Anime spring season 2009

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Spring is arriving and with a new anime season. Like what we did with the previous season we will give you our opinion about the show that we are going to watch. Be warned that they are OUR choices, that doesn’t mean that you will like the show or that it will be good.

FullMetal Alchemist 2

Soulstrider: I loved the first anime and I am an huge fan of the manga. Although it will be boring to watch the first episodes as they will probably be identical to the ones of the previous season, I can’t wait to see the new manga developments and characters animated.

Lanheses: Taking a look because of the new manga development but probably I won’t see it from the beginning.

Valkyria Chronicles

Soulstrider:I love military themed animes, and I have to say I like the premise and setting of this  show very much, also I really like the character design. Although most of the game adaptations suck i have a good feeling about this one.

Lanheses: I will watch this one. Like Soulstrider said game adaptations usually  don’t succeed, but since it’s a great game I hope they do a good job with this one.

Guin Saga

Soulstrider: A dark fantasy series without tentacle rape and that is actually compared with Conan. I am intrigued

Pandora Hearts

Lanheses:Interesting premise. Fantasy action


Soulstrider:Another anime in a interesting setting. I really liked the girl art although that doesn’t mean she will look like that in the show. I also doubt Gonzo’s capability to anime a new show since they fired most of their staff a couple of months ago.

Lanheses: Same thing as Soulstrider here.

Ristorante Paradiso

Lanheses:I WANT TO SEE  Italian language getting butchered xD. I will check out because it seems interesting, I like this kind of things.

Soulstrider:I am going to check just because it looks unusual

Higashi no Eden

SoulstriderIG production, excellent premise,awesome trailer and op by Oasis o.o I need to check it out

Lanheses: I think it has an interesting premise so I will see what we can find here


Lanheses: I really like Kyoto Animation so I will check this out even though I dislike music moe

Nasu no Arashi!

Soulstrider:I loved school rumble, so I will definitely watch this since it’s the same author. Similar looking characters is a plus point for me

Lanheses: Again… same as Soulstrider, except the last part, that doesn’t matter.

Queens Blade:

Soulstrider:In the previous season post I already mentioned I will watch this. Lately, for some reason i got th e urge to watch an echii show.

Lanheses:ECHII POWER = maybe. Now for Soulstrider’s real reason to see this, he just wants to fap .


Soulstrider:I am not sure why I am going to watch this. Probably because of my military fanboyism and I read somewhere that the manga is tremendously popular in japan. The characters look very feminine, but I learned my lesson from Code Geass, girly boys doesn’t necessary mean that I won’t like the show, but I will drop it at the first  sight of Yaoi

So what shows we deem more promising:

Soulstrider: FMA2, Valkyria Chronicles,Natsu no Arashi !,Higashi no Eden

Lanheses: Jewel Pets, Valkyria Chronicles, Higashi no Eden, Natsu no Arashi, Shangri-La (it’s Gonzo but we never know….)


6 Responses to “Anime spring season 2009”

  1. I’m personally looking forward to Saki, Hatsukoi Gentei and Rainbow (if it actually comes out).

    Just on a note of Shangri-La it is the third GONZO show of this season so only one more to come out for the year by them.

    Looking forward to seeing your guys blogs this season, and if I’m not being too much like a weaboo よろしくおねいします.

  2. Hum i still need to take some time to give it a looking.

  3. soulstrider Says:

    There are plenty of interesting show this season.
    I will probably blog Valkyria Chronicle or Higashi no Eden.
    Dunno about Lanheses, lately is posts are rare because he suffers from a health condition:S

  4. lanheses Says:

    Fear not my friends xD This week (probably) I’LL BE BACK. About the shows I will blog, Valkyria Chronicles or Higashi no Eden (depends on what Soulstrider chooses) and maybe some other show cause it looks I will have plenty of more time in the months to come. Or I will probably die tomorrow, if that happens don’t expect my reviews xD

  5. Idiot I expect you to review from the grave that is the way of the true blogger. But all jokes aside I hope you get better soon I miss seeing your posts around the place.

  6. lanheses Says:

    Thanks 😀 I appreciate your consideration. And you are right xD even if I die I will try to come around here when I’m not haunting people.

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