Soul Eater EP 44 – “Coward Crona’s Determination: For You, Who Are Always By My Side?”


“Loli Medusa – what more do we want?”

So, I’m back. RUN POOR LITTLE PEOPLE, I understand if you do it, but for those who like my shitty reviews, then enjoy one more. We now have one more blogger on our team, Lambecrikas. We hope you enjoy his work, or else criticize him the best you can to make me feel superior. Now for my review and other stupid things…


Wikipedia didn’t have the resume of the ep, so I will have to do it myself (GOD, WHY???). Because I’m really bad doing this kind of stuff I will only focus on the most important. So, we have: Arachne-sama employees getting their asses kicked by Black Star; Giriko and Justin trying to kill each other once again, Crona and Marie looking for Medusa’s hideout (and finding drawn rabbits in the swamp!!!!!); After finding Medusa, both Marie and Crona want to kill her but don’t succeed, and to finish this crap Maka arrives right when Medusa is about to land the killing blow to Crona. YEAH, best resume ever :D, oh I almost forgot, Stein is really heavy on drugs (man, insanity must be great) and tries to kill Marie.


Stoned Stein is awesome (and that shit is heavy)”

Now to the review itself:

This was a average episode, not much for the story and not much for the action either. An happy balance between. I really thought that the episode would have a lot more action since Crona and Marie found their way into Medusa’s hideout, but unfortunately not much happened. Yes we have a little sparring between the three of them but Medusa’s Loli  power didn’t gave a chance. One of the things I liked most is that Crona (FINALLY) fought his mother both verbally and physically, but she didn’t stand a chance, what is fine for me, I don’t like her anyway.


“This Maire ability, I really want to know what is it…”

I was in hope to see Marie special ability but it looks that will have to wait. I finally understand her name now,( Crushing Weapon Marie) that hammer hand of her isn’t to be taken lightly. On other subject, when Crona was about to be killed by her mother that nosy Maka had to appear and save her… BUT fortunately it looks like Crona will die in the next ep (or at least is what the preview tries to show I think) so I’m really happy about it xD.


“Stein has surrendered to the Loli Power”

And to finish, we only saw a bit of Blackstar this episode while he was opening his way to Arachne’s castle, I hope he fights with Mifune next week and like I said before Giriko and Justin were trying to kill each other once again. Also , Justin, please kill that chain manic once and for all.

Will see what the next ep will bring, but I like how the story is progressing so far.

P.S: Maria+Holic review will be posted today or tomorrow, we will see xD


“Could it be that Crona will die??? YEAH, nice”


“Those are some crazy skates”


“Marie’s hammer can shake the things a little bit”


“I think Rukia made a special contribution in this episode”


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