Gundam S2 EP 21″Graham Aker is still alive”


Beware huge spoiler ahead: Mr Bushido is Graham Aker

I am extremely glad that Graham is still there behind all that Mr Bushido bullshit. He was one of my favorite characters back at S1 but I thought they killed him completely with Mr Bullshit persona.Time for some Flag loving


In other words “Your bitch is next”

This week we discover that Setsuna is slowing turning into an innovator, in the past posts I already predicted that something like this might happen and if you look back at the previous episodes there were plenty of hints.

Setsuna Innovator looks awesome but then anything Innovator is awesome, those eyes are badass. Now that Setsuna is godlike he will probably just pwn everyone with his Newtype skills.


Poor you, you were forced to go to those awful high society parties be the center of the spotlight and have an horrible fortune, that must have been so hard for you.

Wang, who had survived Nena’s attack, proved to be a really bitch while she was yelling at her brother. Apparently being rich and famous is something extremely hard. If I was Hong Long I would punch her, say “fuck you” and leave, but it seems he hadn’t the brains to do that as well.

Wang motivation’s were also very weak, basically she just helped CB for the Lulz of seeing the world change. Really what a waste of character Sunrise could do much better.


That’s something we can both agree on

But while Wang was being a bitch to her brother, Nena appears gives a piece of her mind to Wang and then tries shoots her.Hong stupidly sacrifices himself to let her sister escape a useless death for a useless character.

Meanwhile Setsuna arrives to the abandoned colony and meets with Wang who gives him the location of Bin Laden Veda. Both of them then leave but instead of leaving together with Setsuna so she can have a bodyguard, she decides to leave alone. Apparently she thinks it’s safer to travel in a unarmed shuttle than a completely overpowered mecha, she pays for her mistake by being blasted outside by Nena.

I never really liked Nena but to be honest she was one of the most useful characters in this show, she killed Louise’s parents, saved Setsuna and killed of several annoying/useless characters, and none can deny she looks awesome when she acts completely insane.


Wanting to be happy….


… in a Gundam show…


…gets you killed.

After Nena kills Wang, she begins a monologue about how she is just using the innovators to stay alive, etc…. Ribbons proves that he is probably the most badass character by hacking Haro so he can tell her that she sucks and is about to get pwned. Louise then appears and kills of f Nena.

Finally Louise avenged her family but unfortunately she goes completely nuts after that I just hope she doesn’t go back to her childish self.


It’s the Haro……of evil


Well, she finally lost it.

Setsuna discovers that Graham is waiting for him near the gundam. Graham makes a speech about how the gundams destroyed the pride of being a Flag fighter, killed his friends and that  they are both destined to marry fight.

Setsuna accepts Graham challenge and both begin to duel (with neat background music btw) but unfortunately Setsuna uses trans-am and sends both to the yaoi parallel naked world.

As I said before I am glad that there is still  Graham in Mr Bushido, I always had the idea that they changed his character completely, finally a good move from Sunrise. I hope that in fallowing episodes they develop more is character, I think that there is slight  chance of he betraying the A-Laws and join the CB,

And yet again, Naked world=Fail


Arghh my eyes, fuck you Sunrise


Nowadays people have no taste

I am getting the felling that Marina’s song will save the world at the end of the day and I just can’t express in words how much that annoys me. I also would like to know how the hell her song spread so fast if she is always hiding and being hunted.

P.S: My English is probably worse than usual today, I really should get someone to correct it


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