Bleach 206 – “The Past Chapter Begins! The Truth from 110 Years Ago”

I thought that his haircut couldn’t get any worse…

Hey guys! This is my first review in Anime Might so don’t take hard on me. I’ll start with a brief resume of what happened on this episode. Just wanted to say that I don’t read the manga, so it’s possible that many statements I’ll write from now on are technically wrong.

Lapdance service sold separately

The resume:

 This episode take us back in time, when Soul Society squads were ruled by people with weird haircuts (yes, I’m talking of certain Vaizard). Aizen is vice-captain of the fifth squad (which it’s captain is Hirako, one of the Vaizards, if you still remember them), Hyiori and Love are also vice-captain and captain, respectively, of other squads. Basically, all the Vaizards were in high ranks of the thirteen squads. The only characters that survived to the present were Kyōraku, Ukitake, Unohana and Soi Fon. There is not much left to tell, just that Yoruichi recommended Urahara to captain of the twelfth (was in charge of the Detention Unit at that moment and obviously passed on the admission exam), but Soi Fon was not happy about it and decided to spy him to prove  to Yoruichi that he was not capable of taking the vacancie. She failed.

Urahara spending some time on the AA meetings

The review:

Well I think this episode didn’t show us any  story development.  It was ok to show what the Vaizards were before they turn in what they are right now. But this will only make sense if they have a significant weight in the future episodes. If not, I can’t see why they put them on the episode. I think that was interesting to show the relation between Yoruichi and Urahara, because it explains why they had that “closeness” in past episodes (like how she knew that she could trust him to watch over Ichigo, I thought back then that it didn’t had a labored explanation). Also interesting it’s the relation between Yoruichi and Soi Fon. The captain had a very relaxed mood, contrasting with the stressed/responsible personality of Soi Fon, illustrating the idea that “they were made for each other” (don’t take pervert ideas from here).

Is it puberty?

Why the fuck Soi Fon was trying to stop Urahara from being promoted to captain? Was she trying to get his place (like a jealous bitch xD) or was she in loved with Urahara, like Yoruichi said to mess with them? It’s true that they both blushed (really, I can’t picture it xD). Well, the truth is that the whole situation of Soi Fon stalking Urahara was exaggerated and useless. The only conclusion I was able to take from this is that Soi Fon really needs to get laid.


Me neither

 Please comment on this post, about the review or my style of writing, because it will just help me improving!

I know what everyone is wondering: is Ichigo a rabbit or a hare?

Fighting is tiring, that’s why no one likes it



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