Gundam S2 EP19 ” WTF, GN voodoo particles?! ”


It is an explanation as good as any other

After some outstanding* episodes, Gundam is back to the usual. I was pretty disappointed that Marina wasn’t killed altough it was a bit obvious  that Sunrise wouldn’t kill the main “heroine”. But to compensate, they decided to kill some useless characters

*Ok, maybe outstanding is a bit to much, let’s say it was above the average


So, It seems riding Gundam 00 upgrades you to an Innovator

Most of this episode was just regular battle, it was good but nothing out of the ordinary, although Cherudim’s new attack was pretty  cool.

But the interesting things happened  at the end.

First, Revive Revival  was captured by Tieria at the battle, and while he was being interrogated by  Summeragi and the Meisters, Anew’s innovator side finally woke up and killed Lasse with a shot in the head.

It was pretty obvious that Revival being captured was all part of a plan, now with two innovator inside the ship they will probably try to hijack the 00 so they can give it to Ribbons who as being having a lot of sexual fantasies with it


I think she is pretty much always a hindrance with or without a gun


“Just as planned”

It seems Ribbons saw trough Regene’s plans of betrayal, maybe when he was insulting Wang and Regen about him being superior than them, he was already foreshadowing this. Anyway while Wang was on route to deliver Veda’s location to the CB, Nena betrayed her and shot the ship where Wang and her brother were. I will admit, although I was never a fan of Wang I was disappointed at her death, I mean she was in every single op (except the most recent one) and had a lot of screen time but she never did anything meaningful, I was expecting her to do something out of ordinary not dieing like that, just another useless character. But there is also a chance the she didn’t died, Sunrise as the nasty habit of resurrecting character who didn’t die on screen.

Nena’s betrayal was predictable, a crazy bitch like her wouldn’t be happy working as a subordinate of someone, she and Ali could make an awesome couple *sigh* If only Ali hadn’t killed her brothers


I think I have seen this somewhere else



Bitch slap


It seems neon suits are the latest fashion

Also we had more magical voodoo particles in this episode, I could try to give Sunrise a chance if only people with quantum brainwaves could hear each other thoughts, but it seems anyone can and also it teleports some people to some kind of parallel universe. Sorry that just too stupid for me at least you could have the decency to explain it although I know that the explanation would probably  also be stupid and lame. I just hope we don’t see a lot more of them until the end of the show -_-



Review was late for the usual reason.


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