Bleach 207 – “12th Division’s New Captain, Kisuke Urahara”

Urahara hot steel balls. No girl can escape them.

Hey again fellas! Did you liked my last review? I would like to hear some feedback… Anyway, here it is, this weeks review. Well, lets start again with the resume of the episode.

The ep still focus on Soul Society as it was 110 years ago. After Urahara promotion, obviously he had to be introduced to the 12th squad low ranks. It wasn’t as pacific as expected: Hyiori was in a bitchy mood and was prepared to make the new captain’s life a living hell. She started by embarrassing Urahara in front of the whole squad, but it seemed that it didn’t effect in him, telling by his relaxed and apathetic way to face the situation. But that pisses even more Hyiori, like when he was moving his stuff to the captain’s chamber, helped by the entire squad, or “redecorating” the chamber. Even so he tries to be nice and help the vice captain heal her injuries (due to the multiple times she hit him).

As I said, they are really steel.

The action culminates when Hyiori challenges Urahara to a duel, where he gets beated up on purpose so that the vice captain doesn’t gets humiliated in front of few squad members that were watching. Hirako gave some heart touching (xD) advices about leadership to Urahara, and the whole conversation was spied by Aizen. In the end, when Hyirori was trying to kick his ass again, Urahara said that they must try to know each other “bit by bit”, which we all know that will eventually end in friendship, and maybe more (she is small but a grown up xD), between the both of them.

“Sorry I’m late, the rock was fuckin’ heavy!”

Now the review itself! This episode was pretty much interesting. Urahara’s personality hasn’t changed a bit in 110 years. That’s what caught my attention to him: the cool relaxed, but yet wise. Being a third seat in the second squad and getting promoted to captain of the twelfth squad isn’t piece of cake. He didn’t knew anyone there, neither they knew him. So a trust bound between captain and the lower ranks does not exist, and it’s kind of hard to build. That’s a thing I don’t understand… In my opinion the vice captains should be promoted to captain and the third seat to vice captain and elect a new third seat. But that’s not the main point of the episode. Well back to the main stuff, Hyiori, being vice captain, should help Urahara feel comfortable in the squad. Instead, I think she was trying to make him quit. From what I noticed she loved the previous captain as her mom, but that’s no reason to make Urahara’s life a hell. Maybe she would like the promotion to captain (oh, you envious bitch! xD). Well, that’s not an example that a vice captain should give to her subordinates. Shame on her!

CAREFACE! If you thought that Urahara’s expressions couldn’t get more retarded…

I think Urahara is the “good guy” of this episode. Being that patient with Hyiori isn’t easy. Well, I would kick her ass since the beginning. Another aspect that deserves attention is in their fight. The only possible reason that I could imagine for Urahara to dodge Hyirori’s kick, and yet take the kick, is because he wanted her to feel guilty about her actions. And with the guilt feeling maybe she could become more sensitive to him.

And in this episode we saw the future of the twelfth squad being build: the machinery and equipments that Urahara had on the captain’s chamber. I think that this was the main impulse to form the Technological department. Let’s wait for the next episode to see what happens.

She’s much more younger that you, sick bastard!

Yes, Hyiori doesn’t love you :(…

She must be that pink PowerRanger!


One Response to “Bleach 207 – “12th Division’s New Captain, Kisuke Urahara””

  1. i likes this arc in the manga…..i have to start watching bleach again… LOL

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