Eden of the East 03 – “Boy+Girl+Empty Mall=Watch a Movie With a Dog”

“OMG the puppie!”

Hi again. Due to my exams I’ll just do a smaller summary but still the usual thoughts. By the way, to all the readers of our blog, be more active.

“He’s among the mortals to save the puppies”


Akira and Morimi finnaly arrive at his house, but it turns out that it’s a mall. A dog (with little angel wings on his back) was waiting for him. Meanwhile, Kondou arrived at the mall in hope of getting Akira’s phone. While Morimi and Akira were exploring the mall, he found the place where that suspicious photo with him and all the naked guys was taken. Akira asks Juiz to get a movie (that Morimi liked) so they could see it together. When Akira was in the projecting room , Kondou confronts him violently and takes his phone. While he was getting punched, he managed to take Kondou detective identification, and then  collapsed . The next day, Akira wakes up and calls to his phone and Kondou picked up. They marked a place so they could trade the phone (that Kondou couldn’t use, it needed the owners fingertip) by the I.D.. When Akira arrived at the place, Kondou was laying with a stab wound (inflicted  by his wife). This is just a really really brief summary of what’s happened. I strongly recommend that you see the episode to understand lots of details that I didn’t mentioned here.

“Nice yellow bed”

“Maybe he was painting a red wall and got painted on the jacket”


So, unlike I imagined, number IV, Kondou, the detective and messiah that was after Akira, suddenly gets killed. Honestly I thought that he would play a more interesting and active role in progress of the story, rather than get killed in that stupid way. In this episode we were introduced to some factors that  add even more mystery to this anime. One of those factors (and I think one of the most important) it’s that if one of the messiah’s runs out of money he gets killed. Other aspect was mentioned by Kondou, “Seleção are the people forced into playing this shitty game.” so this made me think that maybe all the messiah’s are just puppets in a bigger “game”. The last factor is the NEET thing, mentioned in the last episode that now makes more sense. Why would Akira want to kill them? He bought the Mall and made them captive there because he knew that the missile would explode. So maybe the missile was his idea too. I think that after that he asked Juiz to wipe his memories. Why? We don’t know yet.

Well, Morimi didn’t do anything important for the episode. By the way, why she didn’t go look for Akira in the middle/end of the movie? And just one more thing to say: the dog with the wings! It’s kind of cute but I think that there is some meaning to the wings. If not, why wings? It would look much cooler a mini leather jacket or something like that.

“Next time send it to your mother!”



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