Woot new Gundam

New Gundam was officially announced, It seems it won’t be the famed Gundam Unicorn.

Taken from Gundamnews.net :

A new series has made the Universal Century its stage!
Courtesy of the April 2009 issue of Gundam Ace



Mechanic Design: Katoki Hajime
Character Design: Suzuki Tatsuya



Hughes Curro: Male. Age 32. A veteran officer who leads the Phantom Sweep special forces unit charged with hunting for Zeon remnants. He has a bitter experience in which his unit was annihilated in the past.

Sherry Allison: Female. Age 24. She was serving as a test pilot but was assigned to the special forces unit as a replacement.


Erik Blanque (or Blanke):Male. Age 20. A young officer whose family is a distinguished family in the Principality of Zeon. He takes command of the “Invincible Knights” in order to execute a counterattack operation against the Earth Federation Forces.


RX-78-7: The phantom Gundam Unit No.7


Story: The time is Universal Century 0081. One year has passed since the war and although the world was regaining order, small-scale battles continued in various places by the Zeon remnants who still continue to resist. During the situation, a veteran soldier of the Earth Federation Forces is appointed to a mop-up operation of the Zeon remnant forces. On the other side, a young officer is executing a top secret operation for the revival of Zeon. Their paths cross on this battlefield.

To be honest I would prefer unicorn , seeing things like this really made me look forward for it, especially because of the mecha design , I usually I am not a fan of the Gundam models but the Unicorn was just awesome.

But who cares, it’s Gundam

Finally we will get more of UC (if you don’t know what it is go wiki), I am ashamed to admit but I am a bit of a noob to the original Gundam storyline (I have only watched the 3 first movies) but I am already taking care of it.

Well look forward for the new Gundam, I will.


2 Responses to “Woot new Gundam”

  1. Hey I just thought I would add to the new gundam info you have. as you posted it’s set in 0081 which is a year after the first gundam and will use a brand new gundam model as t’s main. The interesting point is that an older veteran will be the main character not a 17 year old boy/rookie, and the second main will be a girl which is going to be strange considering most girls are either hardened war bitches in gundam or bridge bunnies.

  2. soulstrider Says:

    That already on my post:

    “Hughes Curro: Male. Age 32. A veteran officer…”

    I just didn’t pointed that out because at the time of the post I really didn’t gave it much importance although of course I prefer a veteran to a 17 year old wiener.

    Anyway I think it isn’t such a big matter because he will probably have the typical “17 year old boy ” personality.

    And having a female pilot is always good :3

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