First Impressions – “K-ON!”


“Can this girls rock?”

The Spring Season is here and like the last time we will make some first impressions about some shows. So, I’m going to review the first K-ON! episode. Go ahead and see what we can find…

I will start with a little resume, but be advised, I really suck at doing things like this. Here I go:

Yui is late for the first day of school. After all the commotion she finally arrives at school…….. ONE HOUR EARLIER (don’t ask me why ). After the opening ceremony she is trampled by people trying to get her to join a club. Elsewhere, Ritsu makes Mio go with her to the music club (K-ON), but soon they find out the club is to be dismantled because all the previous members graduated. So it seems K-ON (Karui Ongaku = light music) is in need of members. Tsumugi looking for the chorus club end’s up being convinced to join the K-ON club. So now we have Ritsu who plays drums, Mio who plays bass and the new member Tsumugi who plays keyboard. After a reunion they decide to do some advertising to the club with some flyer’s. Seeing the flyer Yui applies the club but soon tries to give up (she doesn’t know how to play a guitar), but in the end is convinced to stay by the performance (a really poor one xD) of the other element’s. And this way the K-ON quartet is born.


“No Pantsu shoot?:'( “

Now, after this bad moment (I hope you had time to calm down) let’s go to the review itself:

I must say, I really liked this ep. I was waiting this series because I’m a fan of Kyoto Animation, but either way I was surprised when I saw this first episode. I was expecting a more moe show, and not this kind of characters but I must say Kyoto Animation did it again and I think this series can be a winner, it’s funny, it’s kind of interesting and we have a group of characters that will work very well together. They remember me of some characters from Lucky Star (one of my favorite shows by the way) in personality terms, Mio = Kagami (but leeeeeess tsundere), Ritsu = Misao, Yui = Tsukasa and finally Tsumugi = Miyuki (not clumsy and a little funnier in my opinion), so, I already love the characters xD.


“People…… you really must join a club…”

In other areas, the animation is simple but really good, I think they could polish some areas but nothing important. I loved the facial expressions but in this area Kyoto Animation is always great. Finally (and like I said previously) I was expecting more moe, but thank god if it stays like this, Yui is moe of course but still in an cute way and not I WANT TO KILL HER way, so for now everything is ok…

Oh I almost forgot, the opening and ending…. I liked them, the animation on both is awesome and the rhythm is very good (didn’t like much of the lyrics but how cares xD).

Anyways, I’m really satisfied with this first ep, it added a bit of joy in my life xD and was fun to watch so I’m really expecting the next one and I bet this will be one of my favorite shows this season. Take a look…. and by the way, my English can’t be corrected because SoulStrider is in Barcelona right now being raped , so expect a lot of errors or at least bad sentence construction xD sorry about that.


“The power of advertisement”


“I reject your love feelings!”




“He says he will kill her but all she can think is that loooong tongue” (btw Detroit Metal City reference?)


“Go to a club and say you don’t want to join… tadah!!!! you get free food”


“So, there is a reason why pictures don’t have sound ah?”


“Girl + Drums = nice”


“Ritsu… you need people for your club, but you do flyers capable of scaring potential members? Nice one”


“Japanese employees in fast food restaurant’s have stars on their eyes”




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