Gundam S2 EP 18 “Sunrise supports Obama…. or maybe not”


Change, YES WE CAN

Sunrise has been doing a great job with the latest episodes,the story is developing nicely, the battles are fantastic, Soma is back and Saji is actually less annoying. Maybe we will get lucky and Marina dies in the next episode


She is back :3

Well I have a lot of work to due (blame school), so I will make a short review. I will only point the main topics.

  • After 4 months barely anything happened besides the orbital elevator being reconstructed
  • Dunno if the black president is an Obama tribute, or even maybe the opposite as the federation is evil
  • Wang was working for the innovators because she wanted an upgrade but it seems that you need to get all your family killed to get one
  • Setsuna got GN cancer as I predicted a few posts ago
  • SOMA IS BACK, HELL YEAH.I hope we get to see her more in the fallowing episodes.
  • Anew and Lockon are finally dating.
  • The episode ended with Marina about getting shot, I honestly hope she dies
  • And finally :

Saji: Louise..
Louis: Saji…
Andrei: Mother…
Soma: Colonel…
Allelujah: Marie…
Lockon: Anew…
Tieria: Veda…
Setsuna: GUNDAM!



… so let’s have sex


But don’t you do exactly the same?


Headache: Typical woman excuse when they don’t want have sex


Since when do you have ranks?


Andrei likes positive reinforcement




One Response to “Gundam S2 EP 18 “Sunrise supports Obama…. or maybe not””

  1. “change, Yes we can” LOL xD

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