Gundam 00 S2 EP24 “Miraculous particles”

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Seizure time

This could have been a way better episode if it wasn’t for one thing: GN particles. CB were pretty much getting their asskicked, Tieria was dead, Billy was about to kill Summeragi, Lasse was dieing from GN cancer, Lockon was about to get killed,etc….. but then Sunrise decided to pull a deux ex machina with the GN particles and save the day. Suddenly everything was ok, Tieria had his mind merged with Veda (ok, this wasn’t particles fault), Billy and Summeragi ended up together, Lasse was cured, Lockon pwned Ali, etc…

So let’s analyze each case:

Case 1: Louise and Sajj

Pre- GN Particles: Louise tried to kill Saji and then fainted, probably in a near death condition.

Post- GN Particles: Louise comes back to normal and embraces Saji.

Commentary: I knew this would come but it’s still sad ,n ow the only thing that I can hope for is that Louise doesn’t go back to be a spoiled bitch.

Case 2: Lasse’s desease

Pre- GN Particles: Was coughing blood like mad probably hadn’t much time left.

Post- GN Particles: He was totally fine.

Commentary: Does anybody even care about what happens to Lasse?

Case 3: Lockon vs Ali

Pre- GN Particles: Ali was kicking Lockon’s ass.

Post- GN Particles: Lockon kicked Ali’s ass.

Commentary: I was expecting that would be Setsuna to kill Ali. Lockon must have superhuman  reflexes, otherwise it would be impossible for him to shoot first.

Case 4:Marie/Soma and Andrei

Pre- GN Particles:Marie/Soma was about to get killed by the Gaga squads and Andrei still hated his father.

Post- GN Particles:Marie/Soma survives, get’s back to being fully Marie and manages to have a telepathic talk with Andrei where she begins to manage to convince him that he shouldn’t have killed his father.

Commentary: No more Soma for anyone and it seems that the only thing Andrei wanted was attention, well he won’t get that with his father dead.

Case 5: Billy and Summeragi

Pre- GN Particles: Billy was fully convinced about the righteousness of the Innovator’s cause and was about to kill Summeragi.

Post- GN Particles:Billy didn’t care more about the Innovator’s cause, he just wanted to have sex be together with Summeragi.

Commentary: A stupid ending for a stupid arc. Billy is a bitch and should die, he created armies of mechs with trans-am and then he changes mind so easily.

Case 6:Gaga Squads

Pre- GN Particles: They were still fighting and were about to destroy the CB.

Post- GN Particles: They suffered some kind of brain explosion which also destroyed their mechs.

Commentary: Sunrise just wanted a quick way to take care of them  so they can clean the path for the boss battle.

Case 7: Tieria fusion with Veda

Note: Not related to the particles but it’s still part of the miraculous turn of events.

Description: Tieria is shot by Ribbons but before dieing manages to transfer his conscience to Veda. There he remote controls Seraphim Gundam to use trial field and deactivate the remaining innovator suits and automatons.  He also gains access to all information in Veda and explains Aeolias plan to Setsuna.

Commentary: I kind of liked this development, Tieria finally returned to his long lost love and we finally know the exact details of Aeolia’s plan although it was already explained before by Ribbons and the other innovators several times in the previous episodes. I liked the fact that he openly admitted that trying to bring peace trough war was a contradiction.


Tuberculosis is a bitch


Innovator love triangle


Jesus Setsuna


Oh shit, what he said actually made some sense

An interesting fact that we discovered is that the Innovators are not true Innovators but actually similar beings called Innovados, I always wandered why they called Setsuna the first Innovator, know it finally makes sense.

Also I didn’t really get what Regene’s plan was, did he want to overthrow Ribbons and become the new leader of the Innovados/Innovators or he just wanted to fallow Aeolias plan and help Setsuna “ascend”?

The boss battle is next week, lol @ Ribbons mech and where the hell is Mr. Bushido? Don’t tell me that the his role in the show is already over.


Omg, it’s Guncannon


Seraphim Gurren Lagann


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  1. I laughed like an idiot, great review! XD

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