First Impressions “Shangri-la”


I know that this post is quite late , somethings came up and I was just able to write it now >_<.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with Gonzo, I didn’t have much expectations for this show but Shangri-la’s first ep was quite good.


Did anyone actually understood all that was said in this part?

Shangri-la is set in a fictitious future where due to Global warming people live in jungle cities and some kind of Carbon taxes was imposed in every country so that the pollution can be reduced.  The main lead Kuniko is the future leader of a group called “Metal age”  which opposes Atlas, some kind of government organization, and the Carbon taxes.

First I have to praise the setting besides looking awesome, if you think about it,  it’s actually something that could happen in real life. It’s always good to see an anime that tries to transmit a useful message, in this case the good ol’protect the environment and stop polluting one.

The character design looks awesome, Gonzo made a great job. I won’t talk much about their personalities since it’s the first ep but I really find Kuniko downright annoying, she is just too hyperactive and childish to my taste but needless to say the transsexual is brilliant, he managed to give a great deal of comedy to the episode  (Ya, you probably already noticed I tend to dislike main characters but like the rest of the cast).

Another interesting thing is the several groups present in this show, Metal Age, Atlas, Ishida Finance, etc.. I look forward to see how they will all interact.

And I Just LOVED the op, I became a great fan of May’n since Macross F.

But there were also several aspects I disliked about this episode. First Kuniko besides having super human reflexes, can also destroy tanks and defeat soldiers using only a boomerang and speaking of soldiers, c’mon it’s not that hard to hit a single little girl.

Another thing I disliked was the talk between the Ishida Finance’s girl and the foreign minister, It’s not that was bad but It was just to deep and confusing for the first episode besides me I know several people who didn’t understood it very well, hell just check a random forum and see it for yourself.

Now I just hope that Gonzo doesn’t turn this in another trainwreck, this show as a lot of potential and I would hate to see it ruined. Personally I am really looking forward for the next episode, they left us with a pretty good cliffhanger.


Kuniko is the new Neo


Don’t laugh, you would also run away


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