be enjoyed. It also can make us question ourselves. It shows us countries we may never of heard of. Portray them in a light we never thought of. I know it’s not done in a serious manner and sure some people can over do the fangirl thing. Go way over the top about it. But there is the ability to learn aswell. To learn about other countries. Maybe not directly from the show, but an interest is planted so people can go off and, if they want to, learn about the rest of the world. Learn the real history.

        You can never forget the past, but use it to improve the future.

    • B.BarNavi Says:

      Fake fan detected.

  17. I’m glad people are stepping up and admitting the fandom is getting out of control. Most Hetalia fans suffer from Twilight syndrome. They’re so in love with their series they’ll do anything for it and destroy anything that insults, dislikes, and disapproves of their show. Why would anyone go to such lengths of humiliation for a mediocre work of fiction?

    For the people telling the citizens upset over this to just get over it, you only need to be asked one question. Would you be telling the same things to a Holocaust survivor?

  18. hmm..
    it’s true.. but actually korean don’t like japaness(even hate their everything) so they response extreamly to this news..
    a few korean are like to wear a japaness color and call japaness “brother” maybe no korean like it.

    hmm it not good for both japaness and korean..
    i hope realation of korea and japan be good.. ( oh shit i can’t write good in english)

    • yeah.

      koreans and japaness should get along with each other.

      AFTER japan apologizes for the tragedy
      . but japans never gonna apologize, i think.

  19. I take no side Says:

    I see your point when it comes to the Koreans over-reacting with the whole series, but please do mind that even if your country was portrayed in a really nonsensical way, that does not change the fact that the way your country is portrayed is a very insulting one.

    To me, even if I am not Korean (but I am Asian), I would also be a little offended as to which the scars the war has brought on to me would be made fun of. After all, Any SANE person would not find any humor in a war (Example: The Korean War) that drastically changed the history of their country. Up until now, I know very well that some Koreans are still bitter about this war.

    On the other hand, I also find it quite disappointing that Im Yong Soo was taken out of the series because of what I know, Korea also played a role in History and if this is a show that wants to portray History in a satirical, somewhat accurate way (Though I do not find it amusing that they actually believe that WW2 can be made a parody when you know over 6 MILLION people died), Korea would have to be in it. Besides, I don’t think the creator of the manga wanted to offend anybody.

    All in all, I do not take any sides. Coming from the opinion on the opposition side, I can understand. As to the Affirmative, I can also understand.

    Just a note to the Author:
    -Change the Title. Not the best non-racist, non-biased title in the whole world.

    -Get some of your facts right. You committed a few false analogies
    “It’s just a parody ,imagine if all other countries had the same reaction as Korea, probably by now Italy would be at war with Japan.”
    Westerners do not think like the Easterners. A solid fact if you bother researching on the exodus of some countries.

    -Korea appeared in the anime but was soon cut off due to the protests of the people.

    -Any country that was occupied by Japan would probably agree with Korea, so we kind of know where their coming from. The Japanese at that time were pretty cruel, sadistic and not exactly the most merciful people. And up til now, they have not owned up to their mistakes (ex. The comfort women)

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      I feel you’re right. but I don’t feel Korea was overreacting. not only did they not like the depiction of the Korea character, but they didn’t want a cartoon with such mature themes airing on a children’s channel, but fans like to cherry pick this detail out to make them seem like they were overreacting. the only way for them to truly overreact is try to get it banned worldwide or something, all they asked was for their to be no WW2 glorification and distorted Korean character but the author didn’t like that idea so he removed the character entirely and because the author was being too stingy Koreans get blamed for the whole removal of the character.

  20. You can’t group all Koreans into one group because of an outbreak in the media. In actuality, most of the protesters against Japan are usually the older generations who grew up during those times, or have their parents or grandparents.

    Why is it that the country is called retarded just because they are nationalistic about their country. The nation lost its culture, history and more from Japanese occupation- so it can be understanding when the character Korea emphasizes on ‘everything came from Korea’ sort of ideal- seeming people often characterize Korea having no original culture; but again- whose fault would that be?

    In the series, there are brief stories about the relation between Japan and China- yet non of Japan and Korea, especially during the occupation– if Japan were to serialize a show where it isn’t specific about its history with Korea, most Koreans would feel offended since Japan hasn’t apologized or admitted to most of their mistakes to other Asian countries they rampaged over. Also the fact about Korea touching the breast- it represents dokkdo island because- it is a controversial topic. The island between Japan and Korea is claimed by both– Korea having legal documents from Japan have ownership to the island, even so, Japan does not acknowledge that crucial fact and refer the island to their own– which in most case infuriate the Korean population. By having the character Korea touch Japan’s breast also symbolize that the island is Japan’s and not Korea’s- which is a very controversial topic that angers both nation.

    Also as I’ve said, the protesters are made up of older generation- the youth however does not agree too much- since its really none of their concern until someone besides the Asian culture who can sort of relate to the pain during Japanese occupation (e.x- Europe and etc) decides to point fingers on how nationalistic they are– it does cause a tension.

    I am a Korean living in the States for about 10 years, all I’m trying to do is breaking down the facts because people all jumping to conclusion. It makes me mad for one thing, if Korea is a solid country in the Hetalia Series– why is the flag of the South Korean used? But- that’s physically impossible because the country ‘Korea’s’ flag was buried away with most of its independent culture and history during the Japanese occupation- it saddens me the most when people accuse of Koreans stealing other countries culture- but what choice do they have and what made these other nations right to criticize the Koreans? It makes me sad that Korea wasn’t able to show on the Anime, and it also does make me embarrassed to know that the Korean government went so far to protest against it– also its important to know that Koreans were taught to be very nationalistic and proud of their country and culture and hope to become better. You may think Korean people have so much pride, coming from a half a country– but it is because most of the time- Koreans are mistaken for being Chinese, Japanese, or even North Korean– which makes the S. Koreans just angry and frustrated– knowing that they are a small country and that most countries forget about them– it isn’t hard to isolate themselves from the world. I can understand that the artist must have had trouble deciding which nation to grab the breasts, like Japan could have grabbed Korea’s but either way– it was Japan or Korea getting angry in the end result– it may not seem that relevant to most viewers but the two nation having fighting against each other through media on either humiliating, making smart remarks or showing the nation on what the other nation’s media shown at its country– like a korean actor saying how it you are a bad guy then you are a Japanese– vise versa as to how the Japanese created a show to bring Koreans who lived in Japan and humiliate them in public– either way it has been going on for a long period of time– And even so, most of these hatred really concentrated during the late 1900’s and early 2004-5. It isn’t like the people of the nation badmouth each other on daily basis– its just those times when the media outbreaks on drastic measures which motivates people to hate each other.

    The culture and beliefs are not the same for Westerners and Easterners- for example, China used to be a very confusious country where they believed heavily on family roles– but not anymore because of Mao where he obliterate the countries’ moral beliefs– but Koreans view that aspect of being an important aspect of the Korean culture- which is slowly changing as the country is shaping into becoming more economic.

  21. In my opinion, I am siding with the Koreans a bit. They honor their country more so than an American like me would, which I’m sad to say. America is portrayed as a ditzy, hamburger eating, loud mouth kind of guy, which is a bit upsetting. But don’t you think they give a humurous twist on nations? Himaruya Hidekaz absolutely did not mean to upset anyone by his country personifications, I’m almost one hundred perent sure of that.

    I really like Korea, and I want to study their culture. In a way, he is portrayed as a very cheerful person, who wants to be friends with everyone. Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery? America is the same way! Christmas trees and hotdogs from Germany, pasta from Italy, and so many other things we’ve borowed and used for our own country. All the countries in the world take ideas from other countries and use them.

    I’m a bit upset that some Koreans are so mad about this, but please, be reassured, Himaruya meant NO harm! I know someone wouldn’t just go and insult your country to upset you. We need to forgive and forget, and honestly, Hetalia is somewhat educational; I learned way more geography since I started watching it. I got into the final round of my geography bee! xD

    But anyways, I hope that someday Korea and Japan will make peace. Both are absolutely wonderful countries, as well as the others in the world. Although I’m still young, and can’t really relate to being insulted with a stereotypical thing such as Hetalia, I feel for you. Honor for your country is very important, and I respect Korea for that.

    Himaruya is probably very aware of what a tradegy WWI annd WWII was, but maybe to lighten tense relationships between countries he made light of these wars. To bring a bit more peace, maybe?

    I love Hetalia, and someday I hope we can all just be happy together and be friends. ❤

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      it’s hard for me to believe Himura didn’t mean to offend anyone with his personification of Korea seeing as it is the embodiment of the mindset of Japanese anti Korean racist nationalists. “EVERYTHING” about Korea in Hetalia is like that, I kid you not.

  22. I think people are missing the point that there’s a lot of tension between korea and japan right now. this is equivalent to having the german character saying that jews melt easily under the heat. would you still think it’s fine? stupid westerners.

    • Have you ever watched South park? Cartman makes a great many rude remarks about Jews…we aren’t up in arms over that. South park is still on the air.

    • screwthisseries Says:

      Stupid westerners are stupid or inferior. It’s an universal fact.

      • Skaftafell Says:

        Right… you accuse the Hetalia fangirls of racism because they like Hetalia, while you accuse all Westerners of being stupid and inferior. I believe it’s you who is being racist here.

  23. My God, I know what you mean, it’s so freaking HORRIBLE. I mean of all the people I talk to that have even heard an inkling about Hetalia in any countries, none of them have taken it personally except there. I mean sure there are probably people here and there, but on the whole, they take it with a grain of salt. They’re stereotype-based, and as such, of -COURSE- it’s gonna be a little offensive. xD But, really. I mean, you don’t see Obama and co. creating a protest to destroy it and just look how freaking embarrassing Alfred is, and I’m even an Alfredian *America, lul* m’self. *facepalm* And, besides. If anyone has a right to complain about their character, maybe it’s France or Canada. I dunno. But none of my friends there are yoinking about how unfair or unrealistic it is or how it shouldn’t exist and should be banned altogether…….

    People need to get a sense of humour. Or, if it bothers them, just not pay attention to it. It’s that simple. (I hate to say it, and I mean no offense to anyone with this, but…In a way they’re kinda turning into the USA a bit themselves, with the ‘your business is now my business kthnxbai’ attitude about Hetalia.)

    And finally,…: sunwoo, tension is no excuse to overreact to something that’s supposed to be comical when every country gets its fair share of abuse *so to speak* in it. The “equation” you gave is completely null and void in that sense. It’s kind of slapstick in a weird way. And America’s got cartoons and movies that do way more injustice to other countries than Hetalia, God knows, but I haven’t heard anything about banning them. (Although South Park and Family Guy, to be fair, are more questionable for that than most others. But they’re still going strong because people have what we like to call ‘a sense of humour.’ You can’t take everything so literally. A lot of things they say on it are offensive and somehow -STILL- funny. Even to people I’ve met who should have been offended by it.)

    Meh…I’m not very connected with places to watch the series with it being cancelled and whatnot, especially not places with subtitles or dubs*godforbid*. YouTube doesn’t keep them long enough to pirate or watch ’em. Any recommendations?

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      you’re missing the point. Korea was the one abused by Japan, it was a Japanese cartoon you can’t say oh my Italian friend isn’t offended therefore no one else should be. Korea doesn’t have stereotypes in Hetalia, he’s the embodiment of the racist mindset Japanese anti Korean nationalists have.


  25. I’m a huge, huge Hetalia fan. I absolutely love the series and it’s taught me so much. I’ve met so many amazing people through it, and I’ve learned so much about global viewpoints. So with anything I say, I don’t mean to offend anyone, since I understand both sides of the issue.

    I am an American citizen, but 100% Korean by blood. Even though I haven’t been raised in Korea, I have learned from my parents many things about the Korean mindset. I do agree that Koreans are raised with maybe a bit too much pride in their country, but I also think they have a right to defend themselves if they feel offended. I definitely think the protesters overreacted, and it’s a bit silly to bring it all the way up to the government. But I also agree that Himaruya could have handled the Korea character a lot better.

    The thing is, he could have easily chosen stereotypes that made fun of Korea, but in a much less offensive way. Koreans are really bad drunks, obsess over grades, take stacks of napkins from restaurants just because they’re FREE, take FOREVER to actually leave someone’s house, refuse to let someone else pay a restaurant bill, etc etc. There are MANY stereotypes of Korea that Himaruya could have written about that could be both funny and somewhat valid.

    The problem lies in the fact in how he decided to make fun of Korea. I really do enjoy his character, it’s fun and outgoing and much better than I expected him to be portrayed. But yet, it’s upsetting that Himaruya chose the VERY most sensitive topics to touch on, topics that are only true in the Japanese viewpoint. I don’t mind some of Korea’s comics, but the ones where he is constantly admiring Japanese culture and WEARING JAPAN’S FLAG? That’s just way too much. If you’ve actually done your research on just terrible these implications are, then maybe you wouldn’t think so badly on the Koreans. Like some people said, the Eastern viewpoint is very different from how Westerners are raised, particularly America. There is still a lot of pain associated with the occupations to this day. The Koreans had their culture completely stolen from them, and the Japanese have still not given formal apology.

    Of course I would love nothing more but for Korea and Japan to get along, to be peaceful, to stop fighting and love each other. I myself have absolutely nothing against the Japanese. But you have to understand through the eyes of the protesters. Their culture is an incredibly precious thing to them, something they have only gotten back very recently in the scheme of history as a whole. If something like, Korea wearing Japan’s flag, were to be animated and broadcasted on public television… well, that would be like spitting in the face of that culture. It might be hard to comprehend just how precious this culture is to some people like the Korean protesters, but before you accuse them for being “retarded”, please try to see things through their point of view.

    I completely understand that Himaruya meant no harm when he was drawing these comics and creating Korea’s characters. Just as Koreans are raised with their respective views, Japanese are raised with their own stereotypes of Korea, so it’s only understandable that Himaruya would use these in his webcomic. After all, I highly doubt he even meant for his comic to become so rapidly popular, for it to even be heard of outside of Japan. I have much respect for his creativity and I think some people are much too harsh on him. But as the comic picked up popularity, I think it wasn’t an intelligent decision to handle Korea’s character as he did. He could have easily avoided this whole mess if he had just fixed some things about Korea’s personality, because even if it isn’t his intention to offend his readers, he should at least retain some sense about who could read it.

    And then there is the point of how ALL countries are made fun of. This is completely true. Hetalia is a satirical comic, and everyone is made fun of on a fairly equal basis. But if you really look, Korea is treated pretty unfairly. He is given almost no redeeming features to his character.

    Though completely lazy and foolish, Italy is an amazing artist, a kind soul, and a good friend. Germany is a stickler and a control freak, but he is also very sensitive and incredibly loyal to those he cares about. Japan is reclusive and strange, but he has great logic and sense that the people around him tend to lack. Even France, who is shown as the local pervert, is portrayed as the cool-headed one in the chaos of world meetings.

    Korea is given nothing. Sure, he’s photogenic, but that’s not personality. He’s outgoing, but only in an obnoxious and brash way that only ever annoys others. He’s good with technology, but the comic portrays all of his achievements to be ripped off of Japan’s. He’s cute and funny, but hey, aren’t all the characters? Korea’s entire personality revolves around claiming Japan’s breasts, claiming Japan’s inventions, and claiming superiority over others. These are not even based off of accurate stereotypes, and they leave no room for character depth at all. Korea is less redeemed than the other Hetalia characters, so it’s no wonder that some Koreans were offended.

    In general, I do think the Korean protesters overreacted. In the end, Hetalia is just a comic series, a rather harmless one at that. They did not handle the situation very well at all. I don’t mind Korea’s character too much and personally would have love to have seen Korea in the anime, as long as the more offensive comics were avoided. But to those who think Koreans are stupid… I don’t even expect you to understand, actually. Obviously, the protesters are only one very small fraction out of a whole nation of people, so the distinction between “Korea” and “the Korean protesters” REALLY must be made. But even if the protesters reacted rashly, they have some justifications. Anyone has the right to defend their nation’s honor, especially with a matter as important to them as this. To belittle that right is completely uncalled for.

    Sorry for all the rambling! I know everyone’s pretty much past this issue by now, but reading some of the comments on here, I just had to say something. I really don’t mean to offend anyone, and I have respect for all Hetalia fans and not-fans alike. I’m honest-to-God sorry if I did offend someone. ;;;

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      Korean’s aren’t the one’s who overreacted. what happened was they asked that the WW2 glorification be removed and Korea to no longer be distorted. Himura didn’t want to change the Korean character (I think cuz he dun like Koreans seeing as Korea was based on the mindset of anti Korean Japanese racists) so he took the character out. the fans are the ones who overreacted by saying Korea banned it, when all they did was choose not to broadcast a mature show on a children’s network. but the fans said Korea overreacted and banned it, and forced Himura to remoeve it. so it’s Himura’s fault Korea was removed, seeing as he could have simply changed it to a more respectable personification, and the fan’s fault for blowing the situation out of proportion.

    • Don’t rely on webcomic for knowledge on history.

      Seriously, find and read the text books or any reliable books about history! Webcomic shouldn’t be a source of historical knowledge!!
      Webcomic is drawn by some random people, and author’s incorrect judgment or personal perception on history might be added into it. Unless the author have acquired doctorate for history, u shouldn’t just thoughtlessly believe in webcomic!

      The history textbook itself isn’t 100% correct due to the above reasons, so why should u rely on webcomic?
      So read the books and try to think the matter thoroughly, yourself.

  26. Th3Birdman Says:

    Please! Koreans over-react to the smallest of things. And the ENTIRE world knows Koreans are the world’s biggest copy-cats, so if a Japanese person wanted to satirize that, then I think that’s fine. I’m not racist, ignorant, nor Japanese. I’m actually half Black and half Korean, and my father is a Nationalist scumbag at times (he’s the Korean), and I’m really tired of the things Koreans complain about. WW2? Half the mofos that “experienced” the actual war are DEAD, and the other half are decrepid old people. If you are 40 or below, crying about WW2 is like me complaining about slavery (my black side). Also, to about 80% of the Korean “netiznes,” STOP ASSUMING WESTERNERS DON’T KNOW ABOUT KOREA’S HISTORY. Here in America, we learn almost 100% non-biased history. In high-school (any decent one anyway), we learn all about the atrocities commited by the Japanese- REMEMBER WE FOUGHT AGAINST JAPAN BECAUSE THEY BOMBED PEARL HARBOR. Korea is the country where half the information is FORGED or the people are just ignorant of MEANINGFUL issues. I mean when I went there, people swore to God that I was from Africa, and my Scottish friend was from America… Now I will agree the title of this…er…what is it….post(?) is misleading and worthy of a flame/troll stamp, but I honestly agree with his/her opinion. Koreans find the most INSIGNIFICANT things to protest about…and boy do they protest. Korea has the most protests of any country and the most ridiculous ways of doing it- pulling a pig apart because you’re mad is a crime and the degenerate scum should have went to jail for that.

    • Yes, i agree that slavery in america was more than comprehendable but the wars between Korea and Japan is terrible too. So if you want to talk about slavery we should open a blog. But as though it seem to you that this topic is trivial to you, it doesnt correct the fact that Korea was invaded by Japan. Raped of their culture, claiming Korean ideas, and torturing, & caging koreans like animals. No one should experience this type of humility Koreans, African-Americans, Jews. No ONE. But the fact of the matter is an anime artist is laughing and making fun of this. And to make a person wear a flag of another country and give no credit of our culture is proposterous. Especially when its Japan’s fault for robbing us of everything. Even our best people were robbed. My grandfather was sent to Japan because of this intelenence. So saying that Japan took the best of our kind and claimed it for their own. And if ww2 hadn’t happened i bet that korea and japan would be about equal in its economy and reputation.
      focusing back on the topic. It is not a “small thing” to protest about. Because no nation should be humiliated in such a way and especially when Japan didn’t apologize and instead laughing at our faces. Yes i agree its going a bit overboard but dont belittle korea when you dont have your facts straight and dont understand. Because to me it seems that your a complete outsider.

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      no hetalia fans are the one’s complaining and blowing the situation out of proportion. Korea asked that the WW2 glorification be removed and the distorted Korean character be changed to a respectable character but Himura hating Koreans to begin with decided to just remove the character entirely cuz he didn’t want to portray them in a postive light and knew he wasn’t doing so to begin with. the fans went crazy, didn’t want to blame Himura cause he makes their beloved manga so they cherry picked important details from the situation and blamed Korea for the removal, so the fans were blowing it out of proportion. Himura is on his own responsible for the removal of the character. fans are responsible for overreacting. and your post sounds extremely racist. Koreans complain about every little thing? last time I checked rape and murder isn’t little and if you think it is you’re a disturbing person. and also people who were victims of Japan during WW2 are still alive. it happened 50 years ago. while slavery was MUCH longer than that and NO ONE person is alive that experienced slavery. you say you’re part black but you racist post makes me ashamed to be part black myself, thank you so much for that.

      • StopTheFools Says:

        Korea’s character was based off of a Korean friend of the author. Where was WW2 glorified? It was laughed at as rediculous if anything.

    • ainerain Says:

      you are an insensitive man. Sure, Koreans copy certain Japanese customs. Its probably a HABIT because for a long amount of time the Japanese instilled their customs and teachings to the korean culture, taking away their individuality as a nation.

      “Half the mofos that experenced” the actual war are DEAD, and the other half are decrepid old people. If you are 40 or below, crying about WW2 is liek me complaining about slavery”
      and of course, we should TOTALLY GLORIFY World War II. In the meantime, let’s start another holocaust and rape a bunch of Jews!! You are so ignorant, you don’t even realize that the fact that people talk about bad acts of history often is so that it isn’t committed again. As Elie Wiesel says in Night, the point of people talking about the Holocaust is so that such a terrible incident does NOT occur anymore.

      Its kind of hard to NOT assume when you guys say such insensitive and ignorant comments without realizing that koreans are still INCREDIBLY sensitive about their history.

      “Here in America, we learn almost 100% non-biased history”
      BULLSHIT. I go to high school in America, I am in APUSH, and I can tell you RIGHT NOW how biased and completely spun-off history is. History textbooks are almost ALWAYS subjective. You read an AMERICAN history book about the American Revolution, the textbook will make the Americans seem like disrespected and undermined pitiful people. If you read an ENGLISH book about the American Revolution, the brits will obviously make it seem like the US was in fault. History is almost always subjective.

      “Koreans find the most INSIGNIFICANT things to protest about”
      It’s obvious that the Koreans are one of the most nationalistic people in the world today. As a friend to many Koreans, I know for a fact that they can get offended VERY easily, especially when someone insults their country. They’re not complaining about INSIGNIFICANT THINGS, they are complaining about how they are portrayed. Screw this, screw your mother, screw that CLOUD, and screw. you.
      …and your sister.
      …and whatever pets you may own at the moment.

    • Korean-American Says:

      Korea were not copycats until the JAPANESE OCCUPATION, which was 106-66 years ago. Before the Japanese occupation, Korea did not accept ANYTHING from the Western Civilization. And I don’t think that having your home country insulted and sent to the world like that would the best thing that has ever happened to you.

    • Korean-American Says:

      Okay. You say Koreans are copycats?
      That is WRONG.
      Did YOU know that Korea invented the first metal block prints? Korea has its own history, and mocking it is a wrong thing to do. Korea had their religions, their own culture, their history, clothes, and food. Koreans even have their own made-up RELIGION. Koreans also believe in Buddism, but that’s a different story.

  27. I’ve never seen Hetalia, but I’m Korean and from what I’ve read in this long post, I think the Koreans that got offended have a good reason to be. Although people keep saying “It’s just a cartoon, stop freaking out”, if you look at how much of America and other countries are affected by Naruto, Bleach, and some other popular anime, (in my opinion) Hetalia may lead some part of the world to make improper generalization of the Korea (and other countries mocked such as Italy).
    Although I don’t believe this matter should’ve been carried to the government (because honestly, they have better things to fuss about), I do believe that something should’ve been done, looking at all the allegories referring to Dokdo and Korea ‘copying’ Japan.
    Plus, the title of this article is extremely disturbing, I don’t see why you would have to mock the entire korean race due to a small population. Us fussing over an anime that mocks our heritage is not retarded. Think before you create insulting titles.

  28. i'm thinking... Says:

    inferiority complex.
    explains everything.

    don’t even get me started on the winter olympics and the “rough play” (aka cheating) on korea’s part. and still, so many koreans insult the gold china won due to that korean athlete’s bad sportsmanship (and resulting disqualification).

    they say china didn’t deserve it.
    i’m sorry, but playing fair deserves a gold any day.

    there’s such thing as being proud
    and being a douche.

    not saying that ALL koreans have this bad attitude. but enough of them do.

    • There is nothing on your mind... Says:

      Hey Dont BRING SPORTS INTO THIS TOPIC. Because you know what! we didn’t cheat it was accusation. IT was the Chinese who cheated! And you know what if your chinese look what you did to your own countries generations by putting melamine into your baby formula. What kinda cheat is that?!?! Just for money you would cause suffering for infants and not only that perticular incident but many more such as lead in alot of China’s products and melamine in chocolate and other products. China in it’s culture from a certain dynesty would go as low as selling out their own family members. Well at least we stick together, worry about our community health, and have pride in our country. Indeed it is a whole lot bigger than ours but look quality is better than quantity. Look at your country now! Most of it’s people are in poverty and you are causing an inconvience in the atmoshpere physically with your pollution!

    • There is nothing on your mind... Says:

      And yeah i might have a bad attitude right now, that’s because narrow-minded people like you. Speak without considering. And yes your irritated. And i normally am not like this but i just did exactly what you did. Sorry to those out there but this person needs to learn a lesson.

      • aren't we all? Says:

        Don’t you think your post is a bit narrow-minded too? Are you saying that all Chinese people WANT to poison babies? Are you saying that Korea’s history has no violence? Are you saying that NO OTHER COUNTRY has had violence in their history? Are you saying that Chinese people choose to live in a country which struggles with democracy and a corrupt government? First of all, if everyone cares so much about the well being of the general population, then why are products always produced in china? Because it’s cheap. Because the country is in a corrupt situation and everyone thinks it’s okay to abuse that and then criticize the underdog country. Have you considered that each and every person working in those factories are living pay check to pay check and that perhaps they turn a blind eye because they need to survive? Do you realize how hard it is to speak out in a country like that? Why don’t we talk about the government instead of the people. And honestly, people shouldn’t be complaining if they don’t actually give a crap about the country. You know, the earthquake in china didn’t get half the amount of publicity as the disaster in Haiti. It’s great that everyone is pouring so much effort into rebuilding Haiti, but it kinda make you wonder what happened to all those people in china too…(and other disasters we never hear about)

        And yes, my post does sound very narrow-minded, so I’ll give you some perspective:
        All of my Korean friends were talking about how stupid and weak Chinese people are, they’re teasing us about how they were getting more golds than us, they were laughing at our performances, accusing us of buying out the judges and telling us we didn’t deserve our medals.
        Are you telling me that’s okay? ^ Can you honestly tell me you can’t see why I’m so frustrated. These people are my FRIENDS. I was so shocked and frankly really insulted. I mean, it’s such a sin if I say something bad about Korea but it’s absolutely okay for them to keep picking at China. And consider this too: majority of the Korean kids @ my school only hang out with other Korean kids. They alienate themselves from people who don’t speak Korean and they refuse to date anyone outside their race. They put up this really cold front that kinda makes them seem “exclusive.” Eeeer 21st century beliefs say that you shouldn’t pick your friends according to their race. Pride can sometimes be okay, but when you classify yourselves as superior to other Asians so forcefully, that’s just racism.

      • GaGaalinG Says:

        wow you’re so narrow minded you know NOTHING about Korea accept what Japanese racists tell you. you know what that means right? you’re a narrow minded racist hypocrite.

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      Superiority complex explains everything. that’s why Korea was portrayed in such a racist way. you sound so freaking racist with your post, using the inferiority complex lie. learn about true Korean history not the crap you see in Hetalia. you don’t even know that it’s Himura’s fault Korea was taken out of the anime, and the fans fault the situation was blown out of proportion.

    • ainerain Says:

      Oh sure, like the chinese girl who inched INCREDIBLY TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT to the korean girl is a complete victim. Two sides to a fight, people. JUST saying.

  29. This article may be a bit overexagerated(spelled wrong I know) but the anime is just for fun. Ok I may admit making fun of dead people is no fun and yet we have forgotten about most of these historical things, since all that will change us now is future and present.
    =P I personally think that Helatia is ok and if someone have a problem go and make your own version =P

  30. Geez louise, so much drama! :S

    Koreans, chill out. You’re not the only country that is shown in a distorted way. I lived in Italy for four years and, frankly, I’m amazed that italian manga lovers still love Hetalia albeit the image that the author has given of their country (hell, even just the title! “Useless Italy”). I’ve read the manga and I’m watching the anime and as much as Korea may be an odd character, he is not alone; or do you think it’s normal for french people to go around practically planning to rape people, for example?

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      it’s the only country portrayed with racist depictions rather than stereotypes. I think fans like you need to chill out. it’s non of your business what they let into their country, Himura is the one who decided to take Korea out of hetalia cuz he didn’t want to portray them in a more respectable light.

  31. well~, i’m not really a particular fan of this anime…..but i mean censoring it is going too far; I mean I’ve seen and heard about the graphical musuems that they set-up to show like elementary-aged school kids what was done to them during WW2…that’s just too much==..i seriously, elementary kids! geez~, so why can’t japan show something IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY that’s korean related? Besides, it’s just a gag, and it’s not limited to korea; japan even makes fun of themselves. IMO, this actually makes the countries more likable, if you just sit back and relax.

    And from what I found after reading this, and looking around somemore, they apparently recieved a blackmail from some korean that if they didn’t stop broadcasting this, they were going to someone…., i mean I know most koreans aren’t like that (hopefully, but from what i’ve seen in the kpop fandom…t-they can be REALLY extreme sometimes).

    I guess korea, has reason to be insulted, but protesting, and blackmailing is going too far….

    • screwthisseries Says:

      Koreans insulting, blackmailing, and threatening the creator is a good thing when a crappy anime or manga series like Hetalia produces horribly and low-quality over-zealous cosplaying materials.

      The Koreans didn’t do anything wrong. They did the most appropriate thing to save the honorable art of cosplaying.

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      actually the fans blew it out of proportion. Korea just asked that they be shown as a more respectable character. Himura didn’t want Korea to be seen as respectable so he simply removed him. it was Himura’s choice to remove him. then fans go and cherry pick important details and spread lies about Korea.

  32. I really wish they didnt ban korea from the anime,They could’ve just tooken out the real offencive parts like korea groping Japan and came up with diffrent jokes but I guess its too late….

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      that was Himura’s choice. he didn’t want to take those parts out cause he didn’t want Korea to be seen in a respected light. so he just removed him and fans blamed Koreans.

  33. I really wanted to see Korea in the anime too 😦

    It’s a disappointment that this kind of project can’t be seen in its real point of view. Nobody is glorifying war or reducing the importance of some countries. It’s a funny and smart way to show the cultural relationship between countries.

    Anyway XD I’m spanish and Hey! Come on, it’s not like we don’t work here!! It’s just we give too much valor to our free time LOL!! Can’t stop laughing any time I see Spain, really!

  34. Laura Says:

    Hetalia is a very interesting parody, indeed.

    While I personally think Korea’s response is an overreaction (I’m American, and my lineage comes from England. I’m used to being made fun of ALL THE TIME), I can certainly understand the concern about a kid’s channel showing an animated series with some shounen-ai overtones to it.

    I can also even understand that these are yet fresh wounds in the minds of many Koreans. While the war was for most of us a long time ago, there are many Korean children today who have a relative who suffered greatly because of the Japanese. Slavery was even further back in history for us Americans and we still suffer the weight of that blight in our history. These things don’t just go away. While it might seem unfair that the current generation has to have its face rubbed in these mistakes the previous generations made for us, we have to remain sensitive to the narratives they lend to our modern experience.

    This is a very sticky subject, because there are many sides to consider, and there IS NO RIGHT ANSWER. Not all Koreans are pissed about this anime, and not all Japanese are even aware of its existence or would even condone its satirical depiction of even its own nation (Japan’s “sakoku” period was depicted as Japan being a shut-in/hikkikomori, and Japan is often a fish out of water when dealing with the Western nations, obviously at a disadvantage to doing things their way).

    It should also be considered that this series is actually not very well executed. I’m far more in love with the IDEA of it than I am with the actual anime/manga. As one of the commenters from Austrailia posted, Australia helped the US in WW2 quite a bit, and we really would not have won the war had it not been for them, yet they don’t even appear in the series. So it’s not even historically accurate. (England is heartbroken America declared independence, when anyone who knows their history knows that England was not exactly the loving caretaker Hetalia shows him as being).

    I think the fans more than make up for this sub-par quality, though. The fan art is fantastic, and many artists try to even show historical depictions.

    This series is special, in that its subject matter reaches deeper into its audience than most anime/manga series do. After all, it deals with peoples’ nationalities and the histories that have contributed to their lives today. It deals with national pride. I thought I would hate America as a character, because it is somewhat difficult to be confronted with how someone from another country characterizes your entire nation. America, the hamburger/junk-food loving, self-absorbed, inexperienced idiot who has way too much power for the world’s own good. The self-declared world hero. This depiction is admittedly not far from the truth. Yet….. strangely, I find he’s one of my favorite, because he’s so funny (and handsome, that helps soften the blow)! And it is also true that many Americans are aware of our ills and we make fun of ourselves all the time (if you have never seen, “Team America: World Police,” you need to, because that’s exactly what it is: us making fun of ourselves).

    So, I recommend paying less attention to the real series and more attention to the fan work. I would LOVE to see some Korean-made fan work! I really enjoy Korea’s character (and I know good and well that Korea is not a Japan-wannabe as some elements of the series hints at).

    • I honestly agree with you here. It isn’t the actual show that I find myself liking, but the actual idea of parodying history in a comedic manner. I also don’t see this show as child friendly either.

      That said, I find the situation ironic. In other discussions I’ve seen about this topic, one of the complaints levied against Hetalia and Japan is the fact that Japan is stealing Korea’s culture and copying Korea, not the other way around.

      I’m honestly not sure which side is correct, or if they are both correct on some aspects of the cultures but not others. I personally can’t expect Japan to use the view point that the Koreans think is politically correct because to them, their view point is politically correct.

      I personally think, if this had been made in Korea, instead of Japan, we would have seen Japan copying Korea. Maybe not some of the other things, but definitely this stereotype.

  35. Mu-ji Says:

    I’m korean and I totally understand we have no right to stop broadcasting Hetalia. From my point-of-view, Hetalia is a just silly, storyless but well-caracther-concepted and humourous. I found several things which abased my nation but it was understandable. Since one of most dominant political party in korea constantly flatter Japan, the korean characterisation in Hetalia is somewhat relfective to the actual korean society. e.g. korean character holding a national flag of Japan.

    In my opinion, Hetalia is a fine anime since it gives a laugh to many people. However, I, myself, refuse to watch Hetalia. It’s not because Korean society has been strictly forbid(not legally but volutarily) Hetalia and grew a trend of anti-Hetalianism. It’s not becuase I felf offended by the aburdness of Korean character in Hetalia.

    It was because I couldn’t find any humour from Hetalia-style jokes, beatifying and glorifying the war. I took history class and one of the main topis that I had to write an more than 1000 wods essay was ‘World War2’.
    I read many sources such as photos, newspapers, essays, megazine articles or Wikipedia. They were all talking about how the war brought the destructive consequences to everyone and resulted in high casulty.

    Honestly, I don’t care how Hetalia tried to glorify or make fun of the war. Perhaps it has no such purpose at all. However, I can not stop thinking about Hetalia is slightly propagandic; you don’t know how our next generation would be effected by watching Hetalia.

    Koreans were thoughtless when they protested to stop broadcasting Hetalia. It was not our right to stop everyone to watch Hetalia. It was their choice whether to be fan of Hetalia or anti-Hetlianist like Koreans.

    However, I was also disaapointed not only with Koreans but also others.
    Many Hetalia fans were just aggressive as koreans at the time. I was so pissed when they said “Forget about the history!” Ha. How dare they could say about the sensitive national topic like that? If you want koreans to be more thoughtful when they take action, why don’t you just to be careful with your rash remarks? To be honest, their headless remarks are more insults that of Hetalia.

    I still think Hetalia shoud have been more careful and cautious when dealing with such sensitive topic as war. I have no right to say “stop watching Hetalia cuz its useless!”, but at least, I can say “Be think. You are humans before being an Otaku.”

    It’s up to you; to keep watching and Hetalia or not.

    Oh, before I finish my words,
    “How the hell this show insults Korea if they don’t even appear on it. ”
    -The korean chracter was initially appeared but soon deleted by the claims of many koreans. You can still see korean ch in manga.

    • I don’t think it was right for people to say, “forget about the history” either. My personal problem comes from the fact that I don’t believe in holding the younger generation responsible for the mistakes of the older generation. That honestly isn’t how you learn from history and is how you make things worse. For example, WWI held Germany’s future generations responsible for the atrocities of that war, which is one of the key factors for WWII starting. Grudges and revenge due no one good.

  36. to me hetalia revolves around the fanbase and what the fans really evoke in the certain characters, if they wanted to make a more elegant and respectable korean characte, FINE, make their own comic. Its just one guys interpretation that is being criticised……

    a final point. every character on hetalia has good and bad qualitites. Some are made to be more goofy than others , some sadistic ( im sad at how russia is portrayed that way, it hurts to be considered a sort of antagonist,…even if your country has had a troubled past), but ALL OF THEM ARE LOVABLE, its funny and cute and the world needs to know how to look bravely into the future instead of spreading more hate, but i guess humans cant do that….

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      but Korea was the only one to be portrayed with racist perspectives rather than stereotypes.

      • incipit Says:

        that’s not so true.
        i really wondered why Lituanians are not upset to Hetalia.

  37. That one kid Says:

    I’d like to let you know that Korea has stopped Hetalia Axis Powers. HOWEVER, after the creator of hetalia has recieved funding from funimation, they have decided to make Hetalia World series. Because of this, they have rights, they just can’t host south Korea anymore in the show. And Korea can’t take it down because it’s a “new” show.

    Thus, hetalia is still ongoing.

  38. Everyones saying that Koreans are always overreacting and friggin copycats but seriously, WHAY DO YOU WESTNERS KNOW ABOUT THE KOREAN AND JAPAN HISTORY?!??
    Korea has been always beaten by China or Japan through the history
    mainly due to thier geographic demerits.
    and even in nowdays Japan and China is distorting the history, and all the other countries in the world, ‘ve been educated by ‘THEIR HISTORY’, just because they were more powerful and Korea couldnt do anything about it!!

    Someone said that
    in america they are educated by absolutely unbiased history…!!
    OMG!! Thats the information Japanese government gave to America years ago!! Everything in the texts are not true.
    and we all know that history has been always written by victors!!
    dont we?!

    and you westners might say that its just friggin manga, but
    in korea or japan
    mangas are in their life deeply, and they’ve got almost same power
    as cartoons in the newspapers

    if it was just amateur webtoon, people would have been stopped
    after they had make it issue on news and stuff. but
    if it were to made into anime, mangabook, videogame and everything!

    IT’S JUST NOT RIGHT!!! Cant you see people?!

    you think its just comedy but hetalia is idealizing the defeated country in WW2 and y know Japan was the defeated country in WW2
    children might get the history wrong as hetalia potraits the defeated countries all happy and attractive.

    its absolutely not educational!!!

    and calling China “brother” doesnt mean same the word ‘brother’in English
    it’s not that friendly word.

    the word makes Koreans are lower class than China

    even if Korea and China has been really close through history

    why dont japan call china ‘old bro’ then?!
    theyve been developed from same civilization

    and the f**king author is just making Japan all attractive, cute , charming
    and everything

    China and Japan have been manipulating the history and even thou USA government knew it they are not doing anything coz they dont want to help weaker country!! and the truth is not still reaching to western world

    I dont really care how the world goes
    and I hate every human being
    but I think that you westners shouldnt insult a whole country
    because of just random FRIGGIN MANGA you wanna watch on TV,
    but libel and insulting matter to all Korean people.

    You say its just a friggin manga , but to Korean, it doesnt mean same!
    so why dont you just quit blabbering if its just a friggin manga TO YOU

    I just hate people whos so immature and blabber things they dont even really know well

    Hate you

    • soulstrider Says:

      Lol I abandoned this site years ago but I just had to answer to this last comment.
      1st- I am not American I am european
      2nd- I never insulted Korea has a country I putted a disclaimer explaining I meant only those crazy bastards who were demanding the show cancelation like it was some crime against humanity.
      3rd- The China brother stuff it’s probably just to make the fangirls go crazy and not trying to be historicly acurate
      4th-“mangas are in their life deeply, and they’ve got almost same power
      as cartoons in the newspapers” Same power has cartoons in newspapers? I lol’d I don’t know about Korea but here cartoons in newspapers are cartoons, they don’t have any power
      5th- “OMG!! Thats the information Japanese government gave to America years ago!! Everything in the texts are not true.
      and we all know that history has been always written by victors!!”

      Japan victorious in WW2? You are contracting yourself

      6th-“and the f**king author is just making Japan all attractive, cute , charming
      and everything”
      “….you think its just comedy but hetalia is idealizing the defeated country in WW2 and y know Japan was the defeated country in WW2
      children might get the history wrong as hetalia potraits the defeated countries all happy and attractive.”
      Making Japan cute and happy and also every other single nation of the world from Cuba to Sealand to USA, Korea included, if you are going to bash the manga at least read it first.

      If you hate the show don’t watch it, I don’t even watch it anyome but let those who want see it. Just read Mu-ji post, she is Korean and that’s a post I can agree it.

      • screwthisseries Says:

        Don’t insult Korean people, you miserable retard (soulstrider). The Korean government did a good thing of banning a horrible anime. Be thankful about maintaining quality control in the anime fandoms.

        Thank you Koreans! 🙂

  39. just a person passing by Says:

    ok first of all the history is very sensitive.
    im a korean immigrant to usa. earlier, i saw a comment that says koreans only hang around koreans. Well, if you couldn’t speak english(ex. in ELD 1,2), of course you are gonna hang around with koreans. i have been living in SD for 5 years so im a some-what-fobbish korean.

    Japan makoing fun of Korea is just like an american calling a mexican b***er which im not proud to say. if somebody had made a gayish (come on you know that it is half BL) cartoon that had an american start calling people with the b word, then that comic will be cancelled out immediately. also that person will face lawsuits

    ALso to people that say koreans should forget history, then you should seriously think about visiting mental hospital. yes it is true that japan had made “some” apologies, but the issue of entertaining women has not been even seriously mentioned by japanese government as far as i know.

    my point of view to japanese is not offensive at all. i like bleach and onepiece starting from elementary school in Korea. However, to make a comic that insults all nations and show it to KIDS (do you believe this? its like showing south park and adult swim cartoons to kids) is just straight up wrong.

    i personally like black comedy but to the extent where it does not insult any nations.

  40. just a person passing by Says:

    oh also pleas change the title because it is really insulting. its like having a title that says all mexicans are b word

    sorry to all people with hispanic heritage who have been offended by my comment. as far as you are insulting me for this, im ok with it because i deserve it

    • screwthisseries Says:

      T’is ok. Being a English-speaking Hispanic in America is not a good thing since this country still treats us very badly.

  41. A random girl Says:

    I DO think that Koreans kind of have the right to be angry, but not that far to CANCEL the entire show, DVDs and Manga series!:/ I do wish that Korea was in the anime, but hey if they are that angry I guess they have the right….D:

    I know Korea and Japan never had the best relationship, but hey, old wounds can be forgiven right?:D

    I mean, if we all still held grudges, Japan and the majority of Asia would hate each other….:/

    I’m Thai, and our people hate both the Japanese and Koreans, but I don’t hate either of them nor Hetalia!^^ In fact, I love the show/manga, and think that it’s very funny!:3 I even showed my Dad about the Thailand in Hetalia, and he laughed saying most of it was true! We love Pad Thai, elephants, are fun-loving and sometimes boys are mistaken for girls!XD

    I do kinda think that the Korea character was showing the BAD side, but maybe if there was time to expand the character, they would’ve shown the good sides and the good/funny stereotypes like how they obsess over grades and how they refuse for anyone else to pay for dinner only themselves!XD

    I would actually feel bad if my country wasn’t in Hetalia….XD

    Hope peace can be for all!:3

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      they cancelled it cuz it’s too mature to be on a kids network, can you imagine Stroker and Hoop on Nickelodeon? that would never happen.

    • KoreanoWaltz Says:

      Just being curious, and it isn’t about Hetalia, but why do Thai people hate Korean (and Japanese) people? I’m Korean myself, and as a somewhat stereotypical Korean, I’ll be glad to find the faults in my government if they distorted any sort of history with Thailand and insult them for it, because up till now, I haven’t heard of a single relationship between Korea and Thailand.
      Besides, it gives me more gossip to eat up some time during Social Studies ^^
      Or if it’s something to do with competition, all the more gossip~!

  42. screwthisseries Says:

    Sorry but Hetalia is a crappy anime anyways. Would people really want to respect history with homosexual undertones? Common sense, people.

    Stop watching Hetalia. The Hetalia cosplay skits across many anime conventions are now more annoying than Naruto’s.

    • Do you really have a problem with Hetalia? 🙂

      Because to me that comment is out of place, you’re just saying you have a problem with homosexuality and you don’t like cosplay skits

      • screwthisseries Says:

        I’m just your typical Hispanic-American. I passionately hate homosexuality and yaoi. But yeah, too much Hetalia cosplay isn’t fun at all.

  43. itsgettingkindaheavyhere Says:

    Peaceful resolve to Korea: Change all the wrong things Korea did, and he’s back in the show without humiliating your country.
    Peaceful resolve for Japan: The author doesn’t mean any harm, but should know his limit (Korea wearing Japan’s flag…that is just…cruel.)
    ~half Korean, half Japanese, half POV~
    Hetalia is supposed to be a GAG comedy, a PARODY, for the last time out of…1-2-3-oh, 20 times!!! Starting with HETALIA (hetare meaning ‘lazy/useless”, italia meaning Italy) oh.my.gosh. If Italy went as far as Korea, they would be at war with Japan…WAR. I also know how Koreans have a deep sense of nationalism, but for goodness sake it’s JUST.A.CARTOON. It was made to purposely point out amusing things about other nations to ENTERTAIN people. If you so much time to waste criticizing Japanese TV shows, I suggest you do something better with the surplus time on your hands -_-;;

    • ifuckinghateamerica Says:

      I don’t know why every Hetalia fan say “it’s just a cartoon”.

      What the f**k is this? Hetalia is a doomsday cult of homosexuality?

      People criticize Hetalia with good reasons as above. Seriously, after Hetalia is aired on TV, many anime shows are gone downhill. Coincidence? I think not. Too much of a coincidence.

      • itsgettingkindaheavyhere Says:

        1. are you really mad enough to go around saying f**k here?
        2. tell me some of those good reasons yourself, then.
        3. i haven’t even watched the show, as much of an anime lover i am.
        4. i’m not a hetalia fan, either.

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      Korea wasn’t overreacting. they simply chose not to air the show on a children’s network. however they simply asked that Korean character be shown in a respectable light, Himura didn’t want to show them in a respectable light, prolly cuz he likes degrading Korean’s so he decided to simply take Korea out entirely. then the fans cherry picked details and made it seem like Koreans were the ones overreacting when it was the fans blowing things out of proportion. originally Koreans liked the manga and the small things poking fun at them. like Korean dramas, but soon Himura took it was out of hand. if he didn’t mean any harm he would have just rewritten Korea’s character.

  44. Hetalia sucks anyway
    I don’t catch up with this show so I don’t know if it reached America anyway. However I hope it stays away so the anime fangirls don’t rape everything.

  45. loneold Says:

    God damn what can I say to ya.
    Yeah, I’m f*cking Korean and I hate this f*cking anime or something.
    Have you studied about Korean history? yup, maybe you are… your distorted history acting like wise ass.

    YEAH, I’m MAD enough so I used BAD words. Sorry about that.
    God damn don’t reply to me. I won’t be here again.

  46. AnnoyedChick Says:

    Oh for the love of god, why are so many people makign a hissy fit over such a trivial matter.
    It’s a cartoon! An anime! A web-comic! All the characters in it (with the Acception of people like Frederick II of Prussia(“old fritz”) and the nations’ leaders) are fictional.
    Yes, admittedly Korea’s character is in many ways insulting, but what kind of parody would it be if Korea was glorified and all the other characters had more flaws then anything else?
    The Korean protesters had every right to be offended, but a nation’s goverment should never be involved with something of fiction.
    Hetalia is not glorifying the world wars, it’s not historically inaccurate, it’s not anything related to that.
    It’s puting history, no matter how bloody or terrible the event was, into a more humorous and lighter perspective, but in a way that it doesn’t necessarily outright insult it. No matter how accurate it would be, I think we can all agree that we don’t want to see a episode/comic where Ludwig/Germany tortures Feliks/Poland and jews, so why are you guys complaining that Hidekaz Himaruya didn’t touch on what Japan did to Korea during WW2? If it was so bad that Koreans hate every damn thing about Japan, I think it would be better if we just used are imagination.
    Even if what Japan did to Koreawas inhuman, evil, and any other word to describe it, the wounds and such will never heal if Koreans countinue to hold a grudge over it.

    Okay, now onto the comments the Anti-Hetalia trolls spat out on here.
    To start off, no matter how much you want Hetalia to be whiped off the face of the earth, don’t mention it here. This is about your opinion on APH being kicked off the air because of Korean protesters, not on how much APH sucks.=.=;
    Now onto a few comments I saw from “screwthisseries”. It’s one thing to hate the series, it’s another thing to hate it because of things common in the fanbase.
    I have to clue what religion your of, but i’m going to guess your the bigest faithful Catholic I have ever seen. Hating someone or something simply because they perfer romance with the same gender is just not fair, And it’s even more unfair when it’s something that isn’t fully true. All the yaoi is fanon, only one of the characters of the entire show is gay, and that’s only because of the “gay pride” thing going on in their country.
    As for the cosplay, that’s an even stupider reason to hate something! Cosplay, no matter how many people dress-up as the same character, no matter how annoying, is 100% fanon. Cosplay is in no way, connected to the actual series. It’s just fans dressing up.

    • KoreanoWaltz Says:

      Glorifying, right. We didn’t ask to be glorified, we wanted the character that portrayed us, which was made up purely of biased racism, to be corrected so it’ll actually fit in with the other characters, or if they wouldn’t do that, then delete the character or just stop the series.
      And I believe the argument above would give you enough reasons as to why we were so pissed even if it is a form of entertainment. In this day and age, even such a thing as an anime could become a representation of a particular group of nation.

  47. It’s like this. A’s a rich guy. B not so much. A went into B’s house long ago and raped B’s wife. A also tied B down and did everything he wanted with B’s house. It was so long ago now both of them are about to die. A is telling his kid that B could not handle his household so he wanted A to mentor B and the whole situation was under agreement. B and his wife can never forget A until A apologizes (he gave B an e-card saying I’m sorry several times) sincerely and teaches his kid correctly.
    Now A’s son wrote a novel about A and B. Nothing serious. Just funny story about B’s wife being a perv touching A’s wife’s boobs. B’s son is now mad and places a lawsuit against the novel.

    This is just a cartoon. But the fact that this cartoon makes fans of other countries say B’s overreacting is enough even if it’s just few.

    It’s between those two countries and look what this cartoon’s have done! You’re talking about the shrine issue like that. You don’t even know current history between Korea and Japan! He(Koizumi) does have right to honor whoever he wants to. But he should’ve done it after solving the issue between two countries by educating with correct history and apologizing and compensating those who suffered from it.

  48. And btw, the original cartoon did have Korean harassing Japanese by touching his (Japan) boobs…

  49. hi, i’m korean, and there are some things you, the blogger, had to keep in mind from korea’s point of view. and your title is really, really offensive. and you used the word ‘retarded’….which is just derogatory.

    take this as an individual’s point of view.

    there are lots of sensitive subjects between korea and japan, and when i first saw the comic, i picked it up in hopes that there will be clarifications and a tension-less harmony between the fictional korean character and the fictional japan character. i had a good view on japanese cartoonists, and hoped this one would sort of pacify.

    but no. it was the same as reality. no apologies, no clarifications. and in some sense, it was worse.

    i’d like to say that i was really disappointed by this. but nothing else; i’m not going to go start an anti-APH riot, nor am I going to blackmail the author. it was just an immature way to represent japan’s shameful part of the history on the author’s part.

    i am just worried that if this is what japanese kids read and learn about korea – along with the distorted history lessons they get in school – they will end up looking down at us as some hot-headed, loud-mouthed group.

    i hope that some japanese officials do come to their senses and formally apologize ( not on the manga level ) on the misrepresentation not just to korea, but to other countries they harmed in the war.

    so the next time you post something like this, please keep in mind that there are two sides to a story, and sometimes you might just never understand one side.

    p.s. your reckless audacity to keep this post on your blog, despite all the continued downpour of angered koreans/other trollers commenting on your site after a year and half you post this, is purely commendable.

  50. Okay. I’ve never been on this site, and I doubt I ever will be again. First thing I’d like to state is; I’m not a “westerner” and I’m not going to state my ethnicity; or some people might just start flaming at it out of their anger.

    Yes, Korea’s character is offending.

    Yes Koreans have a right to be offended.

    However, NO ONE has the right to ruin an anime for the people who enjoy it, which closing the anime down will do.

    The thing is; All hetalia characters are fictional. They are solely for comedy purposes and MOST OF THEM ARE OFFENDING.

    There is a gay in hetalia. You don’t see his country try to close down the anime though.

    I’m NOT asking for everyone to forget about the hurt inflicted on Korea by Japan in history.

    But the thing is…there is an answer to this!

    FORGET THIS ANIME EVER EXISTED, get on your with your life and let the people who actually like it watch it. The world does not revolve about this anime.

    Kay thanks, have a good day.

  51. It’s more like…
    It’s too soon.. too soon. It’s almost like Nazi’s making fun of jews already or something. Not enough time has passed and there’s alot of anomosity between the two countries. It doesn’t really matter if its a cartoon or fiction whatever. If it was any other country I think Korea would’ve been a bit offended but passed by it, but coming from Japan people got SUPER SUPER offended.

  52. Justyourfriendlypasserby Says:

    As soon as I saw the title, I stopped reading.
    This is why I left the fandom.

  53. okay seriously wtf dude?
    i love hetalia and i am fucking depressed that korea isn’t in it but seriously you CANNOT say “oh i don’t mean to offend anyone” and still call them retarded. like how is that NOT offensive in ANY way? huh?
    fucking racist dumbass, get over yourself. seriously im like mad at myself for looking at this dumb site and giving you one fucking more view but your stupidity was just too fucking unreal.
    you should learn that when someone says “no offence” they are usually offended AND why the HELL did you have to make it so obvious you where offending them. racist bastard.

  54. I’m curious….

    If germany made a cartoon that making jewish look like a bastard,
    and saying “it’s just a comic, dude. no offence 🙂 just enjoy it!”…………..

    What do you think of this?? 🙂

    • Your statement is not well thought out, is it?

      1.) While the Nazis during WWII were German, not all the Germans during that time frame were Nazi. Actually, some were Jewish.

      2.) Nazism is not exclusive to Germany. There are American Neo Nazis who believe that America should be a completely white country.

      3.) Germany is unlikely to publish anything anti-Jewish due to the fact that is a part of their history they would rather forget, to the point some pretend the holocaust never happened.

      4.) Nazism propaganda does in fact get squashed because it is indeed raciest against a particular race, or in this case, raciest for only one race.

      5.) If Germany were to make a cartoon that poked fun of Israel, they would also be poking fun of Jordon and other such countries and ridicule the idea that war is going on and I highly doubt people would protest. That would be because it is SATIRE.

  55. Okay, I am Korean so when I saw pictures of Hetalia Korea, I was excited. Later I found out however that because Korean citizens complained about how Korea was displayed, they took the character down. I mean, that’s just immature. It’s a freakin’ parody for goodness sake. Look at France! He freakin’ tries to undress people! 😦 I wanted to see Korea in Hetalia…. Why can’t Korea take a joke??

  56. KoreanoWaltz Says:

    I am extremely disappointed in this. Full stop.

  57. Wow…I think you are the one who’s retarded…
    It’s so obvious that you can’t read between the lines..
    In that manga, Japs are practically making fun of all countries except fot their own. Maybe you’re just too young to realize it..or just retarded..I’m not sure which..

  58. you stupid brainless American girl..

    ‘They have the right to honor thier fallen soldiers’ you said????

    Japs killed tons and tons of innocent people because of their greed for land!! and in that “we are goona conquer the whole world” proceess, some of Jap soldiers got killed! They totally brought it on themselve.

    Honor them???

    Are you fuxking kidding me??

    Japs are actually honoring the old time when they conquered Korea, China and other several countries by visiting Yasukuni Shrine!

    If you don’t know shit about Asian history, just shut your fuxxing pie hole alright?

  59. I’m not Korean, I’m Irish, but I can understand their feelings in relation to this issue.
    The Irish were despised (and often feared) for their Catholicism, poverty and perceived recourse to violence. The Irish were regularly mocked in British newspapers and magazines, portrayed as shambling grotesque ape-like thugs in political cartoons. Even the better-minded Britons tended to view the Irish as being unfit to govern themselves.
    On the Irish side, hostility was worsened by a truly horrific famine in Ireland in the late 1840s, in which over a million people died and many more were forced to emigrate. Many Irish people believed and still do that it was caused by at best stupidity and at worst deliberate malice on the part of the British government, who preferred starvation in Ireland to the chaos in Britain that would result if Ireland stopped exporting food to industrial towns.
    Note that, despite this, until 1916, most Irish nationalists were not republican. Both Queen Victoria and Edward VII were popular and received enthusiastic welcomes on visits to Ireland. Indeed, Victoria had a particular personal fondness for Ireland, often holidaying in Kerry. The full break only came later.
    in 1916, during ww1, there was a minor Irish uprising which was HORRIBLY crushed by the British(They ravaged towns, men, woman, children, and murdered many). Which lead to bitterness on both sides, leading to the Anglo-Irish War and finally the Irish Free State leaving the UK under the terms of the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921, while the (mostly Protestant) Northern Ireland remained. (Some republican nationalists disagreed with the terms of the Treaty, and there was a brief and bitter civil war which still informs Irish politics to this day. The Civil War is the Elephant In The Living Room in Irish culture — well, one of them — and doesn’t get mentioned much for fear of causing offence; notable exceptions are Sean O’Casey’s play Juno and the Paycock and the recent Ken Loach Film The Wind That Shakes The Barley.) The Irish Free State eventually went on to become the Republic of Ireland by unilateral declaration in 1949. (But they didn’t change the license plates until 1987.)
    The conventional moderate view is that the British should try and remember history more (an amazing number of Britons seem to think Britain had no input on Irish history at all and that the Irish are just ‘like that’-I think that’s a problem with the Japanese as well), and the Irish should try and forget more (an equally amazing number of Irish people will blame many Irish problems on the British regardless of where the actual cause or fault may lie, and in certain places there are people holding grievances dating back *centuries*).

  60. iVomit-_-;; Says:

    When I first found out about the manga, I was really curious as to what my country would be portrayed as. I heard that they were based off stereotypes, so I expected South Korea to be rude, paranoid, militaristic, bitter, tardy, melancholic and some hilarious quirks, but not too noticable, shadowed by China’s and Japan’s more famous cultures. An unhappy buffer between Russia, China and Japan.
    And what do I find? Some obnoxious, brash, idiotic, pathetic result of Japanese racism, and an author who either doesn’t want to portray Korea in a normal, decently respectable light, or just an innocently confused Japanese who didn’t know of the atrocities that his (her?) country committed. But I suppose that not including South Korea any more after what he (she?) did was the wisest thing to do.
    Those who insult the South Korean government for thinking too deep into this should just be ignored. The result of being right next to Japan and being deep thinkers is what escaleted this whole mess…
    “The Korean character was never going to be included into the series”. Huh, try telling that to the obvious proof that he was. It was just a rumor fabricated by angry Hetalia fans who suffered the so-called ‘Twilight Syndrome’. I’m slightly confused that some Koreans like the character, but to those who were raised in America, I have only silence as a response.
    Forget history my right foot. We only need to have a small chat with our grandparents to feel the scars of the early twentieth century. I’ve heard a lot of stories from my grandmother, though nowadays, she simply laughs pleasantly as she recalls Japanese soldiers barging in and swiping their meager dining table clean for them and avoids the subject. Like I am, she’s somewhat silent on the matter between Korean-Japanese relationships. She isn’t fond of Japanese things, but does tolerate them.
    Let go of something that had happened only 65 years ago? When our older generation is still alive, with their memories still vivid and fresh? Right, go rape some history, please.
    …And from this rant, I guess anyone would know that I’m a deep thinker……

  61. Adults arguing over a cartoon?! seriously?!! they could just EASILY change the channel and not notice it. =.=

  62. yes,i argee with the comment above me.
    Adults arguing over cartoon!?really?.what we are all arguing about is something made by a pencil.thats just sad…for god’s sake calm down its drawings.
    every character has FLAWS.look at France (he acts worse then korea) he is a perverted sex manic man.that raped finland…its france that should be complaing.

  63. I like the 'Korean' character Says:

    I have read Hetalia because I wanted to know what is the problem.
    I thought the character is lovable as much as the other characters.

    In my opinion, he carries around Japanese flag not because he likes it. I think he carries it because he can burn it in any instants. Reading through all the comments makes me feel that way.

    Anyway, I like my Korean friends AND Japanese friends, and I don’t like any hypo- opinions in the internet!

  64. Hetalia fandumb is fail Says:

    I guess if a muslim made a comic that made fun of every country but portrayed USA as a greedy moron who everyone disliked, was obsessed with and liked to grope the personification of Al-Qaeda and claimed credit for things that were actually Al-Qaeda’s inventions the families of 9/11 victims should just get over it huh?

    • Sorry, but that would be “a person of a particular religion” making fun of “a country that they despite”, not “a person of a particular nationality” making fun of “a country just like all the others”. Well, maybe not like the others. I haven’t read the Manga.

  65. Hello. One thing first, i am a Hetalia fan.
    i guess i can get interested in things quickly due to the fact i love doing fan art…

    Back the the subject..

    Of course, i think this is all silly, adults arguing over a cartoon show, they could just change the chanel… or not even read the manga.but i guess when you get into history, and countries, well…

    I think the Koreans (in the protest) are over reacting…..
    Look at France for instance…

    • Anonymous Says:

      @Lisa and hello too
      wow. Period. Are you some little ignorant kids?! I’m not korean(or even asian in that matter, im French-American) but i know how much this has hurt Korea. Do you think you could just ignore and be cool about your country being insulted? Since this is a Japanese manga/anime, of course the true and horrifying details about Japan in WWII wouldn’t be mentioned. Instead, Japan is a patient, meek country that is liked by everyone. It is understandable why Koreans hate the Japanese so much. So, imagine that you were minding your own business when somebody knocks down your door and claims your house. Then tortures youin any way possible; whipping, digging out your eyeballs, hacking you to pieces alive. Then a century later, offering 99 yen and asking to be forgiven. approximately a DOLLAR. Japan wasnt sorry. It just wanted to make the Koreans madder and hurt. Another thing, Koreans (not the republic of korea) was here since 2333 BC. wayyyy longer than Japan. And Korea is the one who influenced japan. During the early years, China shared its cultures with korea, after that which they passed on the knowledge to its neighbor, japan, which was a very weak country and had very little culture. If it wasnt for Korea in between them, Chinese stuff wouldnt have reached japan=no japan. So,what is this crap about Japan being koreas older brother?? After Japans occupation of korea and the Allies victory, america took the southern part of the korean peninsula while russia took the rest to make sure that it wouldnt recieve trouble from japan again. Of course, arguments spark between them about the territory, thus starting the Korean War. After the war ended, the continent was split into South and North korea, and both countries were rather badly off, the south making only 6o$ a year. The UN stated that the country wouldnt recover, not in 100 years. But the people’s strong will has bumped them up to be the worlds 15 largest country in only 60 years, and has a place in both the G20 and UN. Still, Koreans are still highly defensive about their country. And i dont blame you about your retardedness, but dont you think that theres a reason for the koreans in the protest acting that way?

      • Sir, you don’t sound like a French American at all. You sound more like, well, an overreacting Korean.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Well, I do have an adopted Korean sister whom I adore, an obsession of BIGBANG, a knowledge of Korean history, and most of all, a hatred of ignorance. Maybe you could call me a Koreanophile? But why would anybody pretend to be a French-American? O.o

      • @Anonymous of January 8, 2011 at 15:24

        True that Korea was around for a long time – 2333 BC. But the culture of that time still wasn’t at the level of China’s yet. If you count that level of culture, then Vietnam’s culture also emerged about the same time.


        A lot of people I’ve met have gone on about how Korea’s culture is super old, but the quality and technology of the culture is just as important as how far back it emerged. Ancient Korea before Three Kingdoms of Korea was only at about the level of Vietnam’s.

        Well, all three are still ahead of Japan’s though. Jomon culture’s villages of fish eaters didn’t disappear until about 2000 years after Korea and Vietnam’s. And even then, it was very likely due to Chinese intervention

  66. Revisionist history is kawaii Says:

    Dumbass weaboos seem to ignore the fact that the author has blatantly lied about Japanese imperialism (claiming Japan had no colonies in the 30s) and still claim it’s an unbiased portrayal of Japan and Korea. Hell, he might as well claim the Holocaust never happened.

  67. Actually the Koreans said that the anime could be put online as long as Korea didn’t appear in it. But it was originally planned to have him appear at the world conference if not in later episodes.

  68. cookie123 Says:

    WHO CARES!?!?!? hetalia is like the best show ever for tons of people. not all the characters have come yet, netherlands and belgum have just come

  69. KingCraven Says:

    Clearly koreans are retarded, I mean you can’t even play there online games without a korean social security number. Not to mention, what kind of retarded korean hands out his social security number, to play an online game. The Country Is FUCKED.

    • pepsipop410 Says:

      Wow. Racist much?

    • Clearly that explains why those with no social security number are hacked regularly and online games pouring with anonoymous accounts with multiple emails. You’re fucked with your slow ass internet, go on and rage on the fact that you lack the numbers to play their online games.

  70. RepublicxOfxAwesome Says:

    “Korea is retarded”…That’s just a little harsh, no? Anyways, my opinion on the matter… Hetalia isn’t supposed to be an accurate represtenation of history. Okay? Try not to over-analyze things. Besides that, Hetalia is pretty racist. Some people love it for that, some people are like VDKRSBSUADKDKGAOTALGALGVSGLALGlhdjxkckvprzlgLGZUDIDOD RAAAAAAAAGE.
    As for Japanese-Korean relations in the past… Well, that’s a whole other matter. I believe that the show was moreso banned for it’s racial insensitivity. But, it doesnt matter, we can still buy the DVDs online, BWAHAHAHA.

    Try not to be completely one-sided. Sure, it sucks that Korea had it banned. But it’s not like every Korean hates it or is offended by it. And, do you really believe they would have it banned just because of the character? Not everyone is that… Naive? I don’t know… If you are a Korean, you might understand better what my point is. Not that I am Korean. But, they have a right to be mad. If they try to ban Hetalia altogether though, I WILL SLAUGHTER THEM WITH A HO CKEY STICK. Someone said that Westerners don’t think like Easterners. Totally true. If someone is offended, there’s nothing you can really do about it. Okay, not true, but usually it’s best to be considerate. Done with my (totally Canadian, lol) rant.

    • GaGaalinG Says:

      the Japanese are trying to ban Hetalia altogether via ecchi ban. 😛 prepare you hockey stick. anyway I’m not Korean and I believe they had every right to be mad.

  71. honestly.. it’s a friggin anime that makes fun of every country and Korea is over reacting about this. All countries have their own stereotypes (stereotypes exists for a reason lol), I’m Canadian-Chinese, and yes I do like maple syrup and rice… it’s true and I’m not denying that fact, so what? Do i take offensive about Chinese or Canada history? No, why should I? Every country has a good and bad history, so we shouldn’t be like all China did that or America did that or Japan did that or France did that.

  72. AngryKorean Says:

    How are we retarded for standing up for our opinions? I guess you people like being made fun of with total lies by a country that yours was formerly colonized by? What if the Germans made a totally racist anime or whatever about Jews and the Holocaust, and the Jews protested about it? Are you going to call them retarded, too? Well, like the Nazis, the Japs did serious crimes (like slaughtering millions of East Asians and stuff, and attempting to take ober da WORLD). But they also colonized Korea and tried to erase all of Korea’s history and turn Koreans into Japanese people (srsly!) and they almost did, until America nuked Japan, finally. A huge chunk of Korea’s history and culture was destroyed, because they were forced to speak Japanese, bear the Japanese flag, etc, and were tortured to death if they did anything Korean. But unlike the Germans, who went down on their knees and begged forgiveness, the Japs instead tried to whitewash all of that (also, Unit 731, the Nanking massacre, and comfort women. Google.), like whitewashing school textbooks and dumping millions of Korean, Chinese, Filipino, etc corpses into a hole over which they built an apartment complex over, and a lot of other pathetic and hilarious things. Korean comfort women (the women who were gang-raped day and night, sometimes only 6 or 7 years old) y

  73. AngryKorean Says:

    So we’re retarded for standing up for our opinions? I guess you love being made fun of. Unfortunately, for some weird reason, us Koreans do not, especially by a country that hasn’t given a satisfying apology until a few months ago (which means it took exactly 60 years to get an apology). Wikipedia “Korea under Japanese rule”. If the Germans made a racist anime or whatever about the Holocaust and Jews, and the Jews protested about it, are you going to call them retarded, too? Considering that you are extremely retarded, probably.
    Other than the WW2 stuff, Koreans are pissed about how they are portrayed. There aren’t any real facts about Korea. Hell, there aren’t even any real stereotypes! Obviously, the author is a
    typical Japanese, so of course he hates Koreans and only put the character Korea in so he could make fun of the country. Why are Koreans put as always claiming things? I thought that was a Chinese stereotype (omgz, it’s soooo hilarious.
    They somehow say “Koreans claim ‘insert anything Chinese here’!” and then get all worked up about it…go onto any Korean related video on YouTube and you’ll see). Well, anyways it all started by the Chinese media ranting about a Korean professor claiming Conguncious or whatever (some random grandpa that, apparently is Chinese, therefore a god) is Korean. The Korean media rushed to the university to find that he never even existed. Well, no surprise since China is communist and the media is government controlled. So, even if it were true, it would’ve only been ONE Korean, not 50 million. And perverse? Aren’t the Japanese the perverts? I mean, all the train-groping, hentai, organized orgys, used-panty dispensers, Etc. Koreans HATE perverts, especially. Or at least look down on them (like in any country except Japan). So their country described as a man-boob groping gay pervert? Triple no-no.
    These were only a few of my angry opinions, but my fingers are sore and it’s lunchtime, and I think you get the idea (or maybe not, cuz ur so retarded. No offense.) Think about other things about your precious anime, like human feelings. Sorry for my angry confusing rant.

  74. I applaud your ignorance. If you were a south korean who have some historical knowledge, you’d actually know why people in korea are so anti-hetalia right now. You say you do not wish to offend any koreans, but I am offended right now. You claim it as ‘just a cartoon’, yes it is just a cartoon and personally as manga and anime I respect the quality of the artwork and actually think the idea was generally good for an animation to enjoy.

    The problem why so many people are against Hetalia in Korea are a little different than just because they distorted the Korean character, firstly the author of the manga based the characters personality from 2ch, a Japanese website where some of them have a very anti-Korean attitude(Similar to DCInside which is a korean website who most of them have a very anti-Japanese attitude) Very bad move. I admit that most Korean netizens are easy to anger and some of them are sensitive on the most retardest things, but Hetalia was one thing that I could not accept.

    I do not care if the character is some shitty idiot who keeps grabbing man boobs and shouts random comments all the time, I can pass that but Hetalia itself is glorifying war. It is comedy, but it ignores important things and transforms it into something very offensive in my perspective. A lot of people’s ancestors in Korea suffered during the occupation, many died and the country was left in ruins, torn apart and their queen ripped to pieces even before the occupation. And the South Korean character carries a Japanese flag.

    I don’t get it, what the fuck?

    Thanks to this most bullshit loaded character setting ever, a lot of children in South Korea who have watched the anime think that war is some kind of fluffy humour packed adventure, and they assume that the occupation period was not as cruel as they thought. They also think that South Korea loved Japan for the occupation. This anime is not comedy in my perspective. As a person who is studying history right now, this is really, close to black humor.

    War glorification is not supposed to happen. Sure the idea was great but the way the cartoon decided to show it was not very appealing, at all. Especially when Japan bends most of the truth in their history edcuation books.

    The reason why this anime must not air is simple, South Korea suffered a lot during the war, and it’s like a rememberance. Children are getting the most wrong idea on the world war 2 ever about this animation. Sure everyone has a freedom of speech and opinions. I love watching anime and have been a personal fan of One Piece for seven years. I am learning Japanese and have also had a Japanese teacher whom I really liked. I have friends in Japan and a lot of people are kind and generous there, so I’m not actually pointing at Japan itself as the offender, I just think it’s wrong to ignore that war was a lot more than something that could be just laughed at by children, especially for South Koreans whose country is still divided right now. If the creator of hetalia actually wanted any respect for his work in Korea, he should’ve portrayed a more accurate picture of the events during the war, I am surprised the author of the manga is actually even thinking that South Koreans should apologize to him for cancelling the anime in the country.

  75. That sucks that the Koreans see it as an insult. People need to learn to laugh at life and forget the past. I was reading some comments on here and I have to say, its kind of sad that some Koreans are still holding grudge on Japan for the wars. Honestly, Korea isn’t the only country that was in a war and isn’t the only country in Hetalia. I mean, look at the other countries on that show. Italians are fighters, and Italy Hetalia isn’t. But you don’t see Italy asking to get rid of him! And every country hides or just dosen’t say a bit of what really happened, I wasn’t taught in my school that we tried to paint Japan’s mountain red.

  76. Even though I’m American, I can understand why Koreans would be offended. Think of it this way, eventhough Hetalia is a cartoon, its based on actual historical events where thousands upon thousands of people died. The anime takes lightly of a pretty serious topic.
    For an American, Hetalia isn’t that offensive, mainly because WWII doesn’t hold that much historical weight on America, compared to other nations we suffered way fewer casualties.
    During WWII, Japan committed many war-crimes against Koreans, and because of that Korea holds a grudge against Japan, and are sensitive to the topic even today. (try looking up some Korean history or why Koreans tend to hate Japan)

    Think of it this way: WWII to Koreans is like Slavery to African Americans

    In America if there were a comic or a cartoon released by a white man making light or poking fun of Slavery or anything relating to the opression of black people (blackface etc.) all hell would break loose and the comic in question would be pulled off shelves and banned (there are things banned in the US). And no matter how much time passes, and although intense feelings eventually waterdown, both topics will always be sensitive to both groups.

    so eventhough I find the anime funny, I recognize why’d it’d be offensive to others. That being said, I love both Japan and Korea and their cultures.

  77. Here’s what it all boils down to… it’s not so much that EVERYONE in Hetalia is depicted as living stereotypes, it’s was because it was jokes of one group of people written by another group of people, and those two people have had a history of animosity towards one another.

    Case in point, had Hetelia been written by:

    * …a German, then its references to Jews…
    * …a Turk, then its references to Armenians…
    * …a Russian, then its references to Chechens…
    * …an Indonesian, then its references to the East Timorese…
    * …an Israeli/Palestinian, then its references to Palestinian/Israeli…
    * …a Protestant English, then its references to the Catholic Irish…

    …will be heavily scrutinized because of the history of the two’s relationship, with one being the aggressor and the other being the victim.

    Thus… it wasn’t so much that the Koreans were being insulted. It mostly because it was a JAPANESE person doing the insulting. THAT’S what this whole issue is about!

    Now if the Koreans were being insulted by, like, an American writer or a South African… no big whoop, because the Koreans, Americans and South Africans really don’t have a history of oppression/victimization with one another. But Korea and Japan? That’s a WHOLE other can of worms.

    On top of that, it was because the Koreans felt that the flaws that Himaruya Hidekazu chose were less “funny” flaws like the other countries… that is, they weren’t the kind of flaws that you can say “yeah, I’m that way, but that’s what makes me so AWESOME!”, like America’s obsession with being the hero and hamburgers. As an American myself, I can say that I am PROUD of our single-minded hamburger-addiction… I wouldn’t have it any other way! … However, Himaruya Hidekazu ended up chosing flaws and stereotypes of Korea which are more akin to the more extremely racist view the Japanese have of Koreans versus ones where a Korean could say “yep, those flaws are what makes me AWESOME”. Again, I doubt readers of a Hetalia-written-by-someone-from-the-American-South would appreciate African-nation characters designed with pitch-black skin, big lips and a mindless addiction to fried chicken, watermelon and crack. No amount of “it’s just a cartoon!” will make Black Americans get over it or not “overreact”.

    Bear in mind, and Hetalia been written by someone else from another nation (like one of the nations above), we wouldn’t be hearing the Koreans complaining and instead would be hearing some other people’s complaints over being victimized. It just happens that in THIS situation, it was the Koreans who felt this way.

    In the end, did the Koreans “overract”? I dunno. Maybe. Maybe not. The thing is, sometimes you need people to overract to point out the flaws in the other side’s positions that they obviously couldn’t see on their own. And then too, you can’t tell me the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s involved a bunch of people who were “overreacting”.

    I just hope that the Korean and Japanese peoples learn to forgive–but never forget–each other’s actions from other the past several centuries and learn to live with one another in the 21st Century in peace and friendship. Just like the Japanese have learned to accept the Ainu, and the Americans have learned to accept the Canadians. …kinda. 🙂

    Also, I’m just glad that it seems like the Japanese people themselves are learning to treat their Korean neighbors with friendship and respect, just like White Americans have been learning how to treat their Black American neighbors in the same way. And it seems like my generation (those of us born after 1980) will be the first ones to see one-another as equals versus as enemies, especially in this internet age when people can communicate with one another and to help break down the barriers.

    For me, the point of Hetalia is to help their readers see the world as a wonderful place and all the different people as simply “friends you haven’t met”. As such, I feel that Himaruya Hidekazu’s depiction of Koreans border more on cultural ignorance versus intentional malice–especially considering that Korea’s visual design is completely “normal” and accurate, and even includes a very positive design aspect: Korea’s curl in his hair representing “The Korean Spirit”… no other character has a visual representation of their “spirit”. As such, I thus hope he takes a sip of some of his own medicine and learn to see Koreans as just as awesome as every other nation, despite what his grandparents and countrymen may have raised him to think like.

    But, only time will tell… I just hope that by the time *I* have kids and THEY’RE my age, the relationship between Korea and Japan will have warmed up considerably from where they are now… and they’re relatively warm as it is (at least warmer than the relationship between Israel and Palestine or Russia and Chechnya!)

  78. Constitution_fvr Says:

    I make this very simple as possible.

    Japan = Nazi German without any level of regrets what they have done to its neighbours during WW2.
    Korea = Jews during WW2 = victims.
    Hetalia = Making fun out of Holocaust.

    I can’t believe so many ignorants making pathetic excuses for Asian Nazi without basic understanding history or background knowledge just because they love this manga.
    At any level, description of Korea in this manga is wrong and can’t be justified. I may convince yourself, but not the victims.

    • This, 100%.

      What so many people don’t seem to understand is that it’s not an issue over a country being portrayed stereotypically or with flaws. The issue is that it’s an incredibly racist caricature that has little to nothing in common with genuine Korean stereotypes — or Korean anything, for that matter — as portrayed by a Japanese cartoonist.

      It is the moral equivalent of a German cartoonist writing a goofy little parody comic about how the Holocaust never happened and Israel is an abrasive, idiotic pervert who loves all things German. Of course this would never happen as Holocaust denial and antisemitism in Germany is illegal. This, too, is a far cry from Japan: a country that has never formally apologised or made any reparations for their numerous and heinous war crimes.

      Ever been to Yasukuni? It’s a shrine that honours the memory of Japanese war criminals. Japanese museums have stolen Korean artefacts in them with a rewritten history, claiming that they originated in Japan. The Japanese occupation of Korea is also a textbook example of cultural genocide. For a time it was ACTUALLY ILLEGAL to act Korean, have a Korean name, speak the Korean language, etc. All of these facts distinguish the racist portrayal of Korea from the more lighthearted stereotyping of the other countries in the series, particularly countries that have few, if any, historical ties to Japan.

      All of this should be obvious to anyone who has studied non-revisionist, East Asian history. It is incredibly disappointing that it isn’t.

      post script: the title of this blog post is retarded. way to prove that you’re both ignorant AND insensitive.

  79. First, I’m sorry about my poor English (;_;)

    This articles is very interesting And made me think about a lot of things … However I think there is some misunderstanding.

    ① About Korea in Hetalia
    It is not corect that Korea is wearing japan’s flag in hetalia.
    Those scene expresses that korea is playing with japan’s flag. Some Koreans often burn japan’s flag when trouble happened between Korea and Japan.
    But it is very offensive, so himaruya expressed that korea is playing with japan’s flag (make a hole in japan’s flag)
    if you saw several scene(For Example, scene that korea is buying many japan’s flag), I guess you don’t think korea is wearing Japan’s flag.

    Korea in hetalia is Expressed that korea is younger than china and japan.
    It is because of South Korea’s founding year is 1948, and japan is younger than china, too.

    There is scene that korea is touching japan’s breast in hetalia.
    I don’t know this mean. but this is not only korea but also other character.
    I think it is overreacting that Koreans say “it is territorial problem”.
    I guess It is just BL. or, If I think too deeply, I think it is Nike statue problem or sex crime by Korean.

    Hetalia’s character based on stereotype.
    If you want to better Expression, it is no meaning because it does not depend on personal mind.
    (and stereotype often express bad side)

    ② About korea and japan

    It is natural problem that korea hate the japan.
    Because japan invaded korea and korea persecuted the Pro-japanese korean when war was over.
    Now, korea is educating new generation to anti-japanese.
    So, war is not past problem.

    Also, It is natural problem that japan dislike the korea.
    It is because of not the war, but current issue.
    For Example, foreign crime, Korean-Japanese Problem, copyright issue, anti-japanese …etc.
    (Almost foreign crime in Japan is caused by korean and chinese.)
    And almost Japanese does not think about the war.
    They think it is past problem.

    Japan has been apologized to korea 16 times or more since 1950’s and japan paid compensation.
    Korea think it is not enough and japan think it is enough.
    Korea think apology is not official And there is The comfort women problem.
    japan think compensation include The comfort women problem.

    Nazi And Empire of Japan is no longer exist … now 21 century.

    ③ is korea retarded?
    I don’t think so.

    In summary,I like korea in hetalia and I know there is Hetalia fan in Korea.

    Thank you for reading.

  80. Over all, I think we’re missing the point… This issue is not about what may or may not have happened in history. Sure, Korea’s character is kinda mean if you are Korean ( At least to me it seems but I’m not Korean.) It was a bit insulting, but alot of other countries personalities are for comedy since HETALIA IS A SHOW FOR PEOPLE TO LAUGH!! If you think about it, there are alot of shows that should be taken off air since they are much much MUCH more offensive! Hetalia has always been fun to watch, and I am sad that the anime has stopped over such a thing. I think they should tone down Korea’s character somewhat, but the people who are protesting shouldn’t have made such a fuss, its a character. From a web comic. And Korea has never made an appearance in the actual anime except in the ending for like 3 seconds. Has there been a mass of FRench people getting mad because France is a pervert and stuff? Not really. I’m not upset at all about AMerica being abnoxious, and self centered, because one its funny xD And two its either for stereotypes, or comedy. Plus its a character in a show. The only thing I don’t want is people to think all american’s are that way! Which I’m sure no one will think that at all! This issue should not be blown out of proportion!

  81. So Koreans are still overreacting, huh? Just get over it. The character has been permanently removed from Hetalia. Japanese artists learned a lesson from all this: they will never feature anything that might even remotely relate to Korea in their future artworks. Korea or anything to do with Korea will be excluded, because they don’t want to deal with this kind of hysteria. That’s what Koreans wanted, and that’s what they get. We will miss you, Korea.

  82. Listen... Says:

    I’m also pretty upset about this. Not at the whole country, though, just the protestors. I’m still cool with the country since I’m sure not everyone is feeling that way. (The ones I know sure as hell don’t.)
    I wish he was in the anime as well, I’d love to see this interesting and delightfully entertaining character move about in his unique way. I find him amazing.

    Also, forgetting history isn’t as hard as it sounds, everyone.(In fact, some already have.)
    It’s kind of important to do so. If we all keep remembering the bad shit, and continue to CRY over it, we’ll just get more and more BROKEN as it repeats and end up looking like a butthurt country and become weaker or grow to HATE other countries if some don’t already.
    After wars and incidents, countries don’t continue to hurt each other afterwords when nothing is happening, we hurt OURSELVES.

    We’re stronger than that everyone, you know it, please prove it…

    • I just like to point out that there are Japanese folk who hate Hetalia just as much those Korean protesters do, cause for the same reason. They don’t like how their country is portrayed.

  83. I agree this is just dumb I love hetalia and I’m japaness

  84. If you said you don’t intend to insult Koreans with this post, then why did you make the title “Korea is retarded” I just started to read this post and already I am insulted.

  85. Because they are lying and did not apologize for what they have done. Koreans still have huge grudge against japanese.

  86. Korean-American Says:

    In some ways you are right, in some ways you are wrong.
    I do agree with you that sometimes, we get kind of “over-reacted”, and yes, if all countries acted like that, the world would be quite crazy.
    I disagree with you that the reason we protested was stupid. It wasn’t completely unreasonable- everyone has a right to protest, don’t you think? How would you feel f someone insulted you by making an anime and showed it to the whole world. I think you will be enraged.

    I have a few points on why I think it’s quite rude.

    1. Koreans are NOT as hyper, crazy, and rude as that.
    2. Saying that everything originated in Korea is not what Koreans do. We make Hyundai Cars and such, but I don’t think we invented the grand piano.
    3. Korea’s not a pervert.
    4. Korea does not shout URI NARA MANSAE randomly.

    For another, Korea seems to have a hobby of touching Japan’s breasts. In Hetalia, Most of the countries have a physical part of the body that means a part of the country. For example, America’s random piece of hair represents Texas. The Hetalia makers made Japan’s breast represent a small island on the east of Korea, Dokdo.

    Dokdo is a Korean land. It was already approved by the Japanese that Dokdo and another island nearby- 울릉도(pronounced Ooloongdo) is a part of Korea. Now, Japan is again announcing that Dokdo is their land.

    Since Japan’s breast represents Dokdo, they are saying that Dokdo is a part of Japan, and showing that Korea keeps touching there, it also means that Korea is the one announcing that Dokdo is theirs. That is the main reason why Koreans thought it was insulting and rude.

    Korea was concluded independent from Japan only about 66 years ago. It’s about the same as America and UK. Korea is a COUNTRY. Just because it’s small, it doesn’t mean it can be insulted and nothing will happen. South Korea is MY country. EVERY Korean’s country. Korea is A PART OF THIS WORLD.

  87. constitution_43ver Says:

    What’s freaking me(and other Korean folks) the most is a fact that Japanese is building up a war propaganda here by justifying their invasion during WW2 and the the retard idiots such as this blogger generally doesn’t recognize it due his/her lacks of basic historical knowledge and even defend Asian Nazi just because they love this frick show.

    Japan = Nazi German without any level of regrets what they have done to its neighbours during WW2, justifying their invasion, building up a war propaganda, war mongering idiots such as the most of GOP candidates.
    Korea = Jews during WW2 = victims
    Hetalia = A manga that’s done by German which humiliates Holocaust and portrays Jews in WW2 as gay Kikes by using misleadding and incorrect stereotypes and ultimately offend the VICTIMS.
    Blogger = Cluess moron calling the offended Holocaust victims as retard and despite facts that Japan has 10 times larger in terms of GDP, spending more on the military, Japan has a criminal record against Korea and still the blogger thinks Korea is overeacting about Japanese war propaganda.

    Blogger is obvious troll or if he was serious than he is freaking retard.

    I must note here the cartoonist of Hetalia not only mentions the past affairs on the manga, but also the current affairs between Korea and Japan and that’s a territory dispute, which is a contorversial political matters and Japanese government considers a millitary action against Korea, which is outrangous.

    Don’t make a pathetic excuse for the cartoonist, he pretty much asked for it. If you do then you are not better than Hitler who genocide 6 million Jews during WW2.

  88. First off, I am a 16 year old 100% Korean who is now living in the United States.
    I don’t watch Hetalia or read it (nor do I plan to), but I am aware of the issues surrounding the Korean character.

    Just because it is a cartoon, that does not excuse the fact that it can insult people. ANY piece of literary or art work can potentially harm others. The way that Korea is portrayed in Hetalia, is without a doubt, insulting to SOME Koreans (notice I didn’t say all as some of my korean friends enjoy hetalia). it certainly had some affect on me. Even though I’ve spent almost half of my life in US, I’m still a proud Korean citizen. and i grew up knowing what Japan did during its occupation in Korea. And even though my generation didnt suffer from Japan’s occupation, I still have a hatred for what happened 60 years ago.

    I certainly don’t think the Koreans who protested against airing of hetalia were overreacting. many koreans have their sense of pride (although i have a sense its diminishing somewhat) and they couldn’t possibly watch their country as a character who is a no nothing no it all, who gropes their former enemy and obsesses over Japanese flags. I know i wouldve been pretty dang angry.

    I have nothing against Japan, i think its a very polite society, and is clean and the hot springs was really nice (i was there for 2 days). I do however, abhor the fact that Japan made no apologies for their crimes during their occupation of korea. Thousands of koreans died, and many buildings and cultural symbols and historical records in korea were destroyed. people have been arguing that 6 million jews died in the holocaust. but we all know that Germany had made an former apology and everyone knows what they did. I don’t think many people are aware of what went on between japan and korea (i dont think most people care either way), and its obviously upsetting that the victims have not gotten a former apology.

    and as to other countries not making a fuss about it, someone mentioned up there about how close korea is to japan. seriously, it took a little more than an hr and a half to get to tokyo airport from incheon airport. most people in the european countries probably dont even know what manga and anime are therefore not knowing the existence of hetalia. but korean people do. while it takes up to a yr for a vol of say, naruto to get translated into english, it takes a couple months in korea. most animes get dubbed into korean is aired in the country. I grew up watching anime without even knowing what anime was. so its only natural that koreans would different reactions about this.

    and whether the Korea character is in the anime or not, that doesnt exactly matter. what matters is that he exists and there r character designs and whatnot and blah, i think u get the point.

    im sorry for rambling on such an old post. but i rly wanna to justify the actions of the poeple who protested against this. and i kinda dropped my ocd for proper grammar in the middle of this post, but i think i got my points across.

  89. Jesus, people are STILL blogging about this THREE YEAR post?? You guys have a lot of time to argue about a stupid cartoon.

    I think the Koreans had an absolute right to protest. This character offended their country and race. It would upset me too!

    And for saying Korea is retarded? Please get your head out of the gutter…that is extremely offensive as well.

  90. Anonymous Says:

    Granted that the Korean dude acted like a complete ass, and this kind of stuff is making Koreans look bad, where we should just get over it. BUT, most of you people on this site JUST DON’T GET IT. I’m saying it for ALL parties of the matter. BOTH FOR AND AGAINST JAPANESE AND KOREANS. The way I see it is that a Japanese guy was acting racist and a Korean guy came and gone on his level. So with all due respect Mr. Artefact, BOTH the JAPANESE and KOREAN had been BOTH racist in this issue. What bothers me, is that even though this article is NOT racist AND/OR biased against Koreans, it is NOT being fair with Koreans either. This is practically the same with all the articles Artefact made concerning Koreans and Chinese. I won’t call this site nor the author racist, but to be honest you are NOT being, fair and well understanding either. This goes the same with any one for the Korean and post crap about Japanese people. To bluntly put it to you Artefact and anyone and EVERYone like him (again BOTH FOR AND AGAINST JAPANESE AND KOREANS), you’re showing favoritism. That’s with these kind of articles and responses on this damn site, you are ALL showing favoritism. You are giving needless and undeserved respect and praise to one country and completely shit on others without really understanding it and where it comes from but so quick to show shame and utter hate for it. Sort of like a international level of primogeniture on one side, and using great comfort to use of kind of infanticide to another, and almost every single one of you on this damn site is responsible for this kind of shit when it comes to these articles. Many of you are acting very uncivil and to many those who are civil, are expressing it in an uncivilized manner. If you think you are more civilized than the Koreans and Chinese you think are assholes and/or so love to hate and bash in these articles about them, then show some restraint and don’t bitch about it like they do. this goes the same with the Koreans and Chinese on the Japanese and and anyone else especially a westerner who should in my opinion technically not be add fuel to this mess either. so to show some contempt, here’s bit of an ultimatum for everyone. To the Japanese and those supporting on this, I’m Korean. I can’t speak for ALL Koreans but, I am a law binding citizen and have been all my life. I respect others as I do respect myself. I greatly respect Japan, it’s people and it’s culture and do not generalize an ENTIRE group when I observe an isolated incident like the one here in this article. I have never been obnoxious or been a perfectionists. I DON’T distort history in fact I will admit to the mistakes we had in the past. I never ate dogs, cats or any other domestic animals or any animal most people won’t consider eating for that matter. I DON’T have a box shaped head and slits for eyes or NOTHING plastic. I never had a plastic surgery in my life (and just so you know, a plastic surgery doesn’t use “plastic”). I do NOT represent barely ANY of the characteristics of a stereotypical Korean you people project. And I am deeply ashamed and sadden by the trend many Koreans have product themselves against others, and wish we world show the world better in a better light and forgive Japan for what they did. But you know what? That still doesn’t stop me from being Korean and being proud of it too. You jerks wouldn’t know one thing about us if you didn’t stop the bull and actually took the time and LEARN without any prejudice, doubt, BAD expectations, nor even concern. But I can’t expect much from you assholes can I. For the Koreans and Chinese and those who supporting on this, I know you are mad at Japan for what they did in the past I understand that, but it’s over now. I know it hasn’t been THAT long but Japan is a peaceful nation today. And it’s people and all other Japanese are overall good and nice people who sorry for what they done and show remorse for it too. And I know there are some who are stuck to the past but they don’t represent Japan and Japanese as a whole. I know and are friends with many and they don’t act like that. Us Chinese and Koreans will serve NO good if we continue this silly and idiotic grudge against the Japanese or any other nation for that matter. It prove people like Artefact and Firetrbe so right, it will be considered fact. And I know we can’t have that can we. Being pent up for what was bad in the past is never going to help us for what’s in store that’s good in the future. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow for you but we should give up this childish thuggish act. And be happy that what Japan did then , is not happening now. I will not come off like a jerk and say “get over it” but I’m asking you not as a fellow Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or even Asian, but a fellow human being, please PLEASE let it GO. And if someone talks crap about you and your people over something like this (speaking for the GOOD Chinese and Koreans on this), DON’T RESPOND. Never let these people get to you. You don’t have to prove NOTHING to them. You know what you did. You are aware of your country and the events in her life. The culture, history, the ACTUAL truth, etc. If you know what you did good in your life and what your country did good in her life and have NO regrets, don’t show no regrets. Sadly, they won’t know that, and they probably NEVER will. Getting in to people like Narcissist and their pitiful, pathetic preschool games will make you no better neither. And I know you aren’t preschoolers are you? Just be glad that they are ranting their wasteful lives about this under a computer and not taking it to the streets just like the “noisy” Koreans, Chinese, and Japaneses are in the minority, especially in the internet despite popular misconception. so don’t worry. In conclusion, we are playing one of the biggest troll games of them all, and It’s getting us NOWHERE to winning. It’s like the saying goes: Arguing over the internet is like running in the special Olympics … even IF YOU win, You are still RETARDED. This can apply to outside life in this kind of situation as well. And in outside life, getting into each others throats is making Asia the new Europe. This over-nationalism in ALL countries in the topic are ALL to blame. No more NO less. Aren’t we ALL human?

    I know this comment-essay is hella long but it’s been bugging me for the longest and I can’t hold back on NOTHING. Also people must learn from this and the mistakes we made. I will expect criticism for this and I accept this. But I hope that everyone can agree with me on this notion. The further it is we concentrate on a dark past, the harder it is for us to make a bright future. So to anyone and everyone in sankakucomplex and the internet in general that is read my comment, I give you this cliche, yet misunderstood line:

    “Cant we ALL just get along?”

    Please, Please respond!!!


    ~Have a nice FUCKING DAY~

  91. Anonymous Says:

    I have a feeling that if this one post caused this much debate, then if Hetalia actually aired Korea as a character the number of arguments would skyrocket. So, I think that maybe not using Korea in the anime, sadly, is the best decision to avoid further conflict. And my apologies, I know this thread is rather old.

  92. I just want to say the anime (Hetalia) are completely BS and retarded, that’s all.

  93. I-RUIN-MOODS Says:

    …..I’m a Hetalia Fan… I ship Korea/Japan…..

  94. (lol I’m such a loser for commenting on such an old post) So it’s okay to call all of a country “retarded”, make a totally racist character but not okay to protest against said character? Is racism okay to you only if it’s not directed at japan? I’m not saying I agree with what some koreans tried to do with hetalia, but I totally do not agree with your post. The characters are a personification of countries. So according to the **japanese** creator of Hetalia then Korea would be kissing the japanese flag, as well as being a huge pervert and constantly trying to rape other countries… I don’t know about you but I’D be pissed! Think about it, no other country is so badly represented as Korea.
    Besides, the koreans that wanted to ban it doesn’t represent every single korean on the planet, as well as the koreans who sliced their fingers in protest to “japanese war hero” shrines.
    If hetalia was korean and japan was the one misrepresented you would understand better. I wrote this under the presumption that you’re a weeaboo, which you probably are, considering your bias in this post.

  95. Before I say, I’ll say a few things about myself. I am a Korean who’s mother is from South Korea and a father from North Korea. However I’m from Tokyo, Japan. Again, I am a Korean from Japan. I grew up in America however, and I’ll try to be as neutral as possible. I like hetalia. I shall begin.

    First of all, it’s not only Koreans. Other people doesn’t like Hetalia because of, apparently, how light it takes World War II. But Hetalia doesn’t address much on the war despite it taking place during it. It mostly leans on the characters. Even though there are some traits I don’t like about the Character Korea, I can tell the author Himaruya doesn’t hate Koreans or Korea. He given Korea the human name Im Yong Soo which translate to “brave and great”. Also in one hetalia skit, Korea invented Mind Reading Binoculars in which Japan attempted to invent but failed, implying that Koreans are bright and intelligent people. Also Korea is the tallest of the East Asian characters. An exact height wasn’t given, but its established Korea is around 10 cm taller than China. Now if i did my research right, That’s around the height of Russia! This can imply that koreans tend to be tall despite being Asians, but I also think it is because out of all the East Asian nations, South Korea grew up economically the quickest (in Hetalia, a character’s height is determined by the country’s borderline size like Russia, or economic growth like America). Now sure, Japan and China may seem bothered by Korea in Hetalia, but it was never established they hate him. But Korea was “banned” before he can be developed so we may never know what kind of character he can turn out. The anime may have taken him out, but Himaruya still draws Korea and posts him on his blog occasionally so Yong Soo isn’t officially “dead”. About the Japanese occupying Korea during WWII, no I am not happy with it but I never witnessed any grudge from my family so I grew up loving the Japanese. But I don’t like everything about them, for one I think they receive too much popularity compared to other Asian nations. On that note, I have seen many people accuse the Koreans of being an EVIL race because of the “Koreans eat dogs” and Koreans apparently “plagiarizing” Japanese culture and material, and being racist. Well, first off, racism exists EVERYWHERE. Deal with it. And even though Im korean, I’m against eating dogs. But think about it. Dogs are below humans on the food chain, it shouldn’t be surprising SOMEONE out there eats them. Also eating dogs is a “grey area” in Korea. Although, there are Koreans who eats dogs, most Koreans are against it. We don’t hunt and eat every dog we see. And the plagiarizing thing, those who think that, you’re probably some idiot who claims to “love Japan and it’s culture” but really you dont know anything about Japan and you actually like their POP Culture, and just falsely believe Koreans have a fake culture. In fact, you probably only know sushi and ramen as Japanese cuisine. Yeah, their food is more diverse than those two things. Well I met quite a handful of Japanese, who Loves Korean culture which sort of indicates Korea has its own culture and traditions diverse from Japan. One of them even hated the Japanese language, and wanted to learn Korean instead. Some of you say “Can’t Koreans just forgive Japan?” well I think that too. But I also think this “Can’t Japanese just apologize to Korea?”. I’m gonna stop here cuz other topics like the Liancourt rocks, raped Korean women, attempt to erase Korean existence is probably in this thread somewhere, so I really don’t need to address them. If you lasted this long, thank you for taking the time to read all of this.

    • HELLO Says:

      I like your comment the best from what i have read. ^^
      You expressed both Korea and Japan sides very well.
      I agree with your opinion. ^^

  96. Jaye (nickname) Says:

    XD lol when i first clicked on this I was like, “Are you offending me?” (Just like Joyce, the 2nd comment) I’m a Korean with U.S. citizenship. I don’t mind if you think Korea is retarded, when I watched the first episode it was like wtf XD

  97. AnotherAnimeFan Says:

    Everyone has a good point somewhere in this article. Hetalia is a good show. But some koreans find the show offending because of Korea’s personality. The goverment is making a huge fuss about it (I’m not trying to be mean). But Hetalia makes everyone have the same problem. I just want Korea to see that they arent they only ones who are getting picked on. (But, im not saying that Hetalia is being mean to all the countries. Like I just stated a couple of sentences ago) The anime makes everyone equal. For example,

    Italy, in the anime, is mostly always running away and always afraid of everything (well not everything but when it comes to situations).

    America, in the anime, is very annoying. He thinks he is the hero and when it comes to him, nothing is impossible. Im an american and I dont find it offensive.

    Canada, in the anime, Is not noticed by everyone. The countries always forgets him or they dont even see him at all.

    There are more charaters, but im not going to list everyone in their. Hetalia is supposed to be a funny anime that everyone can enjoy? Cant just everyone be at peace?

    • OKay! For those westerners who don’t understand why this is so offending to koreans. I’ll westernized for you.

      In hetalia, Korea is portrayed as loving JAPAN.

      When Japanese colonized Korea, they look korean women and raped them more than 20 times per day for years and years. Japanese also conscripted korean men to be a human shield for the japanese army. Tortured men and women mercilessly because they believed korean “race” was inferior to them.

      So, Korea loving Japan is just equivalent to JEWS LOVING NAZIS!

      Nazis killed millions of jews. Why in the motherfucking hell should jew love Nazis? Overtime, Jews might forgive, but will never love.

      I hope that cleared up EVERYTHING.

  98. OKay! For those westerners who don’t understand why this is so offending to koreans. I’ll westernized for you.

    In hetalia, Korea is portrayed as loving JAPAN.

    When Japanese colonized Korea, they look korean women and raped them more than 20 times per day for years and years. Japanese also conscripted korean men to be a human shield for the japanese army. Tortured men and women mercilessly because they believed korean “race” was inferior to them.

    So, Korea loving Japan is just equivalent to JEWS LOVING NAZIS!

    Nazis killed millions of jews. Why in the motherfucking hell should jew love Nazis? Overtime, Jews might forgive, but will never love.

    I hope that cleared up EVERYTHING.

    I’m Korean who was born and raised in korea. I like anime, and i like some aspects of japanese cultures.

    HOWEVER, I do not like the portion of japanese people who still think what they’ve done to korea was righteous.

    My great grandmother was raped my japanese soldiers during japanese colonization of Korea. My great grandfather was conscripted to be a human shield.

    I am offended by this post and the author of hetalia.

    And people, don’t you dare try to criticize me because i will go to your house and slap you in the face.

  99. I’m a Korean and I was disappointed that S. Korea did not make an appearance. Though I agree with the example the commenter above made(Although I disagree with the slap in the face part): “Jews might forgive, but will never love”.

    Hetalia is a great anime and I’ve enjoyed it, but there are some times when the characters’ stereotypes go a bit overboard, but we can get over that. Past is past, even though Japan has not given Korea an apology for their heinous crimes, we’ll just have to learn and forgive and wait until a responsible government comes up.

    But you know what the funniest thing is? The character, Japan, doesn’t seem to have any bad side compared to other countries. Instead, it shows how HE was the victim, and how he didn’t colonize Korea and treated people cruelly. The past is past, and if this anime/manga is learning about history, why not include that part? I mean, there were scenes in the anime where a country took over another.

    For example(About Japan being the victim): America came to Japan’s country and decided to settle down, giving unfair contract.
    And there were a few more, but I forgot.

    As for the character’s personality, there are stereotypes that make up their personality. Sure, Koreans are obsessed with games(Heck, I am, and I’m a girl… who beats other boys in games, HA), I agree with that. But obsessed with drama, being a pervert, loving Japan to a point where it seems like he worships Japan, those are NOT what you would find in most Koreans. France and others, have only one of these personality. As for Korea, Japan is dumping all the disgusting characteristics onto him. And by the way, Asia countries love watching dramas.

    Japan is portrayed as calm, forgiving, and kind, while almost 80% of the countries are insane or weird. In the end, Hetalia is an anime to show how “kind and forgiving” they are, promoting Japan, while making rants about other countries.

    We Koreans have never degraded or insulted Japan publicly, worldwide. Japan is. If Japan keeps portraying us as the “devils” in their propaganda, well, is Japan really “kind and forgiving”? They have insulted our food, celebrities on TV. Have we ever done that?
    They even made a manga about hating Korea and it’s probably translated and published online. Now, who’s the one spreading the hate? Make your choice. China has not been colonized by Japan, but Korea did. Imagine the torture of Korea compared to China by three times.

    It’s everyone’s wish to make the world at peace, but that will be impossible because of war, dictators, and unforgiving countries that creates a gap between other countries.

  100. Just someone passing by Says:

    I’m a Korean who’s lived in England for the majority of my life, so I grew up with the whole Korean history ignorance thing since, hey, it makes sense to learn English history when you’re in England. I literally get people asking me if Korea’s another name for China or, if they do know about the existence of Korea, asking me if I’m a communist. And these are from people who do History for A-level. It’s just one of those things you kinda have to get used to.

    People don’t pay attention to Korean history, and so people don’t learn it. And why would they? While Korea was colonised, the world already had Hitler to deal with to pay much attention to Korean comfort women. And after the Axis Powers lost the war, the world had their hands full enough with Stalin to help out the newly liberated Korea. It was bad timing, or good timing, I don’t know. These days, there are more people who have that misconception that South Korea and North Korea hate the hell out of each other and that there’s nothing going on at all between South Korea and Japan. So, though it’s not right or justifiable that Hetalia fans don’t bother to research before they go on a rant, it’s understandable why they’d find it so hard to get their heads around.

    It’s also, I think, the same for the younger Japanese generation. I find it incredibly hard to believe that there are people who could confidently say that Korea is over-reacting while they knowing what the Japanese-Korean dispute is all about. I have three Japanese friends who I’m really close to, all of them are great people, and we love to share our culture with one another, but when it comes to the colonisation and Korean war they are genuinely clueless. It’s not that they don’t want to face it, it’s just that they seriously don’t believe it. Why would someone cut out such a big part of their history without saying anything about it? It’s probably easier to believe that the Korean kid just needs to let out some stress by ranting about colonisation and not take any of it seriously.

    Same with the mangaka, I think Himaruya just genuinely doesn’t know fully about the whole Korean-Japan thing. If you read Himaruya’s other manga, MoeKan, it’s pretty obvious that he honestly doesn’t know why Koreans are so upset about Japan concerning the colonisation. He portrays a Korean girl who blindly hates all Japanese people ‘because they are Japanese’, and also makes it out that the only ally Korea has is Japan which is, well, kind of lacking in accuracy. Keep in mind that Himaruya is also generally unreliable in, not just Korea’s, but other countries’ histories. His characters are awesome, but Hetalia is seriously not a great history guide.

    It’s one thing to blame everything on the older generations and say that times have changed, but the history between Korean and Japan seems pretty darn close when it was your grandmother who was raped, you know? And the idea that whoever raped her might be living normally somewhere with kids and family? It’s a scary thought.

    And with all the territorial dispute talk and South Korea not being in Hetalia and all…just read the manga. Please.

    I love Hetalia, and I love the character Im Yong Soo and everything about him, although I am thoroughly creeped out by the fandom and how little respect Himaruya gets as all his awesome characters are reduced to fantasies for rabid yaoi fangirls. I can’t even search ‘Allied Forces – Hetalia’ on google anymore without having some disturbing USUK fanart popping up on my browser.

    But it’s kind of clear that Himaruya did not put as much effort and thought into Hetalia for it to be taken seriously, so I think it should be taken at face value and left for those watching it to make something out of it.

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