Gundam 00 S2 EP25 (Final) “And everything comes to an end”


It has been a wild ride folks

Gundam 00 ended this week, well I really enjoyed this final episode I was actually expecting something worse. In the end of the episode they announced a movie which seem that will be the real conclusion of the show, I bet it will be Celestial Beings vs Jupiter aliens.





Most of the episode was just typical gundam boss fight which is good. I have never been fan of transformer mechs but Reborn canon was badass, although you not need to be a genius to know that two GN drives are more powerful than one, I don’t know why they have to make such a big deal of it whenever they talk about the twin drive system.

Anyway the fight was pretty cool and after each one ruined the others mech they decided to bring Exia and  RX-78-2 Gundam 0 back,  I have no idea where Setsuna got Exia unless is the “R2” that Summeragi was talking about.

The surviving Innovados/Innovades/whatever you call them , were quickly defeated by the remaining CB, Gundam proves  once again that legs in space battles are a joke.


I never thought that I would see Amuro loose

Probably most of the hardcore fans are thinking that Amuro piloting the RX78-9 Gundam (Ribbons and Amuro share the same voice actor)  being defeated by  a newer Gundam symbolizes the destruction of the old UC style gundam by the new SEED/00 school, but I couldn’t care a less even though I prefer UC.

Obviously Setsuna won, after all he had the most recent mech, and recent in Gundam means power.


I would also enter in panic if I saw naked Tieria

The epilogue was also pretty good, we get to know what happened to world and to all the surviving characters. My favorite part was definitely Patrick and Katie’s wedding, he sure deserved it.

What I feared also happened, Louise returned to the S1 self I will miss the cold, ruthless and insane bitch that she was.


Totally evil smile


Best couple of the show, don’t try to say otherwise

And everything else turned ok , the Federation magically became good and disbanded A-Laws, Azadistan was rebuilt and accepted their useless queen back, Andrei feeds  starving people in Africa,  Homer commits suicide and his nephew couldn’t care less now that he has a big breasted lover, and CB continues protecting the world even though none likes them.


Mr Yaoi misses his partner

Now we just need to wait for the movie, probably the main antagonist of the movie are the several Innovados  that we saw spread around the world, that or aliens from Jupiter.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, it seems that Allelujah idea of getting punished for his sins is going on a trip with Marie.


Movie plot hint?


In 2010 earth is going to be invaded by Jupiter’s winged whales.

Some final thoughts about Gundam 00 S2:

The first season of 00 was definitely better, it was more complex, it had an interesting political situation and there was no actual bad guy during most of the show, just several factions ,whereas in S2 the plot is more simplistic and we know since the beginning who are the bad guys and that they are really evil. Still S2 was definitely better than much of the moe otaku crap that we see nowadays.

Contrary to what many people say I don’t think that the plot was bad, the main problem is that they just threw in the middle lots of stupid things like the Gaga squads, over usage of trans-am and GN particles, Marina’s song, some stupid lines from some characters.  If you lo0k at the plot and character descriptions in a unbiased way, like in a Wikipedia article  all actually looks really awesome.

And finally I must say that Marina is the MOST USELESS CHARACTER EVER MADE, I don’t know why the hell she was in the show, she didn’t do nothing, she just occupied air time with her uselessness. I guess Sunrise must have had other plans for her but they change their mind for some reason.


Sunrise prefers Hillary over Obama

On a more personal note I would like to thank everyone who read my reviews, yes the two of you. It was the first time I blogged a show and I hope you liked, if you had any troubles understanding my reviews feel free to tell me, English is not my main language so it’s natural that there are lots of mistakes and it’s also something that makes writing really hard.  In a couple of weeks I should have decided which will be the next show I will review.

PS: Queen’s blade is totally an hentai show, just check the trailers.


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