Gundam 00 S2 EP20 “More crappy romance”


Sunrise sure loves nudity

Honestly didn’t like this episode . Sunrise doesn’t know how to make love stories, just check their pairings Setsuna x Marina =fail, Alleluja x Marie=fail, Anew x Lockon=fail, the only pair that it’s still acceptable is Louise x Saji which is kind of sad when we look at it carefully.


Behold the quality of high budget animation

Anew who went berserk last week managed to make the “yellow girl which I don’t remember her name nor I care about it ” hostage and helps Revive escape from the CB interrogation squad, then he steals Gundam 00 while she escaped in a shuttle. But CB weren’t so dumb after all and prepared a full proof master plan:  putting an haro hidden in the gundam. It seems that  neither CB or Revive though of shooting the haro, I mean Revive had a fucking machine gun he could have just blasted haro instead of shooting the gundam’s control panel. Anyway both Revive and Anew manage to escape.


Floor is for sissies

I always thought that Anew had two personalities like Soma/Marie but it seems she was always a spy all along, and also Sunrise proved again that they haven’t the guts to kill some characters, they killed Sergei but somehow it seems they just don’t want to kill needless characters like  Lasse and Wang (she appears alive in the preview)


It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane,  It’s Haro


“I have control”

Anew injected a trojan horse in the ship before escaping and while they were trying to remove the virus (that what you get when you use a free anti-virus) Anew, Revive and other Innovator which the name I can’t recall  attacked CB. In another battle where the physics where completely ignored Lockon and Anew had some dramatic moments where they say how much they love each other but can’t be together because he is an human and she is an innovator and bla bla bla blaa bla you know the drill. When Anew was about to return to Lockon’s arms Ribbons possesses her and forces her to fight more with Lockon, then Setsuna appears and kills Anew to avenge the damaged made to his beloved Gundam.

Mind control  other Innovators seems to be another of Ribbons abilities, it’s sad to think that he is probably one of the most badass characters.


Sunrise: Breaking the laws of physics since 1972

I begin to wonder if the 4 months skip was just to say that Anew and Lockon grew closer, there were so many cool thing they could have made  but no let’s just create a lame relationship with an obvious outcome. Sunrise should focus more on mecha fights and the storyline (god knows how much help it needs) instead of creating love stories that none cares about, the only pairing that they done so far that I liked where Setsuna x Gundam and Tieira x Veda lol.

Ohh I forgot to mention, Innovator Lousie is hawt :3

PS: New gundam officially announced I will probably post something tomorrow about it .


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