Eden of the East 02 – “Japan is full of holes…”

“He doesn’t have memories but he remembers the movies he has seen..”

Hi again! Have you seen this episode? I think it’s pretty amazing. The story of Eden of the East (Higashi no Eden) is now building up, making the anime more and more addictive. When I finished the episode I felt like I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“Poor guy… Why my memories don’t get wiped too?”


Well, I’ll start with a summary of the episode, as I usually do. The last episode ends with Morimi and Takizawa in the airport, ready to take the next flight to Tokyo. Logically, this episode begins with both of them flying over the crater formed by the missile impact. To be more precise, it’s not just one crater. Tokyo was hit by a lot of missiles in the last months. The former impacts had a name, Careless Monday, because suddenly, in the previous year, missiles came flying to Tokyo and no one expected it, even the authorities.

When they arrive at the airport, Takaziwa receives a call from Juiz, the mysterious voice that is probably behind his memory loss. Juiz called him IX (number 9)like if he was some kind of agent/study object. Apparently he had entered the active area of Seleçao (probably the organization behind all this). Juiz also said that his balance was 8,262,307,719 yen. This money is used to request services from Juiz that, basically, can do whatever he wants. Meanwhile, another Seleçao member, IV, is watching every yen that Takizawa spends.


“Someone picks you up in a luggage car and BANG you’re a star!”

When Morimi and Takizawa left the airport, Takizawa leaves her saying  he wanted to check the address of his home in the passport (he would return a bit later because obviously with his memories wiped he didn’t knew where the street  was), getting Morimi very upset  because she taught she scared a potential prince. After his return to Morimi, she confirmed that his home was in one of the craters, so it was destroyed by one of the missiles on the Careless Monday. IV, that was following Takizawa, finally founds him. Well, as a cop, IV asked to see Takizawa’s passport, probably to gather more information about him. When Morimi and Takizawa arrived at the dock (he needed to take the boat to continue the way to his home), they started talking about their past (I’ll omit that). Meanwhile we got a glimpse of the “I can do whatever you want” that Juiz spoke about. IV was approached by some weird guys asking him for 2 million yen (probably from a past “business”). He just asked Juiz to kill them and, in a stylish way, they were killed. Morimi and Takizawa, still in the boat, talked about Morimi’s trip to New York. They end up taking a picture together, endind the episode this way.

“You can get fucking shot by a cop the next time”


I think it was a great episode , by explaining some of the main points of the story (like the Careless Monday, Morimi’s past and giving some clues about the Seleçao), it made us more comfortable with the setting.

I personally didn’t like the attitude of Takizawa when he left the airport. The girl ask him to go take a cup of tea and he totally dumps her? After the help that she gave to him back in D.C.? And then he comes back just because he needed her! I think it was a bit selfish. But he made up when he was getting on the boat and made her come with him. Morimi probably realized that he might be her prince and definitely doesn’t want to let him escape, that was obvious when she was at the airport bathroom speaking to herself “maybe if I smiled more” and things like that. But we can easily say , by the way that the story is developing, that they will end up together.

I also like the way the organization works: if you just want to kill someone the coolest way possible just ask Juiz. Obviously Takizawa is an important piece of the organization or he wouldn’t have access to so much money. The bad thing is that every time Juiz makes a wish possible, it spends some money from the user’s account. And I think that at least money is what IV is looking on Takizawa. Lets wait for the next episode!

“No, it’s not”

“He just has 8,2 million yen, let him have the change”

“Yeah, sure, he remembers his e-mail…”

“The firing finger: the deadliest piece of meat on earth”


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