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More Pasta goodness

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No, not this kind of pasta

What I mean is that Axis Powers Hetalia is going to get a 2nd season, fuck yeah. I am pretty excited with this news, Hetalia is so damn hilarious that you can almost ignore all  the yaoi vibes in it. I know some of you may think that this anime is childish, well you are wrong, would a kids show say that Germany is into bondage and furry and make fun of the size of Japan’s penis,  I think not.

Anyway this is great news, I hope they add Korea just to annoy the anti-hetalia Korean bastards.


Happy Birthday Gundam

Posted in News with tags , on April 7, 2009 by soulstrider

Today is the birthday of one of the biggest anime franchises, happy 30th birthday Gundam.

On a related news Tomino announced a Gundam UC movie featuring Gundam Unicorn, it’s not 100% but it seems he announced it while in Italy.
Source but you will only understand it if you read Italian

Gundam news + Blog news

Posted in Annoucement, News with tags on March 24, 2009 by soulstrider

Gundam news:

Remember my post about the new gundam show where I said that Sunrise was making a new one, well it turned out to be that it wasn’t show but actually a PS3 game, so don’t expect a new gundam show this year.
Check the game website

Blog news:

First, LambeCrikas after a couple of Bleach posts decided to leave the blog because he hadn’t the time to write.

Second, we added a Contact us page. Do you want to share links? Do you want to praise our work? Or you just want to insult us? Write to

Anime spring season 2009

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Spring is arriving and with a new anime season. Like what we did with the previous season we will give you our opinion about the show that we are going to watch. Be warned that they are OUR choices, that doesn’t mean that you will like the show or that it will be good.

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Woot new Gundam

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New Gundam was officially announced, It seems it won’t be the famed Gundam Unicorn.

Taken from :

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Kurokami broadcast

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According to the official website, new anime “Kurokami” (Black god) will be broadcasted simultaneously in Japan, South Korea and US on TV. The programs to be aired in Korea and US will be dubbed.

Well that will probably mean no fansubs for non-Korean/American -_-

Winter anime season 2008/2009

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Click to enlarge (Note: We didn’t made this)

It’s just me or this season has TOO many sequels?

What we will give a shot:

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