Blog Status and AMV

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Here what each member of our team will blog this season:

  • Lambecrikas: Eden of the east(forgot to mention that he returned
  • Soulstrider: Waiting for decent subs for Shangri-la so he can decide if it will be it or Valkyria
  • Lanheses: Will TRY to blog K-ON!

Also here’s the usual amv, not really a fan of the music but It seems pretty popular


Eden of the East 01 – “Why not a naked woman instead?”

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“He’s not at home”

First of all, hi again! Since Bleach is turning into a big fail (just my opinion, they can do much better), I couldn’t do the reviews without my karma bugging me, so I choose mental sanity rather than do the reviews. But now I’m back on the game with Eden of the East, which I think it has a lot of potential to become a great anime.  Well, let’s get started. Continue reading

First Impressions “Shangri-la”

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I know that this post is quite late , somethings came up and I was just able to write it now >_<.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with Gonzo, I didn’t have much expectations for this show but Shangri-la’s first ep was quite good.

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Happy Birthday Gundam

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Today is the birthday of one of the biggest anime franchises, happy 30th birthday Gundam.

On a related news Tomino announced a Gundam UC movie featuring Gundam Unicorn, it’s not 100% but it seems he announced it while in Italy.
Source but you will only understand it if you read Italian

First Impressions “Valkyria Chronicles and Natsu No Arashi”

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I am back from my trip to Barcelona and finally caught up to all anime I missed. I won’t post any summaries of the episodes because I am short on time.

Valkyria Chronicles

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First Impressions – “K-ON!”

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“Can this girls rock?”

The Spring Season is here and like the last time we will make some first impressions about some shows. So, I’m going to review the first K-ON! episode. Go ahead and see what we can find… Continue reading

Browser problems and Annoucement

Posted in Annoucement on March 31, 2009 by soulstrider

It came to my knowledge that there are some problems when trying to view this site using internet explorer(like unusually large letters), I still don’t know why this happens but I advise you to use Firefox or any other browser.

On a completely unrelated note I will be away until 5 April so don’t expect any new posts by me.