First Impressions “Valkyria Chronicles and Natsu No Arashi”

I am back from my trip to Barcelona and finally caught up to all anime I missed. I won’t post any summaries of the episodes because I am short on time.

Valkyria Chronicles


Valkyria Chronicles story is set in Europa, a fictional version of Europe. There the the small country of Gallia is invaded by the much larger East Europan Imperial Alliance, commonly known as the Empire, because of it’s large amount of Ragnite ore. The story accompanies the adventures of Welkin Gunther, Alicia Melchiott and a squad of Gallian soldiers trying to repel the invading imperials.

I really liked the first episode of the anime,  the art was brilliant I loved the watercolor style and sketch-like overlay it remembered me of a painting. I also really like the weapons design they feel very WWIIish and the tanks look plain awesome.

I liked the main characters so far although it’s the first episode so I won’t risk saying anything more, the Imperial prince will be voiced by Fukuyama Jun’s , one of my favorite voice actors, so I am imagining him as a crossover between Lelouch and Reinhard von Lohengramm. I don’t know why he reminds me of Reinhard maybe because of being blond and having that Imperial theme although it’s obvious that he won’t be nearly as great as Reinhard.

The only characters I disliked where the 2 militia boys and the other militia girl, I hate that wimpy kind of people.

I have no idea about how the plot will be and I don’t want to spoil myself with the game summary, but I am sure it will have something to do with the Valkyria and Darcs, notice that Welkins sister is a Darcsen maybe she is a descendant of the original Darcs?

Now the only thing we need to see is a real battle, I want to see if there are going to be deaths and blood or if all of it will be censored.

The opening and ending are ok I guess, but nothing special.

I have good hopes about this show I will watch more a couple of episodes to decided if I will blog it, the other strong contestants for blogging are Shangri-la ( I was pretty surprised with this show, it’s really good and I may post a small impression tomorrow about it) and Eden of the East which it sill hasn’t aired¬† but looks awesome.


Stupidest outfit ever


Grenades: A must have in every Gallian house

Natsu No Arashi


I can hardy express in words how disappointed I was with this show, I was an huge fan of school rumble and then Shaft does this to me.

First the character design looks terrible, they were ok looking in the manga but I don’t know how they could do this to them, they look so plain awful that it’s hard to look at them. Most of the characters are average, except Hajime which I loath, he annoys the crap out of me, the girl is Ok I guess , although I expected she would be the silent and mysterious type of character and not so talkative.

I didn’t understood the plot very well but it seems that revolves around time travel girls which could be interesting if done right. The show tries to be funny but they failed miserably at trying to make me laugh, I will even say that the only thing that made my laugh was the opening, such a ridiculous thing.

I don’t know what Shaft was thinking when they decided to make this show, I will give it a chance but if it doesn’t improve I will drop it.

PhotobucketThis image inspires hate


Probably the most interesting thing in this episode


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