Valkyria Chronicles EP3 ” Darcsens are like the new jewish”


None likes the Jew…. Darcsen.

Ok so I decided to review Valkyria Chronicles, it’s turning even better than I thought and if it begins to suck I will just blog something else next season but I doubt that will  happen. Oh, I hope none gets offended by the Jewish jokes,  I just said that because the way the Darcsens reminds me the way the Jewish were treated in WW2.


I approve miniskirts in the army, Mustang would be proud

In this episode we get introduced to squad 7 and the rest of the militia (the regiment captain really looks similar to Kati), so far the only members who got a detailed introduction besides the Bruhn veterans were “Rosie” and Largo. They are the typical arrogant guys who at first dismiss the leader as an inexperience idiot but as the time passes they grow to respect and obey him.

It seems Rosie’s hate for Isara will probably  be a recurring theme in the show  and it also made curious about the Darcsen. Why people hate them so much? What exactly was the Darcsen calamity?

Gunther old friend also seems an rather interesting character I wonder if he is going to use history in battle inthe same way  Gunther uses biology. Nevertheless I look forward to see is eccentricities, we were already able to see a bit of them in the preview xD

I don’t know how they will introduce the rest of the character but I expect something like ” character of the week” episodes.


She also noticed Gunther is a siscon

Besides the introductions, squad seven 7 also got their first taste of  battle. I find amusing that were the military was completely worthless just a single militia squad succeeded easily.

Anyway the battle was way to short, they ought to have made it bigger, I hope the rest of them aren’t like this. Gunther strategy was smart although I found pretty dumb that the Imperial soldiers didn’t considered the possibility of an amphibious assault. They also surrendered such an important position way to quickly although it can be understandable as they didn’t knew the strength of the enemy force.

I was kind of surprised none punished Gunther for taking such an independent action if this was another show like Zeta for example, Gunther would have received such a “correction” that he would be bleeding all over the place.

Next week we will have a light comedy episode and we will get to see how thing work in the Imperial side.

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Of course you forgot to tell them that in case you fail you will all probably end dead.


Looks like someone likes to talk like Kira


None remembered of putting ALL the tanks in the boats


It’s that a MILITARY mess hall ? Soldier’s living condition have really improved O.O


Stating the obvious


This  looks just plain badass


Her expression…priceless


Gallian millitary aim is a joke


One Response to “Valkyria Chronicles EP3 ” Darcsens are like the new jewish””

  1. TheIronicTwist Says:

    Nice article man. I am totally enjoying the anime and it was a sick game too!

    Btw, on a side note, I am jewish and I take no offense to the joke. In fact, I agree with the comparison, especially since Valkyria Chronicles makes constant allusions to WW2.

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