Gundam 00 S2 EP22 “Attack of the clones”


The republic federation clone army, does that makes Ribbons a jedi?

This week post will very short thanks to the arrival of the endterms,  so as usual when this time arrives I will just write some quick impressions about the the episode.


The habit of they always saying the characters full name is getting annoying

-First Mr Bushido vs Setsuna fight was pretty anticlimactic, it ended way too soon, Sunrise could have pulled something better out of it.

– CB found that Veda is hidden at the dark side of the moon, and for some reason Sunrise thought they needed to reinforce CB’s motivations again, we already know what they fight for a long time .

-Lol Ribbons has is own personal Innovator clone army, when something that was superior gets mass produced it usually means that it will turn into canon fodder.

-The slight chance of Setsuna x Feld intrigues and amuses me, at least Feldt is always better than Marina.

-Cool battle between Federation and anti-federation forces, A-laws are actually getting smarter nice idea of using anti-particle clouds .

-Woot I can’t believe that Katharon was actually useful for once o.O And hell yeah, I miss seeing the Imortal Colaseur in action, he and Katie deserve more sceen time.

-Fat guy died, I doubt anyone cared about it.

-What’s the point of killing Ribbons to see him alive 5s later in the preview.At leest It seems he is making good use of the cloning technology


Don’t be silly, they are just trying to kill you




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