Eden of the East 01 – “Why not a naked woman instead?”

“He’s not at home”

First of all, hi again! Since Bleach is turning into a big fail (just my opinion, they can do much better), I couldn’t do the reviews without my karma bugging me, so I choose mental sanity rather than do the reviews. But now I’m back on the game with Eden of the East, which I think it has a lot of potential to become a great anime.  Well, let’s get started.

I’ll begin with the usual (ok, it’s not usual but it’ll become) episode summary. It begins when a girl is heading to see the White House, in Washington D.C. .Why? Because she thought it was the center of the world. Let me warn you that the center of the world (for what I’ve heard) is hot, unlike D.C.. Her objective was to throw a coin into the fountain to make a wish. Probably she wanted to meet her prince and that was about to happen! There were two policemen who didn’t enjoy seeing her throwing coins at the fountain. And a naked guy (with amnesia)  jumps out from bushes with a gun and a cell phone on his hands! The agents tried to chase him but he managed to avoid them pretty easily. Then he meets the girl, whom gives him some of her outer clothes and after wearing them he rans away. In her clothes were her wallet and passport.

“Redundancy: yes, this is somewhere near America”

“What are they teaching in Japan?!”

“USA, the land where you can run naked with a gun in your hand and no one cares”

“She doesn’t want to see it”

So she realized it and followed him. While he was running, and avoiding the cops were trying to arrest him, he stopped a bit to check the cell phone in hope to get some information about his past. He clicked on a big button on the back of the cell phone and he heard a voice, Juiz’s voice. Basically Juiz said that his memories were erased and told him to head to his home. He arrived to his (crappy) apartment. There was a closet full of guns, ammunition’s and fake passports. Obviously he thought he was a terrorist. In a hurry to don’t miss her flight, Morimi managed to find his apartment. He gave her the passport and took her to the airport. He chose one of the fake passports he had on the closet to be his identity (and at the airport he confirmed it wasn’t a fake passport, so it must be his real identity) and burned the others. His name was Akira Takizawa. To run away from all that was happening to him, Takizawa decided to head back with Morimi to Japan. While in the airport, they discovered that Tokyo suffered a missile attack.

“It’s so hairy and old… And yet it seems usual”

I think this anime has a great potential. In my opinion, the opening is one of the most important thing to cause a good first impression, and this anime had a great one. The animation is also good,  differs a bit from the traditional in some details. Based on all that facts about Takizawa, his memory loss, the strange phone call and the guns, fake passports and ammo in his possession, we can assume that there is some strange (maybe terrorist) organization with some kind of relation with him. Takizawa adapted very well to his amnesia and running away of Washington was the best thing he could do to avoid problems. Of course, we all know that he will have a lot of them. Another fact is that Morimi has found her prince, even if she denies it. Anyway, we can see that she’s a bit dependable which obviously will affect the course of the story between her and Takizawa. I think the overall action his very well constructed, and I have to say that the episode caught my attention from the very beginning,and it has lost of possibilities to grow an intense, and also enjoyable, story, full of subtle touches of comedy.

“Now he feels warm”

“The American generosity!”

“I’m starting to think that his johny is public domain”

“Godzilla strikes again”


One Response to “Eden of the East 01 – “Why not a naked woman instead?””

  1. Ahaha
    THis is indeed an anime with a great potential.
    I just loved it from the first day and I want more of this.

    “Godzilla strikes again”
    That was just priceless

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