After some discussion we decided to quit the blog as it was pretty much pointless to continue writing as none reads this and we just don’t have enough time this days.

Thanks to everyone who regullary checked us, specially to Fr0z and Sibnova

Cya around.


6 Responses to “Bye”

  1. 😦 dude no. I like your blog just advertise more.

    • soulstrider Says:

      Sorry we really would like to continue but there is just no motivation, almost none reads it and we already tried to advertise it, but nothing changed. We would only continue our blog if suddenly several fans we had no idea we had appeared asking us to come back xD

      We really appreciate your support and I hope this doesn’t influence your podcast in any way, you are really doing a great job and so far it’s seems you had plenty of success 😉

  2. 😦 this is really sad news 😦

  3. Baka
    Nunca desistas pá. x)
    Eu nunca desisti do meu forum e mesmo que não vá ninguém eu continuo a por as minhas ideias e informações.
    Se não for para visitantes, será para nós.
    Continua com o blog que tens feito um enorme trabalho.

  4. oh,, sorry about that..
    i though this site was very good…

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