Gundam S2 EP17 “R.I.P. Sergei”


And so one of the best characters dies

I wonder how much this episode cost , lots of units, explosion and 3D animations. Definitely the best episode so far but although it was awesome it was also incredibly sad because  they killed my favorite character, Sergei may you rest in peace.


None can say this wasn’t awesome

So what happened in this episode:

The new canon managed to fire one shot before beings destroyed by Setsuna and hits the orbital elevator begins to fall down. This kill almost all if not all civilians who were in the elevator.

As the solar panels (at least i think that it were panels) begin to fall  to earth, the forces who were fighting against each other band together to save the lives of  the civilians. I will admit, I was really excited seeing all the factions banding together with they sworn enemies to save the lives of the civilians was extremely cool, and both the animation and the scale of the “battle” made it all seem even more awesome.


I wonder why they decided to make all cities in a straight line, it looks weird


A room with a view to Antarctica please


I swear that one day I will get contact lenses like his eyes

We also discovered that Ribbons created all other innovators except Tieria and maybe Anew and that he also thinks he is superior to every other Innovator,  this made me sure that he is going to get killed by one of the other innovators, most likely Regene Regetta, It’s like seeing Alejandro Corner getting betrayed all over again.


This is Africa, why the hell everyone is white?

Although I loved the episode, the end was just too sad. Sergei was one of the best characters and the only manly male of the show, the rest of the male cast are just sissies/emos/losers or are so extremely androgynous that we can barely distinguish their gender.

At the moment he was killed I was almost screaming “NOOOOO”, I was already expecting it but it was still too hard, Andrei is officially in my  “Must die ” list together with Saji.

At least it gave me the faint hope that Soma (not Marie) may return next week to avenge her father, I hope Andrei has a particularly painful death at her hands


Plz, let it be Soma not Marie

The next episode the story will jump ahead a few months, I wonder how the world changed after the fall of the elevator, as there were only three and one of them was destroyed the wolrd may be facing some kind of energy crisis.


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